New title for Hyperdimension Girl Quest
Hyperdimension Girl Quest! is an ongoing Rpg game made by The_HeroLuka. It features all four of the CPU's from Hyperdimension Neptunia as well as Cecil as Luka travels the world.
Confronting Noire

Confronting Noire


Two years after the downfall of Goddess Ilias, Luka spends his days in peace, and slight dullness as he lives out his life. With Alice traveling the world on her own, Luka is quickly met with a strange earthquake like sound coming from the nearby mountains. Armed with the sword from his previous adventure, he travels there to find out what's going on.

Download Link:

RTP Assets version(Bigger download size, but you can download it and play it right away);

Mega -- Google Drive

No RTP Assets version (Smaller download size):

Mega  -- Google Drive


Current Progress:
Vs Neptune

45% finished with part 2.

Patch notes for 2.2.1 (As of 02/19/2020);

  • Fixed spelling errors in Blanc's loss scene
  • Fixed Black Harpy's monsterpedia entry
  • Fixed spelling errors in Cecil's temptation scene
  • Fixed Black Shadow's Loss scene
  • Fixed the glitch allowing you to enter the entrance of Twilight Funhouse
  • Fixed the Noirenette Monsterpedia entry
  • Fixed a glitch allowing Cecil to change outfits in her transformed state
  • Added an option to re-watch the loss scenes of your opponents in the monsterpedia

Known issues:

  • -If you replay a loss scene, then the music that's currently playing in the area you're in will disappear until you enter a new area.

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