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Key Items are unique items (except Small Medals) that serve a variety of uses such as keys, quest items, weapon ores, job and race change items, etc. Unlike Consumables, Key Items possess infinite uses except in special cases (like Small Medals).

Job and Race Change Items

Name Job/Race Unlocked Location
Business Permit Merchant, Mermaid Merchant Complete Merchant’s Quest from Iliasville Item Shop.
Enlistment Permit Guard Rescue Lime from Poison Swamp in Iliasville, leave, return, rescue Pilate from poison swamp, retrieve Proof of Bravery from Cave of Trials then return to Pilate.
Eastern Book of Secrets Samurai, Taoist, Ninja, Yasha, Vampire Shinobi, Scylla Samurai Resolve Shrine Problems in Yamatai then talk to Village Headsmen.
Gallian Tribe's Teachings Savage Warrior, Minotaur Defeat Cow Demon Queen at Minotaur’s Labyrinth
Summoner’s Contract Summoner Beat Page 65537.
Firearms License Gunner Complete King of San Ilia's Quest, talk to machina researcher in room directly south of where the Pope was standing.
Magical Girl's Contract Magical Girl After helping Cassandra in Lady’s Village, head to Goddard and complete the Magical Girl competition.
Oceanic Business Permit Pirate, Marine, Pirate Mermaid If sided with Pirates, capture Navy Headquarters, else you receive it after capturing Bonnie and Ashel from the storage room.
Pointless License to Defend Justice Hero of Justice Complete Justice Kaiser’s quest.
Fortune Teller Permit Fortune Teller Trade Hard Grow Wrist to old woman in Pornof.
Battle Fucker Permit Battle Fucker Defeat 15 Battle Fuckers in Part 1.
Diploma Scholar, Zombie Doctor Win BF against Fizz (Iliasport University 3F)
Machinist License Engineer Show any 1 machina to engineer at first Tartarus (Southern Ilias Continent) camp.
Magical Book of Secrets Spiritualist Clear all events at the Haunted Manor, beat Chrome then talk to the friendly mimic in the south room of the 2F eastern corridor.
Informant Papers Informant Complete Nameless Slums Quest from Amira (she will also give out papers in the Pocket Castle after asking about the quest if you paid her initially).
Chef’s License Cook Clear second Tartarus (Eastern Ilias Continent), talk to the gourmet, then return to ruined village (Rostrum) and search near tree at the house in centre of town.
Medical License Nurse, Zombie Doctor Win BF against Nightingale (Iliasport University 2F).
Maid Permit Maid, Scylla Maid Complete Slug Queen Quest from Flora, the elderly maid in Midas.
Noble’s Family Tree Noble Medal Queen in exchange for 3 Small Medals.
King’s Proof King, Pope Medal Queen in exchange for 30 Small Medals.
Baptism Seal Hero Complete King of San Ilia’s Quest then head to the top of Mt. Saint Amos.
Soul of the Warrior God Swordsmaster, Cursed Swordsman, Holy Knight, Master Swordcerer, Samurai Saint, Dark Samurai, Kuji-In Sword God, Ashura, Dullahan, Peerless Scylla Samurai, Sky Knight, Dragon Conqueror, Valkyrie Lord, Noble Fencer Talk to Remina King. Say you’ll defeat the Monster Lord.
Soul of the Divine Fist Saint Fist, Dark Fist, Force Monk, God Hand, Lewdfighter Succubus, Martial God Cat, Legion Mother Complete Regular Coliseum Challenge (Championship Match)
Soul of Hercules Giga Fighter, Berserker, Feral Yoma, Kishin, Earth Spirit, Malicious Slime, Blood-Crazed Beast, Giga Minotaur, Feral Kitsune, Nightmare Lamia, High Creature, Abyss Lord, Master Undead, Master Golem, Giga Mutant, Titan Defeat Queen Vampire. Return to Sara.
