Momen is a friendly group of monsters: Ittan-Momen A, Ittan-Momen B, and Ittan-Momen C They can join Luka after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Cotton: "I hope the weather is nice. We're happy when a breeze is blowing. ♪"

With Urara:

Urara: "Ah, Ittan-Momen-chan! We look a lot similar, I wonder if we're relatives...?"

Cotton: "But we don't melt men. We wrap around them to suck up their semen."

Urara: "(These girls look delicious...)"

Cotton: "You're thinking of something bad with that face!"

With Fear:

Fear: "Ah, Ittan-Momen-chan! Hey hey, let's play!"

Cotton: "Kyaah, don't come near me! Our bodies will catch on fire and burn!"

Fear: "Uh, what? I can't hear you..."

Cotton: "S-stay awaaay!!"

With Tama:

Cotton: "Hyah, it's our natural enemy...the cat!"

Tama: "Unyaa!!"

Tama leapps [sic] at the Ittan-Momen's flickering cloth, playing with it!"

Tama [sic]: "Nooo! Stooop!"

Tama: "Nyaa! Nyaaaaa!!"


Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Interactions

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