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Battle Items

Battle Items are pieces of equipment that directly affect Luka’s fighting capabilities, usually by modifying his combat statistics, specifically Defense. They hold a great importance to the game and are impossible to avoid.

There is no battle item that affects Luka’s Attack, HP, or Skill Points.

Iron Sword
“A sword received from the village blacksmith. Custom made to fit Luka’s small stature.”
The Iron Sword is the initial weapon Luka wields before it is replaced by the Angel Halo. Luka uses the Iron Sword against Slime Girl, Slug Girl, Mandragora, Granberia’s first encounter, the final encounter with Lazarus, and Alice in both fights.

This sword is notable in the fact that, as a regular mundane weapon without special abilities, it takes lives, as opposed to sealing monsters like the Angel Halo does, and thus plays an important role when Luka attempts to kill Lazarus in their final encounter, and with Alice in their second battle.

Cloth Shirt
“Clothes made by Betty. Well made, but not designed for combat.”
The Cloth Shirt is clothing worn by Luka at the very start of the game. It has 5 defense, and made by a person named Betty. In the Tool Shop in Iliasburg this item is replaced with Enrikan Shirt when Alice recommended him this armor.
Keepsake Ring
“A keepsake of my mother. Nothing special, but it's a precious memory of my mother.”
The Keepsake Ring is a ring that once belonged to Luka’s mother. He wears it in memory of his mother.

Alice, Micaela, and Tamamo comment on the ring at one point in the game, Alice commenting on its magic and how it resonates with something of a concerned mother. Micaela sees it and recognizes Luka. Tamamo says the ring is special, but in what way she doesn’t even know. During Chapter 3, however, the ring shatters and Luka awakens his inner angelic powers; Alice reveals that the object was keeping those powers in check. In fact, the ring could descend anyone down to mortal status, no matter how powerful.

Angel Halo
“A creepy sword received from Alice. Made from 666 melted angels, it can seal monsters.”
The Angel Halo is a special weapon wielded by Luka, replacing his Iron Sword (although he still keeps his former weapon). It is extremely grotesque-looking, and as Luka puts it, “looks like [the angels are] being tortured”. It was given to him by Alice XVI (Sixteenth), noticing he has problems fighting to his fullest as the two leave Iliasburg. Alice says it is the only one of its kind in the world.
Enrikan Shirt
“Protective clothing from Enrika. Though it's very light, it's very durable.”
The Enrikan Shirt is clothing worn by Luka created from Enrika. It has 25 defense, 20 more defense than his Cloth Shirt. Luka purchases it from the Tool Shop in Iliasburg when Alice recommended him this armor.(according to the qna its enchanted with elven and fallen angel magic which is why it doesn't get damaged much)

Story Items

Story Items are various artifacts that are obtained throughout gameplay and are used in the advancing storyline or comedic relief. A lot of these items are compulsory to obtain, although some are optional and are found by taking certain actions in the cities or through the optional quests that can be taken on through the game. However, most of these items actually serve no purpose other than mere lines of dialogue.

World Traveler
“The ultimate guide for any adventurer or gourmet. But it’s 500 years old, so the information is outdated. …Why is she making me hold it?”
The World Traveler is a 500 year old book marked in the year 867, carried by Alice. A book containing many sightseeing places including local delicacies; it is loved by all adventurers, gourmets, and sightseers, as Alice states.
Ama-ama Dango
“The ultimate luxury product of the Sutherland Inn. Made with Happiness Honey, it’s very sweet. I’m surprised Alice hasn’t eaten it out of my hand.”
The Ama-ama Dango is a famous luxury product produced by Iliasburg’s Sutherland Inn. It is a very sweet food made from Happiness Honey. After Luka and Alice “drive away” Granberia from Iliasburg, they are welcomed to the Sutherland Inn where Alice happily munches away Ama-ama Dango.
Happiness Honey
“Sweet honey from the Happiness Village. It’s good on bread, and to eat from the jar. As expected, Alice makes me carry this too.”
Happiness Honey is sweet honey produced in Happiness Village, and is a special ingredient for Ama-ama Dango. Alice happily munches away on Happiness Honey after Luka defeats Queen Harpy and solves the issue within Happiness Village.
Poseidon’s Bell
“A treasure of Captain Selene. As long as it’s on the bow of a ship, any storm can be weathered.”
The Poseidon’s Bell is one of Captain Selene’s famed treasures. Locked away within the Treasure Cave, Tamamo picked it up and simply handed it over to Luka, stating she was only interested in the cave’s traps. He then uses it to stop the ship sailing from Ilias to Sentora from being rocked by Alma Elma’s winds.