Soul of the Wind Holy Lancer, Dark Dragoon, Trickster, Master Shinobi, Noble Yoma, Nightmare Kunoichi, Sonic Beast, Grand Centaur, Elder Harpy, Bahamut, Evil Species Defeat Queen Mermaid. Return to King of San Ilia.
Soul of Sorcery Inferno Mage, Arctic Mage, Gigavolt Mage, Spacetime Mage, Spirit Summoner, Cosmic Taoist, Holy Mage, Master Homunculus, Holy Yoma, Arc Succubus, Arc Vampire, Lorelei, Forest Elf, Wind Spirit, Purifying Slime, High-Rank Kitsune, Lamia Saint, Divine Dragon, Atlach-Nacha, Alraune Saint, Flower of Nirvana, Isis, Master Shadow, Force Mutant, Psycho Soldier Defeat Spider Princess. Return to Grandgold King.
Soul of the Hunter Holy Archer, Shadow Hunter, God’s Eye, Devil’s Eye, Dragon Tamer, Devil Summoner, Ranger, Elder Youkai, Night Emperor, Master Elf, Giga Slime, Medusa Lord, Elder Scylla, Garuda, Leviathan, Giant Slayer, Marine Princess, Underworld Insect, Venus Nepenthes, Pandora, Force Doll, Cupid of Lust Given by Princess Elf while looking for the orbs.
Soul of the Lecher Erotic Kunoichi, Saintly Prostitute, Devilish Prostitute, Elder Succubus Defeat 35 BFs.
Makina Extremes Makina Master, Machine God, Nano Android, Buster Roid, Assault Roid Talk to White Lab Coat Tech in San Ilia Lab after defeating Queen Mermaid.
Dark Arts Grimoire Necromaster, Master Shaman, Puppet Master Complete part 2 and head to Devastated Plains. Enter the building and head up to the third floor and defeat the Cirque du Croix. Afterwards, take it off the desk to your right.
Scientific Extremes Master Scholar, Golden Alchemist, Library Lord, Death Professor, Page Lord Bring Promestein to Remina Labs in the alternative world. Talk to one of the researchers there.
Star Spirit War Miko, Divine Songstress, Kitsune Courtesan, White Snake Kagura, Sea Palace Princess, Academy Doll Defeat Queen Alraune.
Pirate King's Proof Pirate King, Admiral, Pirate King Lorelei Recruit Gloria, a BF that can be found after defeating the queens east of Navy Headquarters.
Underworld License Invisible Hand of God, Item Master, Dark Gambler, Card Summoner, Godfather, Shipping Magnate Lorelei, Dark Elf, Arc Fairy Pocket Castle Casino, 3000 coin prize. Requires recruiting Lazarus and Merlin.
Soul of the Professional God of Speech, Flavor Emperor, Godly Doctor, Perfect Maid, Scylla Servant Defeat Queen Elf. Return to Grand Noah Queen.
Lily’s Research Worm Summoner Complete Lily’s/Lucia’s Side quest
Beckoning Cat Nekomata Bring Amira to Garfunkel at the Nekomata Shrine.
Golem Seal Golem Repair the Golem Girl in Grangold.
?????? Goddess' Apostle, Seraph Part 3
?????? Cosmic Magus, Magus King, Corrupted Hero, Fallen Angel Part 3
?????? Sphinx Part 3
?????? Queen Succubus Part 3
?????? Queen Vampire Part 3
?????? Queen Mermaid Part 3
?????? Queen Elf Part 3
?????? Queen Fairy Part 3
?????? Queen Slime Part 3
?????? Queen Beast Part 3
?????? Nine-tailed Kitsune Part 3
?????? Queen Lamia Part 3
?????? Queen Scylla Part 3
?????? Queen Harpy Part 3
?????? Queen Insect Part 3
?????? Queen Alraune Part 3
Demonoid Orb Demonoid Do 10M damage to Reaper in her battle challenge.
?????? Archfiend Part 3
?????? Chaos Part 3
Apoptosis Dogma Lowly Apoptosis, High Apoptosis Platinum Chest behind Key Card Door in the Tartarus west of Grangold.
Psycho Shard Esper Complete Witch second Pocket Castle Side Quest (Available after completing the Post Collab)
Noble Orb Fencer Medal King in exchange for 30 Small Medals.
Ayakashi's Talisman Sorcerer (Available after completing the Post Collab)
Captain Shield Shield Knight Obtained at the Yamatai Night Festival (after the Time Loop Event)


Makina are key items that unlock corresponding skills for all characters who can use machines.

