Ika Musume

Ika Musume

Name: Ika Musume
Type: Side-Story
Custom Image(s): Yes
Sex Scene: Yes
Fight: Yes
HP: 500
Skills: Squid Handjob, Squid Fellatio, Squid Breast Rub, Squid Pheromones, Squid Tentacle Dance, Squid Hold Handjob, Counter Tentacle, Squid Tentacle Violation
Download Link: [Included by default]

Ika Musume (English: Squid Girl), the titular character of her own anime and manga, is a monster appearing in a fan scenario. She does not have the appearance of a normal squid; instead, she appears a regular human female with her hair that acts and moves around like tentacles, although she does have the top part of a squid and fins as a "hat" (which is actually part of her body). Like in her anime/manga, she often ends her sentences with "-de geso".

Like in her anime/manga, she desires to conquer the world, starting with Luka. He manages to seal her into the shape of a squid. Luka is a bit confused with the outcome, but Ika Musume is now unable to conquer.

Battle Overview

One Death Sword Chaos Star is enough to finish her, as expected for a battle sample.

Aside from her Squid Hold Handjob bind which requires Struggling or her trance attack Squid Pheromones, the only thing to watch out is her Counter Tentacle and Squid Tentacle Violation. For Counter Tentacle, she will perform a different stance and load Hyper Counter; if Luka Attacks during the three turns, it leads to a KO. For Squid Tentacle Violation, she will prepare Squid Tentacle Charge; if Luka does not Guard, he will be KOed.

Falling at defeat, Ika Musume conquers Luka's penis using her vagina and rides him cowgirl style.


  • Oddly, the soundtrack located in her file does not play during the battle.
  • The (original) picture / manga was made by Masahiro Anbe.
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