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Ilias Temple (イリアス神殿, Iriasu Shinden) is a location in the first part of Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG.


This place isn’t only for the worship of the great Goddess Ilias, but also offers many other useful activities. The Head Priest on the First Floor is not only in charge, he can also help you when you want to change your Job or give another Race a try, though please be respectful and refrain from running in the temple.

Many other friendly people will give you helpful information on Jobs and Races or just useful tips in general about fighting mechanics and actualities in the world. Curiously, monsters have been welcomed in the temple’s basement and will gladly share information about their kin.

Being an old building with rich history you’ll be sure to keep coming back for more! Upstairs is a door that leads to Hades where Reaper resides, but only Luka can see the door. Not even Alice nor Ilias understand what the hero’s doing there, staring at a wall.

Map of the Area

Small Medal Locations


Treasure Chests

  • Gold Bracelet (Requires Lockpick I)
  • 12000G (Requires Lockpick II)
  • 25000G (Requires Lockpick III)

Hidden Items