Name Effect Location
Auto Crossbow Target: All Foes

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina crossbow with a rapid fire mechanism.

Tartarus (Southern Ilias Continent)
Bio Blaster Target: All Foes

Effect: Poison(50%), Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that sprays poison gas on foes.

Tartarus (Southern Ilias Continent)
Blast Voice Target: All Foes

Effect: Confusion (50%), Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that produces a destructive sound wave.

Tartarus (Southern Ilias Continent)
Dual Cannon Target: Foe

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Large cannon that fires an armor-piercing shell.

Tartarus (Eastern Ilias Continent)
Ocean Anchor Target: Foe

Effect: Mermaid/Sea-Dweller Slayer, Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that fires an anchor that destroys ocean monsters.

Tartarus (Eastern Ilias Continent)
Stinger Target: Foe

Effect: Harpy Slayer, Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that fires a surface-to-air missile that destroys flying monsters.

Tartarus (Eastern Ilias Continent)
Flamethrower Target: All Foes

Effect: Burn (25%), Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that spews fire on foes.

Iliasport University 3F
Electric Flux Emitter Target: All Foes

Effect: Shock (25%), Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that radiates electricity on foes.

Iliasport University 3F
Gatling Gun Target: All Foes

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that fires countless bullets with multiple rotating gun barrels.

Ancient Temple Ruins
Vibro Blade Target: Foe

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina blade that increases cutting strength by vibrating at a high frequency.

Ancient Temple Ruins
Kirlian Zapper Target: All Foes

Effect: Ghost Slayer, Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that creates an anti-spirit field that destroys Ghosts.

San Ilia Castle Makina Scholar Room
Trial Punisher Target: All Foes

Effect: Vampire Slayer, Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Heavy firearm that launches gatling crosses that destroys Vampires.

San Ilia Castle Makina Scholar Room
Electromagnetic Armour Effect: Nullify 2 Hits

Defensive makina that creates an electromagnetic defense wall..

Tartarus (Northern Sabasa) Layer 1
Drill Target: Foe

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that pierces a foe like a rapidly rotating spear.

Administrator's Tower 4F South Blue Chest
Super Vibro Blade Target: Foe

Effect: Death (75%), Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina that cuts through any substance with a blade that causes super vibration.

Tartarus (Western Gold) Green Chest
MLRS Target: All Foes

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Powerful anti-army Makina that fires rockets from a mounted launcher.

White Lab Coat Tech in San Ilia after defeating Queen Mermaid
Beam Scythe Target: 5 Random Foes

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Unknown makina that slices foes with a blade made of energy.

Ilias Temple Ruins 2F Northwest Platinum Chest
Hyperion Target: Foe

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Tactical makina that launches photon bullets that destroy all targets.

Devastated Plains Platinum Chest
Eldridge Target: 8 Random Foes

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Bombards enemies with a warship from another civilization that crossed dimensions.

Part 3
8.8cm Anti-monster Holy Cannon Part 3
Anti-particle Railgun Target: All Foes

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Unknown tactical makina that fires accelerated electromagnetic anti-particles.

Part 3
Ragnarok Target: All Foes

Effect: Ignore Def, Auto-Hit

Makina of ultimate destruction used in the battle of the gods.

Part 3
Weak Maker Effect: All Elements Weak

Special makina that weakens resistance to all elements.

Part 3


Ores are given to Armourers and Blacksmiths to gain access to corresponding weapon types at their respective blacksmith. Papi can learn to craft the equipment from the ore from their respective blacksmith after a small sidequest in each case.

Name Give To Location
Lump of Iron Pornof Weapon Shop Blacksmith Pornof Mines
Gold Ore Midas Weapon Shop Blacksmith Midas Abandoned Mines
Mithril Ore San Ilia Blacksmith Mt. Saint Amos (Must Complete Pope’s Quest)
Crystal Saloon Blacksmith Orlan Saloon's Abandoned Mine (Must Defeat Lizard Boss)
Dragon Scale Fossil Grand Noah Blacksmith Fossil Mines
Orichalcum Gold Port Dragon Girl Blacksmith Lava Mines
Rainbow Crystal Blacksmith to the left of Queen Elf The World Tree
Meteorite Randolph (Part 3) Monster Lord's Castle (Part 3)

Quest Items

Both Essential and Non-Essential items gained from and for quests.

