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The Labyrinth of Chaos is an optional end-game maze that consists of random areas seen throughout the game with portals leading to the next section of the maze. Every 10th floor has the White Rabbit, a chest which contains either a seed, nut, or small medal and requires winning tougher boss rematches to proceed. Every 100 floors you have the option of fighting a super-boss for a better reward. You are also unable to save, with the exception of after the rematches of each boss. You can only start from the 1st floor, and, once you have reached them, you can restart from floor 101, 201, 301, 401 and 601.

Another note is that Abilities/Accessories, such as the Demon Ward Bracelet item/Encounter Half Special Ability have no effect whatsoever while inside the Labyrinth of Chaos, making prolonged exploration on each floor a dangerous gambit if one runs out of supplies to keep their HP/MP supply in balance whilst searching for items/NPCs, as regular enemies are much tougher in the Labyrinth of Chaos than their usual counterparts are. Escaping from regular enemies is also made much harder, if not impossible most of the time, thus making it mandatory to fight your way through every regular encounter you face to progress forward.

Differences with the base game

  • Enemies encountered get more powerful abilities at Floor 100 and above.
  • You won't get temptation or H-Scenes.
  • Several enemies get magical or physical reflection. As a rule of thumb, enemies with a mostly mechanical body will get physical reflect while magical ones will get magic reflect.
  • As Rare Points increase, the number of chests by floor decrease while the quality of their content increase.
  • Buffs and blessings acquired activate at the beginning of each fight until the next Boss floor.
  • Enemies don't randomly appear as they do outside of the Labyrinth. Instead, enemies wander the Overworld and chase you down, engaging in combat should they touch you. The speed of these enemies varies on the species, with Fairies and Harpies being much faster than the Dragon Girl or Anglerfish Girl. The enemies encountered when touched are related to the type of enemy represented in the Overworld, either by species or by area of encounter. This also means that each floor has a limited amount of enemies, making farming impossible.
  • This iteration of the Labyrinth introduces "Special Floors". These floors do not count towards the total amount of floor and will contain a singular event, which can grant rewards if done correctly. 
  • A new system for determining progression has been set up, which are "Rare Points". Rare Points are gained when escaping the current floor (10 for the main labyrinth, up to 50 for trials), when defeating a monster (1 for main labyrinth, up to 10 for trials) or with special events/NPCs. The quality of the loot found in chests increases with the number of Rare Points gained, but so does the strength of the enemies and bosses found in the Labyrinth. Thus, it is possible to continue in the Labyrinth for long periods of time by avoiding every encounter, although this will result in weaker loot. Rare points are currently capped at 16,000. Excess rare points become "Rabbit Points", used to exchange with White Rabbit every 10 floors, but not any 100th floor. See Rewards section below for what these points can be used for.
  • Items are radically different from the base game. They are called "secret equipment", and are affected with an additional level (+x?) defined by the number of Rare points you currently have, and are colored in the inventory (blue = common, yellow = rare, orange = legendary), and have random stats and bonuses.
  • The different areas available in the Labyrinth of Chaos yield certain kinds of equipment more often than others. See the section of the Trials of Chaos for more information.
  • Despite the Reaper stating that the Labyrinth of Chaos is now open after the end of Part 1, you are unable to access it until the end of Part 2, which will be the Part 2 one regardless of if you tried to enter it or not before that point.

Map Of The Area

Trials of Chaos

Trials of Chaos are an alternate entrance to the main Labyrinth of Chaos. They act as a more specialized and farmable version of the main Labyrinth, as they grant you access to several Trials that each gives you access to certain kinds of equipment. The trials are as follow:

Eternal Forest: This area gives you access to lightweight armor such as robes, luxury hats, and martial art outfits. As the name of this area would suggest, it is made out of the forest-themed maps of the world, with plant, insect, elf, fairy and sometimes beast monsters being the most common types.

Carnage Hill: This area gives you access to heavy armor such as shields, helmets and other types of heavy armor. As the name of this area would suggest, it is made out of the mountain-themed maps of the world, with a rather wide range of monsters.

