“Rero rero.”

Kockyoin (花京淫, Kakyōin) is a friend of Scat Captain, he can be recruited as a companion. In order to get Kockyoin, you first need to have Scat Captain enlisted in your party.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Kockyoin: “When do we also depart from the Monster Lord’s Castle? I shall travel with you.”

With Scat Captain:
Kockyoin: “Scat Captain! This is a substitute greeting of reconciliation!”

Scat Captain: “Negative!”

Kockyoin: “Uwaaaahhhh!?! You’re not cooooomiiing!?!”

Scat Captain: “Pervert Kockyoin!”

With Panty Sensei:
Kockyoin: “What’s with his gesture?”

Panty Sensei: “I. See. Pan-ties.”

Kockyoin: “…*smile*”

Panty Sensei: “…*smirk*”

Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:
Kockyoin: “My name is Noriaki Kockyoin!!”

Kockyoin makes a bold declaration!

…But no one was listening to him.

2nd Action:
Kockyoin: “This is how you say “‘I’d like some tea!’”

Kockyoin is fiercely rattling the kettle’s lid!

It’s loud and irritating for everybody present…

3rd Action:
Kockyoin: “Kakattekoi!”

Kockyoin strikes a weird pose!

4th Action:
Kockyoin: “Here’s a pick-me-up… that’s… all I can do…”

Kockyoin presents a gift!

You obtain a Melon Bun!

5th Action:
Kockyoin: “I’ll give this coin to whoever picks it up.”

Kockyoin: “It’s so shiny you can see your face in it!”

Kockyoin flipped a coin!


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