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Here you are in Monte Carlo and this place is kind of poor, but this town has a hero and this hero is an ally of justice!


1) You must have already spoken to Elka at the informant's guild.

Quest for the Hero of Justice Class

1) Go to Monte Carlo, if you have already gotten Lazarus' Referral you can skip to step 2.

1.1) If you do not then buy information from the snitch (guy in black robbes with some weird symbol above his tent.
1.2) Go to the eastest buiding in town and talk to the guard that blocks the door there.
1.3) Go to Illiasville and talk to Lazarus to get the key item Lazarus' Referral
1.4) Go back and talk to the guard, he'll let you pass now.

2) Go to the alley behind the Inn and see our lovely comeback from part 3.

3) Go to the house located right from the inn, the one who was an old man standing close by.

4) Talk with the red haired girl

5) Exit Monte Carlo and then go to Carlos Hill. North from the entrance you'll find the succubus that you're looking for, but be warned that if you talk to her you'll trigger a boss battle, so heal first since this area has some enemies.

5.5) After beating the succubus she'll force her way into your party.

6) Go back to Monte Carlo and talk to the red haired girl, she'll give you the Key Item Pointless License to Defend Justice

Extra steps to recruit Justice Kaiser

1) After you're done with the sidequest of Monte Carlo and got the license to be a hero, talk to her again and choose the second option to begin a Battle Fuck battle against her.

1.1) Make sure that your Luka has more than 696 HP, since it's her damage in total after the Battle Fuck.