Sea of Truth: This area gives you access to lightweight and quick weapons such as ninja swords, bows, and katanas. As the name of this area would suggest, it is made out of the water-themed maps of the world, with mermaid, sea-dweller and scylla monsters being the most common types.

Oblivion Desert: This area gives you access to more unusual weapons such as plates, scalpels, harps, and fans. As the name of this area would suggest, it is made out of the desert-themed maps of the world, with land-dweller and insect monsters being the most common types.

Recursions Cavern: This area gives you access to weapons requiring high attack power such as heavy swords, hammer, axes, and fists. As the name of this area would suggest, it is made out of the cave-themed maps of the world, with insect, ghost, undead, land-dweller and sometimes yoma monsters being the most common types.

Phase Tower: This area gives you access to magical weapons such as rods, sickles, and grimoires. As the name of this area would suggest, it is made out of the interior-themed maps of the world, with magical and yoma monsters being the common types.

Town of Demise: This area gives you access to accessories with a variety of effects. As the name of this area would suggest, it is made out of the town-themed maps of the world, with angels being common there.

Infinite Chaos: This area gives you access to gems, which are able to be equipped on weapons and armor. As the name of the area would suggest, it is made out of the chaos-themed maps of the world, with Apoptosis and Chimera monsters being the common types.

Each trial has 5 levels, with each of them having 10 floors to go through before fighting the boss. You start with only the first level accessible. Defeating the boss of a level will grant you access to the next level, which will automatically start with far more Rare Points than the last, with the last level starting with 7000 rare points. Each trial will also reward the team with EXP, Job EXP, gold and affection based on the trial level.


Trial Clear Rewards

  • Level 1 - 20,000 EXP, 200 Job EXP, 50,000 Gold, 100 Affection
  • Level 2 - 30,000 EXP, 300 Job EXP, 100,000 Gold, 150 Affection
  • Level 3 - 50,000 EXP, 500 Job EXP, 200,000 Gold, 200 Affection
  • Level 4 - 75,000 EXP, 750 Job EXP, 300,000 Gold, 300 Affection
  • Level 5 - 100,000 EXP, 1,000 Job EXP, 1,000,000 gold, 500 Affection

Rabbit Point Exchange

  • 10 Points - Sky Stone
  • 50 Points - Heaven Stone
  • 200 Points - Void Stone
  • 200 Points - 10 Random Gems
  • 1000 Points - 5 Random Legendary Weapons
  • 1000 Points - 5 Random Legendary Armors/Accessories


80 dragonp st21.png

From the entire Labyrinth of Chaos, the White Rabbit has recruited the best blacksmith she could find: an adult version of Papi. She appears to be deeply knowledgeable about the nature of the weapons found there and will offer you many kinds of services.

Apply Gems: Allows you to apply Gems to your Secret Weapons or Secret Armor. Gems have special effects that will be active when you equip the weapon or armor to which the gem is attached. A Secret Tool can only have so many gems attached to it and thus has limited sockets to insert gems in. Weapons and Shields can have up to 3 slots, Hats and Armors have 1 or 2 slots, and Accessories may or may not have a slot. There are 6 types of Gems, which roughly all follows the different types of ability a character naturally possesses. Those types are Combat, Job, Magic, Defense, Special, and Equipment. A weapon can only have one type of gem equipped at one time.

Notably, Equipment Gems aren't available naturally like most other gems. They can instead be found by Refining either Heaven Stone(s), Sky Stone(s), or a Void Stone(s) alongside the equipment chosen to create the gem. Equipment gems created this way will grant most passive effects that the equipment had, and will provide equipment specific stat boosts.

For instance, when an Archangel's Bra equipment gem is created, the gem will grant holy resistance 50%, lightning immunity, and boost most stats (the stats that Archangel's Bra boosted), with Defense and Willpower being boosted the most (roughly 30% boost). 

Equipment gems tend to be extremely powerful than other gem types, and so it's recommended to apply an equipment gem whenever possible.

Gem Stat Boosts: Gem stat boosts stack multiplicatively - for instance, two "+20% Dexterity" gems on different equipment will give a cumulative increase of 44% to the dexterity stat. Stat boosting gems on the same equipment will also stack multiplicatively (possible through equipment gems). Gem skill/type boosters stack additively - having two instances of "Holy Booster 30%" will yield a 60% boost to Holy element - if you have a "Holy Booster 200%" weapon, then the total boost will be 260%.

