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Iliasville Mountains (イリアスヴィルの裏山, Iriasuviru no Urayama) are a location in the first part of Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG. It is the first dungeon of the game, and acts as a tutorial.


These are the breathtaking mountains which are the home to the lovable Slime Girls. Those lasses mostly welcome travellers with a smile, offering to help if they can, and go about their daily lives in peace, yet a few can be rumbustious. Some of the locals will also entertain with adorable song and dance routines that they have been working tirelessly on. Don’t just treat this as a one stop visit, there is a lot to see here if only given the chance. ♪

Luka comes to the place to search for Hans as the latter has been kidnapped from Iliasville by a bunny slime. On his way up, he hears a crashing sound and finds and unconscious young-looking angel who wakes up and says that she's the goddess Ilias. After ineffectively zapping Luka, she flees in a panic. The hero shrugs off the strange encounter, and continues on his way to the top of the mountain where he saves Hans. When he leaves, a small lamia looking for a White Rabbit who sealed her shows up, and, after attacking the bunny slime, she realizes that she has the wrong target and leaves. Eventually, Luka leaves in a hurry to go to his baptism.

Map of the Area

Small Medal Locations



Item Price
Herb 10G
Fish 20G
Boomerang 140G


Created Used
Fish Boomerang Boomerang, Fish, 17G

Produce Merchant

Item Price
Egg 10

Treasure Chests

  • Herb, Red Chest
  • 100 Gold, Red Chest
  • Fire Stone, Red Chest
  • Boomerang, Red Chest
  • Clothes, Red Chest
  • Strong Hat, Red Chest
  • Small Medal, Red Chest

Hidden Items