Name Use Location
Small Medal

Trade with Medal Queen/Medal King


Dropped by: Mimic, Honey Pot (1/32), Box Girl

Stolen by: Box Girl

Can be found using “Dig” move in combat.

Amira gives out small medals for her affection gifts.

Orb of Life-Drain Drains Luka’s Health by any amount to a minimum of 1 HP. Win BF against Marie (Iliasville Tent)
Pocket Castle Teleport to Monster Lord’s Pocket Castle. Received from Ilias or Alice after leaving Iliasville
Storehouse Key Open Storehouse in Iliasville. Received from Iliasville Mayor
Soldier’s Key Open Chest in Cave of Trials. Pilate after rescuing him from Poison Swamp in Iliasville
Proof of Bravery Obtain Soldier Permit from Pilate. Cave of Trials
Key to Hades Open door to Hades on Iliasville Castle 2F. Dropped by White Rabbit in Iliasburg
Slum Key Open Nameless Slums Storehouse. Bought from Thief in Nameless Slums Bar
Ticket to Heaven BF Don Dahlia. Bought from Don Dahlia after Nameless Slums Quest
Yggdrasil Fruit Cure Harpy Plague. Received from Nero in Harpy Village
Slug Medal Recruit Slug Queens. Melk or Elizabeth (100 Affection)
Marcellus’ Letter Plot Information. Rostrum Village (Alt) Mayor
Healing Shell Trade for Elf Medicine from Dark Elf in Enrika Item Shop. Lemuse Beach
Elf Medicine Give to Doctor on Iliasport University 2F for 3F. Access Dark Elf Shell Quest in Enrika
Poseidon’s Bell Quell the Raging Tempest. Cave of Treasures
Orb of Guidance Access Undersea Temple. Meia’s Friend in Port Natalia
Dried Squid Give to Queen Mermaid to revive Kraken. Undersea Temple
Worship of the Four Spirits Plot Information. Beat Book 65537
Mrs. Shirley’s Lover Recruit Book 65537. Win BF against Maria (San Ilia)
Magical Thread Needed for Chrome’s Recruitment Quest. Investigator Cave
Lazarus’ Referral Access Informants Guild in Monte Carlo. Ask Lazarus
Sphinx Blood Needed for Sabasa Problem. Ask Sphinx
Jewel of Truth Access the Mansion’s basement. Lily’s Mansion
Nero’s Glasses None Tartarus (Sabasa Continent North)
La Croix’s Notes Give to La Croix in Main World. Administrator Tower
Proof of Faith Needed for Blacksmith Quest (San Ilia) Rosary, Sofia, or Christie (100, 10 or 10 Affection)
Star Sand Needed for Blacksmith Quest (Saloon) Salon Hill
Ugly Stone Needed for Shop Quest (Magistea Village) Salon Abandoned Mine B2F
Saki Pass Access Performances at Grandeur Theatre (Bring Saki First Time). Saki (100 Affection)
Letter of Passage Allows access to Navy Headquarters Viceroy Sea Horse in Port Marle
Jolly Roger Allows access to MS Fish Complete the conflict between the Navy and the Fishy Pirates
Magic Academy Key Allows access to Grand Noah's Magical Academy Grand Noah Queen after completing Queen's Cup
Mysterious Invitation Allows access to Minotaur's Labyrinth Obtained from Minotaur smith's in Grand Noah during sidequest: Missing minotaurs
Horn of Friendship Recruit Demon Cow Queen Bring 10 Sukiyaki to the minotaur in Labyrinth Cave
Anti-Warp Canceler Allows you to teleport out of the Gold Region during the infiltration Obtained from Nero in Goddard
Captain's Cabin Key Allows access to the Ghost Ship Captain's Cabin Ghost Ship's quarters
Treasure Vault Key Allows access to the Ghost Ship Treasure Room Ghost Ship Captain's Cabin
Energy Cake Allows to start the Magical Girl Selection Sidequest Obtained by beating Candy
Red Orb Necessary to awaken the Garuda Girl in Holy Wings Shrine (Part 3) Yamatai Village - Elf Princess after beating the Four Queens
