Kanade (禍撫) is one of the Six Ancestors, of the colony type bloodline. Being the ultimate form of colony type, she has extreme vitality. She is renowned as a glutton, herding towns of humans as livestocks to greedily consume their semen for herself.


Kanade makes no appearances in Part 1 or 2 of Paradox.

Character Profile

“Kanade is the ancestor to all slime monsters, and is known as the ultimate colony organism. Her body is comprised of hundreds of millions of "lives", and she is said to have countless personalities. Although she has weak magical power relative to the other ancestors, her shapeshifting ability is unmatched. She can freely expand and contract her body, and possesses great physical power. To defeat this monster, all of her lives must be extinguished within a single instant; if even one of them survives, she can regenerate herself immediately. Thus, she has extremely high vitality and is said to be the most difficult to kill among the ancestors. Although she is weak to holy and fire attacks, destroying all of her lives at once is still extremely difficult. It is said only a being with the power of a god—or close to it—could ever hope to defeat her.

She rules over Grand Noah in the Dark God's world. It is a land of pure waters and has become a holy ground for slime and aquatic-based monsters. However, Kanade has no interest in ruling, and leaves all of the management of her region to subordinates. In addition, she is preparing for the final war against the Goddess Ilias of a parallel world. She seems to play a major role in the development of a weapon known as "Demiurge"... Supposedly, she is the key to using it.

She requires enormous amounts of energy to maintain her body. Thus, she is very greedy and constantly demands blood and semen from the humans living in her land. She normally does not go so far as to devour her subjects, and generally restricts herself to sucking semen out of the slave class. Predation is reserved for criminals. However, Grand Noah has a very harsh criminal code—even minor offenders will find themselves offered to Kanade as her next meal. As a result, there have been many incidences of people being arrested and taken to Kanade to be eaten. Once a man is wrapped in Kanade's slime, his reason will completely evaporate as he experiences its sensation. His penis will shoot out all of its semen once it is brought inside her body. She is capable of dissolving humans into nothing—both physically and mentally. Their pain and sorrow disappear as she melts them, and when she's done digesting a human, not even their bones will remain.”


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