Rate boosters stack based on the current rate - for instance, if a character has a crit rate of 40%, then a "Crit Rate 50%" gem will only apply to the 100%-40% = 60% critical hit rate that has not been filled yet (since the crit rate maxes out at 100%). The 50% boost will apply to the 60% rate, boosting the stat by 30%, which gives a 40%+30% = 70% crit rate at the end.

In short, rates stack according to the formula: Rate = (1-b1)(1-b2)...(1-b_n), where the b's indicate boost rate (40% = 0.4).

Refine Gems: You are able to ask Papi to "refine" gems for you, at a fee. Fusing multiple of the same gem can grant you a gem with an increased effect. For example, five 10% HP gem will give you a 20% gem. Fusing a piece of equipment with a rare stone through refining will give you an "equipment gem" - this is the only way to get an equipment gem.

Enhanced Secret Equipment: You can also Enhance your Secret Equipment by synthesizing two pieces of Secret Equipment together. While item A will gets its power level increased by 1 (regardless of the power level of item B), item B will get consumed. You can only synthesize two Secret Equipment of the same type, weapons with weapons, armor and accessories with armor and accessories. Also, the item being consumed to upgrade another cannot be of a lower level than the item being upgraded. Thus, an item with a power level of 2 cannot be upgraded with an item of power level 1. The highest naturally found equipment is + 29.

Notably, while enhancement increases equipment stats, passive effects of the weapon will not be strengthened, and a weapon that was leveled up through enhancing will not be as strong as a weapon naturally found at a high level - for instance, a weapon that was found at +13, and leveled to +25 will be much weaker, statwise, than a weapon found at +25. Also, while weapons found at +13 may have "holy booster 56%", the boost amount will remain at 52% no matter what, while weapons found at +25 may have "holy booster 110%", etc. Nevertheless, enhancing equipment can help you advance further and find higher level equipment.

Part 2 LoC Characters

Black Alice challenges

Black Alice - Will give handicaps in exchange for armor relating to handicap after 10 floors cleared :

  • Physical skills : Locks physical and weapon-based skills. Reward: Random non LoC legendary physical weapon or shield(Excalibur, Bloody Rose, King of Hearts, Genji Shield...), random rare LoC weapon, seed of power, seed of defense.
  • Magical skills : Locks magical skills (White magic, Taoism...). Reward: Random non LoC legendary magic weapon (akashic record, Ouroboros Whip..), Random Rare LoC Magic Weapon Seed of Magic, Seed of Will
  • Job skills : Locks skills linked to class (Ninjutsu, dancing...). Reward: Random non LoC Legendary Armor (Genii Helm/Shield/Armor) , random rare knife, seed of agility, seed of skill.


Promestein - Gives the party race experience.

Sara - Gives the party experience.

King of San Ilia - Gives the party job experience.

Mermaid Merchant - Sell various items. 2 options.

  • Same shop as floor-10 Mermaid Merchant
  • 1 Seed or Small Medal for 3000G.

Slime Girl - Gives a rare or common LoC boomerang

Polar Bear Girl - Pay 2 gold to add three floors worth of rare points.

Natasha - Gain 10 grimoire pages.

Lucia - Gain 10 gold dust and 3 magic mercury


Cupid - Pay 5000 gold in order to temporarily lower the strength of the monsters.

Bonnie - Gain Support Bombardment.

Purple Slime - Doubles the power of Slime skills until the next boss floor.

Harpy Queen - Doubles the power of Wing skills until the next boss floor.

Fairy Queen - Doubles the power of Nature skills until the next boss floor.

Alra Priestess - Doubles the power of Plant skills until the next boss floor.

El - Doubles the power of Ocean skills until the next boss floor.

Nekomata - Doubles the power of Beast skills until the next boss floor.

Dragon Girl - Doubles the power of Breath skills until the next boss floor.

Succubus (Disguised) - Doubles the power of Sexcraft skills until the next boss floor.

La Croix - Doubles the power of Artificial skills until the next boss floor.