It is not known whether it is related to Poseidoness, as she makes no comment or mention about the bell.

Grilled Starfish
“An inedible food I was forced to buy in Port Natalia. Even Alice doesn’t want it…”
The Grilled Starfish is an inedible product Luka was forced to purchase in his first visit to Port Natalia from a poor Mermaid Merchant.
Sacred Anti-Ghost Water
“Anti-ghost water bought in San Ilia. I think it’s normal water.”
The Sacred Anti-Ghost Water is supposedly anti-ghost water purchased from San Ilia’s Tool Shop, although Luka believes that it’s just normal water, Alice purchases the water due to her fear of ghosts. However, after the whole ordeal within the Haunted Manor is solved and the ghosts within there flock to San Ilia, the Tool Shop owner is forced to stop selling the water due to an outrage from the ghosts.
Written Pledge
“A pledge from Meia and her husband. What kind of ceremony is this anyway…”
The Written Pledge is an item obtained from Meia. She requests Luka to deliver it to Kraken in order to become married.
Ball of Guidance
“A gem received from Meia. With this, I can get to the sea temple.”
The Ball of Guidance is a crystal used to make a road of light, which is essentially a tunnel to the bottom of the sea. Inside the light Luka feels like he’s entered a separate dimension, since although he has to swim, he can breathe normally and his clothes don’t get wet.

In Chapter 1, Meia lends the Ball of Guidance to Luka, so he can deliver the Written Pledge to Kraken in order for her to get married.

In Chapter 2, Luka needs to borrow the Ball of Guidance once more, in order to collect the Six Orbs. This time Meia just gives it away, as she no longer has a use for it.
If Luka had not taken up Meia’s request, he purchases it from the poor mermaid merchant.

Ring of Promise
“Matching rings given by Kraken. This is their proof of marriage.”
The Ring of Promise, also known as the Pledge Ring, is a wedding ring for couples. Meia requested Luka to acquire one from Kraken in order to marry her fiance.
Four Animists and their Sources
“A book [borrowed] from San Ilia castle. I can’t return it, so I may have it checked out for a while.”
The Four Animists and their Sources is the only book containing information about the Four Spirits. Not wanting a human to misuse their power, Monster Lord Alipheese XVI (Sixteenth) ordered Page 17, Page 257, and Page 65537 to guard it a few years prior to the game. Although Page 65537 asks about destroying it instead, Alice states she does not like burning books.

When Alice suggests for Luka to obtain the book and he defeats Page 17, she remembers giving the orders of its protection, although she does not divulge any details. Luka calls her suspicious, but leaves it alone as he wouldn’t get anywhere with it. When Luka fights with the final monster, Alice unintentionally sets the library on fire for screwing up her potato, and the two escape the mass panic. Fortunately, Alice was able to obtain the book before it was burned. Luka does not return the book at any point of the game.

Ironically, despite Alice stating to have a dislike towards burning books, she is content with creating a campfire from books about Goddess Ilias, although this may be due to Alice’s hatred of her. She is also amused to see the wildfire, which she accidentally formed from the campfire, spread and engulf the library in flames.

Basket of Scorpions
The Basket of Scorpions is a basket containing scorpions, hence its name. While Luka fought the Scorpion Girl, Alice left to catch scorpions, thinking of them as food. When nightfall comes as they travel to Sabasa Castle, they are forced to camp and Alice talks Luka into cooking the scorpions, which are apparently edible if fried.
Alraune Flower
“A strange flower bought from an Alraune florist. Part of it is wilting… Due to the large bite mark from Alice on it…”
The Alraune Flower is a flower obtained from an Alraune florist within Grand Noah Castle. After buying it, Alice takes a bite out of it to satisfy her gourmet experiences, to Luka’s dismay.
Tamamo Ball
“It’s fluffy!”
The Tamamo Ball is an item Alice gives to Luka before his battle with Yamata no Orochi. This is actually Tamamo curled up into a ball, to no knowledge of Luka’s own, even when Tamamo exclaims to be ticklish when Luka pokes the ball.

When Luka barely holds out against Yamata no Orochi, the ball appears from his bag and forms into Tamamo.

Six Orbs

The Six Orbs are valuable items Luka comes across. The power of the six are needed to hatch the Garuda Girl, the legendary holy wings that will help him travel to Hellgondo. To prevent humans from abusing the Garuda Girls and from attacking Hellgondo, the orbs were scattered all over the world and the Monster Lord entrusted several Monster Queens to safeguard them. They come in the colors of red, yellow, green, blue, silver, and purple. When Luka lacks the means to Hellgondo from Gold Port, Alice told Amira to locate all six so Luka may use them.

