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Hellgondo (ヘルゴンド Herugondo) is the northernmost continent of Monster Girl Quest. Unlike the other two continents, it is dominated by monsters.


Hellgondo is located to the north of the Sentora continent. It is surrounded by a barren wall of unclimbable mountains that makes it impossible for ships to land on its shores. In the past, the Garuda Girls were used to ferry travelers between Sentora and Hellgondo.

The majority of the south of Hellgondo is apparently a wasteland, full of dead trees and a sparse landscape. However, the Monster Lord's Castle is surrounded by vast picturesque forests while the Sealed Sinner’s Prison and Remina are surrounded by tranquil forests about them.

Hellgondo Continent.png

Geographically, Remina lies to the west, the Sealed Sinner’s Prison to the east, and the Monster Lord’s Castle to the north. As a smaller continent it is also considered the equivalent to one of Sentora’s regions.

Hellgondo is the home of the Monster Lord and, lacking in contact from humans and the Ilias faith, it is also home to the most powerful monsters in the world. It has not been inhabited by humans since the Slaughter of Remina. Its influence has led to monsters generally being stronger in the northern areas of the world, although Remina was also said to have the perfect balance between monsters and humans living together.

Areas In Hellgondo