Hiruko (蛭蟲) is one of the Six Ancestors, of the Scylla bloodline. Although her appearance is just like a normal girl’s, it is said that she’s hiding numerous tentacles and abnormal organs inside her body. It is also said that she has far more power than modern monsters, but the specifics are unknown.

Character Profile

“One of the legendary Six Ancestors, said to be the ancestors of all monsters girls.

Although she looks like a young girl, her flesh is comprised of countless tentacles and conceals bizarre organs.

Although she has a small build, she possesses power unrivalled by modern Youma, the details of this power are still unclear.”


Hiruko makes no appearances in Part 1 or 2 of Paradox.


  • Hiruko is briefly mentioned by Seraph Eden in Chapter 3, stating she hasn’t used her true form since she fought with Hiruko in the Great Monster Wars a thousand years ago.
  • Hiruko is not mentioned in Rogue Translator’s English translation of the game, which seems like the translator’s mistake.


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