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Rumi is one of the Imps in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She is very sleepy all the time. Sometimes she becomes ironic and starts mocking her friends, Rami and Remi.


She is first found munching on a plant in a field at Iliasville. If you speak to her with Rami in your party, you have the option of recruiting her.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Rumi: "I'm tired"

With Rami:

Rami: "I bought a sparkler! Let's play!"

Rumi: "*nod*"

Rami: "...It's sooo pretty. ♪ Aww, it's about to go out."

Rumi: "The sparkler is the same as your life..."

Rami: "........"

With Remi:

Remi: "I brought a jump rope... let's compete on how many jumps we get."

Rumi: "I'll consent to that."

Rami: "Hnnn, it's hard to jump because my boobs giggle! Do either of you know why that happens?!"

Remi: "(Air resistance.)"

Rumi: "(Air resistance.)"

Rami: ".........."

With Barbun:

Rumi: "I'm tired."

Barbun: "You seem tired a lot. Do you have any troubles you want to tell big sis about?"

Rumi: "Breathing is such a bother..."

Barbun: "That's what you are bothered by? Such a troublesome child."

With Lily:

Rumi: "Tired."

Lily: "This child, you seem unmotivated every time I see you. Maybe you were abused as a child and closed your heart to the world?"

Rumi: "Tired."

Lily: "If you have troubles, leave them to me. I will lend you my power."

Rumi: "Your power looks handy... You can scratch your back even while lying down."

Lily: "You should be able to do that with your arms... Just how lazy are you?"

With Alma Elma:

Rumi: "Alma Elma-senpai! Osu!"

Alma Elma: "Ufufu… Rumi, you're always so full of spirit..."

Rumi: "*fwoosh* *woosh*…"

With Morrigan

Rumi: “Tired...”

Morrigan: “Hey, are you all right? You don't look like you ate anything weird...”

Rumi: “............”

Morrigan: “The succubi of the present age are incredibly lazy...”

With Elza

RumI: "Tired"

Elza: "For a succubus that fights hand-to-hand, you dont have any pep... Here, refresh yourself!"

Rumi: "So tired!"

Elza: "To be this exhausted... Perhaps this is the secret technique of flawlessness?!"


In the 1st Camp:

Rumi: "Yawn~"

In the 2nd Camp:

Rumi: "*Yaaaaawn*"

Grandeur Theater

She is required in "Imp Rhapsody" and "Nurse Examination" scenes.


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:

Rumi: "Kuu!"

Rumi goes limp!

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Rumi: "Sleepy..."

Rumi has fallen asleep.

[Rumi Sleeps]

3rd Action:

Rumi: "Can we get this over with?"

Rumi is unusually motivated!

Rumi has temporarily gotten stronger!

(+30% Evasion, +30% Magic Evasion, +50% Hit Rate, +50% Critical Hit Rate for 4 turns)

4th Action:

Rumi: "Dig, dig."

Rumi tries to dig a pit!

But it was too much trouble and she stopped.

[Nothing happens]

5th Action:

Rumi: "......"

Rumi just sits and watches.

She doesn't even try.

[Nothing happens]

6th Action:

Rumi: "Hrr……Ouch!"

Rumi tears off her tail and tosses it over!

...Is that supposed to help?

[+1 Succubus Tail]