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Belonging to the Hierarchy of Angels are all of the angels that serve under Goddess Ilias. There are nine different classifications, with the lowest being the Ninth Order and the highest being the First Order.

First Order: Seraphim

The First Order is the highest ranking order and is made up of Seraphim. Due to their immense power, they act as generals and lead the entire angelic army. Promestein once comments on the Seraph class having a peerless sensing ability that purportedly can hear the cries of souls themselves. Alice further elaborates on this, stating that Luka, after mastering his angelic power, has a better sensing ability than even herself.

Second Order: Cherubim

The Second Order is comprised of Cherubim. They have the power to distort the dimension itself, though the only known Cherub merely serves as a backup solution when all else fails.

Third Order: Thrones

The Third Order is comprised of Thrones. The only known Throne is capable of reproducing angels.

Fourth Order: Dominions

The Fourth Order is comprised of Dominions. The only known Dominion sexually leads humans into Heaven.

Fifth Order: Virtues

The Fifth Order is comprised of Virtues. They aid in the reincarnation of beings, and due to that they generally come into direct contact with humans.

Sixth Order: Powers

The Sixth Order is comprised of Powers. They notably take the form of other objects.

Seventh Order: Principalities

The Seventh Order is comprised of Principalities. The only known Principality judges the souls of humans that have ascended to Heaven upon their deaths, and if found guilty depending on how they lived their lives, she has the right to punish; on the surface world, she can also kill the human and then continue punishing them in Heaven.

Eighth Order: Archangels

The Eighth Order is made up of Archangels. Since a majority of the higher ranked angels are mostly tasked with managing Heaven and thus spend less time on the battlefield, the Archangels serve as powerful commanders that are a force to be reckoned with. Due to this, the higher orders are not necessarily more powerful than Archangels.

Ninth Order: Angels

The Ninth Order is the lowest order of the hierarchy, made up of normal Angels. Approximately 90% of the entire angel race serves under this order, thus the Ninth Order makes up the majority of Heaven’s fighting force.

Unknown Order

These are angels whose placement in the hierarchy is unknown and/or unidentified.

Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG

In the Paradox Universe, the status of several angels in the Hierarchy is modified, most notably with the addition of a new rank, the Seven Archangels, a special tier of angels that exists outside the regular Hierarchy and is not to be confused with the eighth order of angels.

Seven Archangels

They are highest ranks of all angels, who only follows direct orders from the Goddess herself. Each of their power is equal to that of Six Ancestors. Micaela is the leader of the seven. Despite their name, these angels aren’t related to the Archangel rank in the Hierarchy of Angels.

First Order: Seraphim

Since Micaela has been promoted to the leader of the Seven Archangels and Lucifina has fallen, Eden has been promoted to the 1st Seraphim, and Zion and Gnosis were created to fill the gap and become the second generation of Seraphim. They’re known since as the Seraphim, their power being equal to that of the Lilith Sisters.

Ninth Order: Angels


  • The Hierarchy of Angels is based on the Christian angelic hierarchy.
  • Goddess Ilias is excluded in the hierarchy, much like how Jehovah isn’t included in the Christian angelic hierarchy, as she can be considered a Goddess as opposed to an angel.