Juska (ジャスカ, Jasuka) is a Battle Fucker in Monte Carlo.


Justice Kaiser is first met after Luka gets information from the Monte Carlo Informants Guild. As the group is leaving town, they see a young man being attacked by a succubus in an alley. Before Luka can do anything, the Justice Kaiser swoops in and defeats the attacker. She invites Luka back to her house if he wishes to become an ally to justice. If Luka follows her, she gives him a quest.

Upon completion of her quest, she becomes a Battle Fucker using her real name, Juska.

Juska does 708 damage during BF, she gives Burning Soul on victory and becomes available for recruitment as a companion.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Juska: “A burning soul and spirit! It’s the flame, the fire, of justice!”

With Eva:
Juska: “The demon (Succubus) has appeared!”

Eva: “That troublesome cosplay woman is in a place like this?! Doing such a thing at your age, aren’t you ashamed?!”

Juska: “You must work hard for the people of the world!”

Eva: “I don’t want to hear that from you!”

Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:
Juska: “Justice shall overcome evil!”

Juska struck a pose!

But no one was looking!

2nd Action:
Juska: “Speaking of heroes, sausage!”

Juska: “Eat and grow strong!”

Juska presents a gift!

You obtain a Sausage!

3rd Action:
Juska: “Love! Freedom! Hopes! Dreams!”

Juska: “That is, that-ta-ta is…! What I am!”

Juska is practising her catchphrase!

4th Action:
Juska: “Fighting spirit, unleashed!”

Juska gets psyched up! (Attack power increased for the next turn)

5th Action:
Juska: “Trans… form! Hyaa!”

Juska transforms into a Hero of Justice!


  • The Justice Kaiser is the only Battle Fucker in Part 1 who has a different companion name.
  • Although not outright stated she is heavily implied to be Elka’s daughter. There is a photograph of Elka in his youth (complete with red hair) inside Juska’s home, and a brief exchange of dialogue occurs between the two if Luka brings her to the Elka Company headquarters and talks to Elka himself.
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