Emily - Doubles the power of Tentacle skills until the next boss floor.

Frederica - Doubles the power of Corpse skills until the next boss floor.

Shironebi - Doubles the power of Snake skills until the next boss floor.

Queen Ant - Doubles the power of Insect skills until the next boss floor.

Part 2 Teachers

Floor 100 Bosses

Set 2 bosses are added in after visiting the LoC bonus floors 6 times.

Set 1

Set 2

Collaboration Scenario

LoC Scaling

There are 2 values affecting the Labyrinth of Chaos: Rare Points (or RP) and Monster Levels.

The former only affects loot and has a maximum value of 16000 (Starts at a fixed value depending on the level of Labyrinth/Trial you start at. Starting specifically at 601 gets you started at max value). Once you reach that value, whether you're on floor 800 or 8000, the quality of loot will remain the same.

Monster Levels only affects how the stats of monsters increase and is a value that's hidden to the player. It goes up everytime a player goes up one floor, one special floor or if the player skip floors. How Monster Levels increase depend on the floor number.

In-Depth Explanation of Monster Levels and Scaling
The only way to check the value of Monster Levels in-game is to use the Save Editor - Cheese and check the variable 149.

The way monster level work is that for every 1 level, the game will add 1% of their base stat (excluding HP). The base stats are different for each monsters, bosses and superbosses.

On the first level of the LoC, monsters will be Level 317. More precisely:

-Your monster level always start at 300 and get +17 for each floor you visit between floor 1 to 100 (2000 total at floor 100 so base stats x21)

-For floors between 101 to 200, monster level increase by +50 for each floor. (7000 at floor 200, stats x71)

-Between 201 to 300, each floor increase it by +230. (30000 at floor 300, stats x301)

-From 301 onwards, each floor increase monster level by +500.

This is the reason why the difficulty increase so much from 301 onwards.

If you use skips, the game will inflate that value a bit more to take into account special floors (Excluding special floor, the value on floor 601 should be 180500. When skipping to 601, the monster value is 200500. So stats x2006)

Because Monster level is a 32 bit integer, its maximum value is 2,147,483,647. Excluding special floors, Monster level will max out at floor 4 294 907 at its highest. Going beyond that value makes it become negative and result in battles being insanely laggy and causing crashes.

HP is calculated using Monster Level, but also possesses several other multipliers based on monster level threshold.

HP is first calculated like stats then multiplied by 3. Then, it gets multiplied depending on the value of monster level.

If the value of monster level is between 1000-1999, it's multiplied by 2.

Between 2000-4999, it's multiplied by 3.

5000-19999 is x4

20000-199999 is x5

200000 and onwards is x6

So on floor 601 (Monster level = 200500), their HP value would be 100 + 200 500= 200 600 200 600 x 3 = 601 800 601 800 x 6 = 3 610 800

So a monster on floor 601 would have 36 108x their HP value.


  • Red Chests can contain: Food, Materials, Non-LoC Accessories, Either a common or rare LoC item, or a Gem. They cannot contain legendary gear.
  • Blue Chests always contain a rare LoC item. They can not give Legendary gear
  • Green Chests have the same loot as blue chests, but may contain Legendary gear (10% chance when Rare Points >5000)
  • Platinum Chests always contain Legendary gear.
  • Only one non-red chest can spawn on a floor, excluding special floors.
  • After reaching the cap on rare points, the rewards from special floors become Legendary gear.
  • The stats from enchanting a LoC equipment are based on the base stats of the weapon.
  • The base stats of a LoC equipment are based on the rare points you had at the time of pickup.

Lists of the Legendary Weapons/Armors/Accessories are below.


The Labyrinth of Chaos was radically different in Part 1.

  • Trials of Chaos and Special Floors didn't exist. Instead, teachers NPCs were found randomly wandering on floors like the other ones.
  • Enemies were random encounters just like in the base game.
  • The quality of the content of the chests were defined by bearing (1-49 = low quality and joke items, 51-99 = decent items, 101-199 = later part 1 items, 201+ = early part 2 and rare items)
  • Black Alice gave out mid part 2 items. The items she currently gives out were available as a reward for beating the *100 floors superbosses.