Kraken is one of the 4 direction in Monster Girl Quest Paradox


Kraken is one of the Four Direction that can be recruited later on. She was earlier replaced as the Queen of the Southern Seas by Meia and turned into a dried squid by Astaroth .

She remains silent for most of the game, to the point of surprising everyone when she finally talks for the first time when Luka recruit the Beelzebubs. She wants to go to the Northern Sea Temple with the hope that Poseidoness will be able to transform her back, but the latter is unable and says that only the Mermaid Queen has the healing abilities required to unseal her.

Mermaid Queen restored her to normal, and she proceeded to join Luka afterwards.


She is the only Guardian of the directions that Luka doesn't fight unlike in the original timeline where she fights Luka.

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