Blue Orb Necessary to awaken the Garuda Girl in Holy Wings Shrine (Part 3) Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) Treasure Room.
Green Orb Necessary to awaken the Garuda Girl in Holy Wings Shrine (Part 3) Beat the Queen's Cup in Grand Noah
Yellow Orb Necessary to awaken the Garuda Girl in Holy Wings Shrine (Part 3) Beat Sphinx in the Pyramid after beating the Four Queens
Purple Orb Necessary to awaken the Garuda Girl in Holy Wings Shrine (Part 3) Ghost Ship treasure room
Silver Orb Necessary to awaken the Garuda Girl in Holy Wings Shrine (Part 3) Northern Undersea Temple
Topological Charm Allows you to use the Pocket Castle in the Gold Region during the infiltration Obtained from Nero in Goddard
Beckoning Cat of Good Fortune Recruit Shirohebi. Yamatai Orochi Cave, Left Path, jump across stones, down the rope, behind the waterfall, inside a blue chest.
Pirate Treasure Can be sold for 17500G Ghost Ship Treasure Room
Fairy Nectar Recruit Queen Ant Yamatai Village chief: Complete Four Perverts Side Quest
Vampire Tear Break the hallway loop, allowing access to Vampire Queen boss Vampire Castle basement
Shichi Karsu Kagami (Seven Crow Mirror) None Defeat Black Alice (1st Form)
Silver Trophy Recruit Queen Elf with the Gold Trophy Win a race match in the colosseum
Gold Trophy Recruit Queen Elf with the Silver Trophy Win 10 matches in survival in the colosseum
Fighter's Badge Needed for Blacksmith Quest (Grand Noah) Complete Beginner colosseum match
Dragon Forge Hammer Needed for Blacksmith Quest (Gold Port) Northern Undersea Temple
Silver Dragon Statue Needed for Shop Quest (Yamatai Village) Monster Lord's Castle (alt)
Spirit Powder Needed for Shop Quest (Snow Heaven) Hall of Creation
Seedling of Light Needed for Queen Alraune's recruitment quest and unlocking Priestess second form Queen Alraune during recruitment arc
Remina Keycard Open magnetic doors to access Apoptosis Dogma in Gold Tartarus and building in Devastated Plains Flashback to Remina in Ilias Temple Ruins during main quest
Voting Ballot Access to Queen Insect for Spider Princess Spider Princess' recruitment quest
Royal Palace Carpet Needed for Queen Vampire's recruitment Sheep Island during Queen Vampire's recruitment quest
Hide & Seek Tropy Recruit Queen Fairy. Find Amira 21 Times
Regular Fish Labyrinth of Chaos - Give 4 to victim to get one LoC item Labyrinth of Chaos Special Floor - Fish Quest Paradox
Tasty Fish Labyrinth of Chaos - Give 2 to victim to get one LoC item Labyrinth of Chaos Special Floor - Fish Quest Paradox
Awful Fish Labyrinth of Chaos - Give 2 to victim to fail the floor Labyrinth of Chaos Special Floor - Fish Quest Paradox
Porno Book "Whoa! This is!" Achievement when used and interactions with other characters Labyrinth of Chaos - Special floor (Dragon Wish)
Key to Chaos Labyrinth of Chaos - Open door of Mitra Sealed Castle Special floor. Vanishes when used once Labyrinth of Chaos - Superboss (x100 floors), random red chests at max SP.
Shard of Immortal-Trashing Whip Collaboration Scenario - Allows to recruit Executioner, Ogretooth and Mysteltainn Collaboration Scenario - Beat Daimyokai in Snow Shrine in the Post Collab
Mirror of Truth Collaboration Scenario - Allows to recruit Fulbeua Collaboration Scenario - Beat Tarsa Clone during Myusca, Nemea and Vinum recruitment quest