Red Orb
“A beautiful gem received from the bandits. I don’t know what it’s used for, but it seems magical. If I find the owner, I’ll return it.”

“A Red Orb to revive the Holy Wings. It will revive if six are collected, it seems.”

The Red Orb is one of the Six Orbs used to hatch the Garuda Girl. Held by the Dragon Pup who snatched it from rich people who dropped it as they fled, she gives it to Luka after he stops her and the Four Bandits as a token of appreciation. Otherwise, Amira gives it to him in Gold Port, claiming she fought the Four Bandits and took the orb from them.

When obtained from the Dragon Pup, Alice is a bit surprised and hints the Red Orb having some specific use, stating she doesn’t “want a human to misuse it”. She also hinted orbs in other colors, also stating that there is no issue if the blue and silver aren’t around. At this point, she refuses to inform Luka of the Red Orb’s ability. With this, Luka intends to return the orb to its owner, though he possibly drops this idea after learning the orb’s true intention.

Yellow Orb
“A beautiful gem received from Sphinx. I don’t know what it’s used for, but it seems magical.”

“A Yellow Orb to revive the Holy Wings. It will revive if six are collected, it seems.”''

The Yellow Orb is one of the Six Orbs required to hatch the Garuda Girl. Sphinx gives the orb to Luka and Sara after they pass her trial in the Pyramid, as Sara is not interested in magical items, Luka keeps it. Otherwise, Amira gives it to him in Gold Port, saying she looked so anxious and depressed that Sphinx handed the orb to her.

Sphinx explains that the Yellow Orb are used to revive the Holy Wings, and that he needs six of them to awaken it.

Green Orb
“A beautiful gem received from Queen Noah. I don’t know what it’s used for, but it seems magical.”

“A Green Orb to revive the Holy Wings. It will revive if six are collected, it seems.”''

The Green Orb is a royal treasure held by the Grand Noah Queen. It is awarded to Luka after he wins the fights in the Grand Noah Colosseum. Otherwise, Amira gives it to him in Gold Port, saying the champion of the tournament left without collecting the prize, so she could take it from the castle.

The Green Orb is one of the Six Orbs required to hatch the Garuda Girl to take Luka to Hellgondo.

Blue Orb
“A Blue Orb to revive the Holy Wings. It will revive if six are collected, it seems.”
The Blue Orb is one of the Six Orbs required to hatch the Garuda Girl. As it would be troublesome for humans to revive her, this orb was entrusted to the monster queen at the South Sea Shrine: Kraken.

During Meia’s sidequest in Chapter 1, Kraken attacks Luka, thinking he was there to steal the orb. Later, in Chapter 2, when he actually goes there for it, she handles the orb to him, saying it’s both a repay for what he did and also that she is entrusting her hopes for a time when monsters and humans don’t hate each other. If Luka skipped the sidequest and thus never met Kraken, she will refuse to give it to him until Alice appears and tells her it is an order from the Monster Lord.

Silver Orb
“A Silver Orb to revive the Holy Wings. It will revive if six are collected, it seems.”
The Silver Orb is one of the Six Orbs required to hatch the Garuda Girl. As it would be troublesome for humans to revive her, this orb where entrusted to the monster queen at the North Sea Shrine: Poseidoness.

When Luka goes to the bottom of the northern seas for the orb, Poseidoness attacks him thinking he was a thief. After the battle, she reveals she knew his true intentions, as Kraken informed her beforehand, but wanted to test Luka herself. As he defeated her and proved to be a superior warrior, Poseidoness finds him worthy of the Silver Orb and hands it to him.

Purple Orb
“A Purple Orb to revive the Holy Wings. It will revive if six are collected, it seems.”
The Purple Orb is one of the Six Orbs required to hatch the Garuda Girl. This one was in possession of Captain Selene and was her most valued treasure. After opening the Calamity Box and waking the Beelzebubs, Selene used another treasure, the Jewel of The Rotten World, to create a barrier, separating the ship from the outside world before her life was lost.

Knowing the seal would lose power over the years, Selene wasn’t able to move on to the next world. In her Selena guise, she requests Luka’s help in exchange for the Purple Orb. After he and Alice defeat the Queen of Flies, Luka finds the orb in a shelf within the Captain’s Cabin.

Sidequest Items

Some items in the game are related to completely optional sidequests and have no significance in advancing the story so far. Among these are items linked to the fabled Hero’s Proof quest, a complicated task of collecting and trading some unique items.

