This is located on the northern side of the Ilias Continent and is the only port town around. If you want to learn something, try the renowned University here. Though on the other hand, if getting off the Ilias Continent is what you're looking for... well, the weather might not be permitting. Try exploring the Cave of Treasures instead.

Map Of The Area

Amira Locations



Created Used
Baptized Knife+ Baptized Knife, Strong Hoof, 75G
Dark Cypress Rod++ Cypress Rod++, Dark stone, 80G
Golden Sword+ Golden Sword, Strong Hoof, 110G
Earth Rapier Golden Rapier, Earth Stone, 92G
Dark Trident Trident, Dark Stone, 140G
Earth Knuckles Golden Claws, Earth Stone, 77G
Dark Phantom Golden Fang, Dark Stone, 102G
Earth Hammer Golden Gammer, Earth Stone, 115G
Dark Staff Golden Staff, Dark Stone, 96G
Killer Bow+ Killer Bow, Spider Silk, 118G
Earth Harp Golden Harp, Earth Stone, 134G
Coral Boomerang Golden Boomerang, Beautiful Coral, 104G
Earth Flail Golden Flail, Earth Stone, 150G
Dark Stoker Golden Scalpel, Dark Stone, 104G
Black Cards Golden Cards, Dark Stone, 140G
Ninja Gear+ Ninja Gear, Spider Silk, 110G
Coral Armor Steel Armor, Beautiful Coral, 88G
Earth Shell Golden Shell, Earth Stone, 82G
Amber Robe Black Robe, Earth Stone, 430G
Coral Helm Iron Helm, Beautiful Coral, 60G
Earth Circlet Golden Circlet, Earth Stone, 80G
Coral Shield Iron Shield, Beautiful Coral, 48G
Golden Shield+ Golden Shield, Stong Hoof, 65G

Hidden Items

  • Strong Hoof
  • Egg
  • Phoenix Tail
  • De-Love Potion
  • Spider Silk
  • Shuriken
  • Eyedrops
  • Golden Circlet
  • Red Fire Stone
  • Fried Egg
  • Earth Pendant
  • Green Wind Stone
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