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Luka wielding the Iron Sword.

The Iron Sword is the initial weapon Luka wields before it is replaced by the Angel Halo. Luka uses the Iron Sword against Slime Girl, Slug Girl, Mandragora, Granberia’s first encounter, the final encounter with Lazarus, and Alice in both fights. 

This sword is notable in the fact that, as a regular mundane weapon without special abilities, it takes lives, as opposed to sealing monsters like the Angel Halo does while otherwise being equal. This is used in the game to up the stakes of descisions more then usual, for when Luka draws the Iron Sword instead of Angel Halo, he's about to make judgement calls over someone's life, and in doing so, will reveal his heart's true colors for all to see. Both Lazarus and Alice demand that Luka use it against them during their ultimate battles against him, thereby leaving no doubt of their resolve to fight and die for what they believe while forcing Luka to prove his own resolve with his decisions regarding them.

In Monster Girl Quest Paradox it is replaced by Custom Sword instead.


  • In all the images with Luka using an elemental attack, the Iron Sword is in place of the Angel Halo. This is likely due to the Angel Halo’s grotesque, deterring appearance, or a homage to the RPG cliché of always showing the same weapon on the character’s sprite.