Grilled Sea Anemone
“An inedible food I was forced to buy in Port Natalia. It seems worse than the starfish. Alice is horrified at it.”
The Grilled Sea Anemone is an item Luka obtains from a mermaid merchant on his second visit to Port Natalia. It is poorly cooked; even Alice doesn’t want it. However, it is required to obtain the Hero’s Proof.

When Luka encounters the Nekomata, he has the option to give her the item. If he does, he avoids battle and is given the Nekomata’s Bell in exchange.

Fairy Acorn
“A sign of friendship from a cute fairy. Power flowed through me when I got it. It’s an important treasure of mine.”
The Fairy Acorn is an item obtained by avoiding the battle with the Fairies in the Forest of Spirits. Upon obtaining the item, Luka will obtain all the experience that he would have earned if he were to have fought them.

Crafting this and the Nekomata’s Bell together by talking with Alra Priestess after the events in Plansect Village will forge the Jewel of Friendship.

Nekomata’s Bell
"A bell from a Nekomata. There was some power in it at first,but not any longer. I had to give food to get it. Alice might get angry if she finds out."
The Nekomata’s Bell is an item of which Luka obtains if he gives the Grilled Sea Anemone to Nekomata. The bell is a symbol of friendship between Luka and Nekomata. It is required to obtain the Hero’s Proof.

If Luka has the Fairy Acorn in possession along with the Nekomata’s Bell, he can talk to the Alra Priestess after he clears Plansect Village to convert both items into the Jewel of Friendship.

Genie’s Lamp
“A lamp containing a Genie Girl. It was dangerous to leave her there, so I kept it. I can’t destroy or dispose of it… How annoying.”
The Genie’s Lamp is a lamp containing the Lamp Genie. After Luka resists her temptation, he picks it up to prevent more victims succumbing to her rape (and vore).

Luka can deliver this to the Tool Shop Owner in Gold Port in exchange for a Lottery Ticket.

Lottery Ticket
“A lottery ticket given with gold for the lamp. Looks like I can use it in Gold Port.”
The Lottery Ticket is an item given by the owner of the Tool Shop in Gold Port, along with 3500G, when Luka sells him the Genie’s Lamp. It can be used at the Lottery in Gold Port to obtain the Jewel of Fortune.
Jewel of Friendship
“Created by combining the Fairy Acorn and Nekomata’s Bell. Holding the power of friendship, I can see the Fairies and Nekomata. It’s an important treasure to me.”
The Jewel of Friendship is a jewel that symbolizes friendship, created by the Alra Priestess using the Fairy Acorn and Nekomata’s Bell. With this, Luka can resonate with the Fairies and Nekomata from afar. This item, along with the Jewel of Victory and Jewel of Fortune is required for the Hero’s Proof.
Jewel of Victory
“A jewel obtained from Amira. It held the power of victory, but it’s mostly gone now. Seems to be useless.”
The Jewel of Victory is an item coughed up by Amira in Gold Port after she tells Luka of the location of the Six Orbs, however Luka must be in possession of the Red, Yellow and Green Orbs or Amira will not give it to him. The Jewel of Victory is required to obtain the Hero’s Proof.
Jewel of Fortune
“The first prize from the lottery. It used to have the power of luck, but it’s mostly gone now. Seems worthless.”
The Jewel of Fortune is an item obtained by exchanging a Lottery Ticket to the Lottery in Gold Port. It is required to obtain the Hero’s Proof.
Hero’s Proof
“A beautiful medal that only a true hero can hold. Useless medal. I can only look at it and smirk.”
The Hero’s Proof is a medallion which is obtained by presenting the Jewel of Victory, the Jewel of Fortune and the Jewel of Friendship to the three sages in Gold Port. It is needed for the achievement Hero’s Proof Obtained.

The three sages are first heard from the San Ilia King, where he advises Luka to search for them and pass their tests in order to receive the Goddess Sword from him, a weapon said to make even the Monster Lord kneel before it. However, Alice does not kneel, and instantly shatters the sword, thereby rendering the Hero’s Proof pointless outside of an achievement.
Upon talking to the three sages with all three Jewels in his possession, they give Luka the Hero’s Proof. As Alice confronts him about it, he admits that he would have been excited to receive it not long before, but that he doesn’t want to give up the three crystals for a mere trinket, especially the Jewel of Friendship which represents his bond with the monsters he befriended. During the exchange, he lets it slip that he’s an unbaptized hero; the three sages are initially shocked and at a loss, then decide to just play dumb and forget they heard anything, letting Luka walk away with both the Proof and the three Jewels.

Obtaining the Hero’s Proof is not an easy task, as it requires a combined game between Chapters 1 and 2 to complete.