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Located at the heart of the Ilias Continent. One of the key attractions here is the Luxurious Sutherland Inn though only two types of people can stay here, the extremely rich which the price per night is 100,000G or those lucky enough to get on the Hostess's good side then she'll make it a bargain at 5G per night! Also one of the Inn's specialty dishes is Ama Ama Dango, a favorite for a lot of people ♥

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations




Sutherland Inn

Service Price (G)
Sleep (Neutral) 100,000
Sleep (Friendly) 5
Ama Ama Dango (Harpy) 130

Item Merchant

Item Price (G)
Herb 10
Phoenix Tail 100
Antidote Grass 15
Eyedrops 15
Full Moon Grass 15
Harpy Wing 15

Weapon Merchant

Item Price (G)
Dagger 70
Cypress Rod 50
Copper Sword 150
Rapier 100
Spear 150
Cestus 120
Rock Fang 100
Battle Axe 360
Club 120
Sickle 90
Oak Cane 120
Old Wooden Rod 140
Long Bow 170
Thorn Whip 130
Boomerang 140

Armor Merchant

Item Price (G)
Traveler's Garb 70
Training Suit 70
Bronze Armor 140
Silk Robe 180
Leather Dress 150
Adventurer's Hat 60
Bronze Helm 100
Priest Hat 110
Wood Shield 80
Bronze Shield 110

Exotic Weapon Merchant

Item Price (G)
Poet's Harp 120
Strong Fan 125
Kitchen Knife 75
Merchant's Abacus 80
Scalpel 100
Fine Plate 120


Created Used
Dagger+ Dagger, Magic Leaf, 12G
Cypress Rod+ Cypress Rod, Slimy Mucus, 12G
Rapier+ Rapier, Magic Leaf, 15G
Cestus+ Cestus, Beast Claw, 18G
Club+ Club, Slimy Mucus, 15G
Imp Rod Old Wooden Rod, Imp Tail, 18G
Imp Whip Thorn Whip, Imp Tail, 18G
Fish Boomerang+ Fish Boomerang, Soft Jelly, 20G
Bronze Shield+ Bronze Shield, Slimy Mucus, 14G

Accessory Merchant

Item Price (G)
Muscle Belt 500
Magic Orb 500
Mysterious Tattoo 500
Power Wrist 500
Iron Gauntlet 500
Earrings 500
Guard Rosary 500
Silver Bracelet 500
Careful Necklare 500

Produce Merchant

Item Price (G)
Banana 35
Tomato 20
Potato 25
Flour 30
Bread 35
Rice 40

Seafood Merchant

Item Price (G)
Fish 20
Dried Bonito 40
Seaweed 35
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