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Kirin is a monster that can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

"Prepare to taste my thunder."

"Even though I appear this way, I'm well over a century old. You should respect your elders..."

"Kirin are among the most powerful youkai. Our magic is extremely powerful too."

"Enenra is a tea-drinking friend of mine. Our relationship usually consists of idle gossip."

"Humans are rare... I will savor your semen."

"I am known as Kaminari-sama in Yamatai. I happen to be worshipped as a god of thunder."

"Someone like you will go numb from my electric shock."

"I have inherited the blood of dragons. I don't reveal it around the great youkai to keep up appearances."

"I am a Kirin, a great youkai! Now, show me some proper respect!"

"Why are you wandering around this place? I'll play with you a little..."

"I used this mallet, but it didn't make me bigger..." (+1 Lucky Mallet)

"Hey, I'll give you some spending money... Use it wisely." (+ 1855G)

"I'll give you this spirit crystal." (+1 Spirit Crystal)

"I want to eat a banana..." (Give 1 Banana)

  • Yes - "Yes, I shall accept this!" (+20 Affinity)
  • No - "How bitter..."

"I would like to buy a toy... Will you give me some money?" (Give 1113G)

  • Yes - "Yes, I shall accept this!" (+25 Affinity)
  • No - "How bitter..."
  • Not enough money - "...Hm? You aren't carrying any money."

"I want to replenish my power of lightning... Will you give me a magic stone?" (Give 1 Thunder Stone)

  • Yes - "Yes, I shall accept this!" (+30 Affinity)
  • No - "How bitter..."

"My horn is very splendid, isn't it?"

  • It's splendid - "Yes, you have very good judgment." (+10 Affinity)
  • It's not that great - "Well, I suppose young people don't understand..."
  • I want to decorate it - " How could you think about that! You're thinking of pulling off my horn! (-5 Affinity)

"Adventuring is nice, but... Are you studying regularly?"

  • For the time being - "That's good... but do not forget to study."
  • Always - "Well, I'm impressed." (+10 Affinity)
  • Not at all - "Really... You should moderate your mischief."

"I am a great youkai that can shoot electricity... Did you know that there are lesser creatures that also give off electricity?"

  • Eel - "Yes, you're quite well-read... They are called electric eels." (+10 Affinity)
  • Catfish - "Yes, you're quite well-read... They are called electric catfish." (+10 Affinity)
  • Kirin - "I am not a lesser creature! Don't confuse me with eels and catfish!" (-5 Affinity)

"Do you know what the bad points of young people are these days?"

  • Lack of assertiveness - "That's different, it's a matter of social circumstances. At such an age, young people cannot go on adventures very much."
  • They don't take care of their elders - "It appears so, they do not cherish the elderly at all... You understand seniors like me." (+10 Affinity)
  • They do not revere the Goddess - "It's good to not revere her, fool!" (-5 Affinity)

"Where on earth have you come from?"

  • Iliasville - "You've come a very long way. I must welcome you..." (+10 Affinity)
  • My mother's womb - "No... it doesn't matter, it's typical to ask about your origins."
  • A dark place - "What, that's just a typical youth's habits..." (+10 Affinity)

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Kirin: "I am a kirin. Despite appearances, I have lived for centuries and been worshipped as a god of thunder."

With Gob:

Gob: "Wow, Kaminari-sama!"

Kirin: "Hey, young oni. You better hide your belly button when you sleep or else I'll steal it."

Gob: "I sleep properly on a futon!"

Kirin: "Yes, a sleeping child grows up... Play a lot, work a lot, and get lots of good rest."

With Mio:

Mio: "Hrm, a kirin..."

Kirin: "You... Why do you talk in such a manner despite being so young?"

Mio: "I am a dragon. If I do not appear dignified, I will be made fun of..."

Kirin: "...You are a strange girl."

With Yugiri:

Yugiri: "Kirin... Neither of us are showing any signs of retiring in our old age."

Kirin: "Hmm, a comfortable retirement sounds tempting. But we must continue working for the sake of this world."

Yugiri: "You were the one who was grumbling about the lightning coursing through her back. The elderly shouldn't overdo it."

Kirin: "You are the one who's grown too old. At best, you are just pouring cold water."


Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:

Kirin: "This is drawing..."

Kirin is doodling on the ground...

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Kirin: "A discharge!"

[Random enemy takes lightning damage]

3rd Action:

Kirin: "Nooo, my body was shocked...!"

Kirin's body went numb!

[Kirin becomes Paralyzed]

4th Action:

Kirin: "Now, let's cause a little mischief..."

Kirin is secretly playing with matches...

The surrounding area caught fire!

[All enemies take fire damage]

5th Action:

Kirin: "Here, you should build up your strength with this."

Kirin presents a gift!

[+1 Shrimp Chili]

Additional Skills

  • Thunderbolt - Nature Skill (Lightning 400% ^ of Mag, Agi), Target: Foe, Effect: Auto-Hit Self Resist Lightning +75%
  • Lightning - Nature Skill (Lightning 500% ^ of Mag, Agi), Target: All Foes, Effect: Auto-Hit Self Resist Lightning +75%
  • Thunder Clap - Nature Skill (Lightning 1000% ^ of Mag, Agi), Target: Foe, Effect: Auto-Hit Self Resist Lightning +75%