John (ヨハネ, Yohane) is a Knight Commander of San Ilia’s military, he can be recruited by speaking to him after helping the King of San Ilia with his request.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

John: “Do you need my power? I’ll show you the spear of judgement known as the Lightning of Ilias.”

Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:
“Strict training is common practice for a knight!”

John was training in secret.

2nd Action:
“God, give us your blessing…”

John prays and exudes a calm serenity! Allies recover HP!

3rd Action:
“Fight! One punch!”

John gets psyched up! Jonh’s attack power is increased for the next turn.

4th Action:
“Ahh, it’s so overgrown…”

John is picking some weeds.

You obtain some [Weeds]!

5th Action:
“I have a lot of letters from the girls in town. I should write some replies…”

John wrote a letter…

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