Ilias Temple Ruins is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


Frozen in time by Eden, Ilias Temple Ruins was supposed to stay that way for ages... keeping the horrors inside locked away. Alas, Luka and party vowed to erase the cause of the Chaos emanating from within. Cupid and Valkyrie patrol the first area, unaware of Chaos slowly transforming them. Meanwhile, other angels that had been there longer, such as Heliel and Alciel, have already been turned into Apoptosis. In every area, Chimera such as Chimera Beast, Experimental Organism Q-5, Experimental Organism AD-5, Experimental Organism S-2, and Experimental Organism A-3 lurk, having not become apoptosis due to their mixed genes. Yet, Chaos will soon claim even them...


Area 1

Small Medal

8900 Gold

Dionysus Plate

Warding Incense

Bright White Holy Stone

Divine Miracle Drug

Area 2

Raziel's Grimoire

Burst Drink

Yggdrasil Leaf

Crisis Rosary

Angel Feather

Beam Scythe

Seed of Skill

Secret Staff Scroll

Area 3

Mysterious Bikini

Secret Gun Scroll

Small Medal


Seed of Magic

Hana Kagura

Gold Magatama


Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

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