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Karen (カレン, Karen) is Sonya’s mother who is mentioned a few times by Lazarus. She made no physical appearance, due to supposedly dying with her husband in a landslide when helping villagers a few years after the Great Disaster.

However, a villager in Rostrum (Alt) did mention that Karen was ‘dressed like a slut’, shocking Sonya.

In the upcoming event teaser, Nero hypothesises that Sonya was transformed as an Apoptosis as early as her presence in Karen’s womb. It’s unknown if it had an impact on Karen herself, and there’s also no info on the identity of Sonya’s father.


  • It is theorized that she could be Adramelech for a number of reasons:
    • In her last form, the apoptosis's garment includes religious elements
    • Her relationship with Sonya who's also revealed to be an apoptosis