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Angel Killer (天使殺し, Tenshi Koroshi) is Heinrich's soul, summoned by Luka and the party.


Special Effects: Phys Eva 100%, Mag Eva 100%, 3x damage when using Angel Slayer skills.

Ghost Slayer skills are 150% effective.

All of his skills are sealed against a solo Luka.


One of the super bosses in the Labyrinth of Chaos. He’s randomly encountered in the Hades bonus floor or as a floor-100 super boss, after encountering the Hades Floor six times.


  • Grand Lion – All Foes, Physical, Physical Attribute, 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Ultimate Messiah – All Foes, Auto Hit, Holy Attribute, Ascension 10%, 3 Turn Cooldown, 20 MP
  • Element Spica – One Foe, Auto Hit, Physical/Wind/Earth/Fire/Water Attribute, 3 Turn Cooldown, 20 MP
  • Quadruple Giga – All Foes, Auto Hit, Physical/Wind/Earth/Fire/Water Attribute, 3 Turn Cooldown, 20 MP
  • Angel-Disintegrating Slash – One Foe, Physical/Holy Attribute, Angel Slayer
  • Angel Dust – All Foes, Auto Hit, Physical/Holy Attribute, Angel Slayer, 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Quad Spirit Summon – Self Buff/All Foes, Magical, Fire/Water/Earth/Wind Attribute, Burn 10%, Gain 4 actions next turn, + 100% Agi/Crit Chance/Accuracy/Physical Evade/Magic Evade, 5 Turn Cooldown, 30 MP


If your team consists of mostly angels, Heinrich will live up to his name as the angel slayer, as his two moves that slay angels deal four times damage against them. On the bright side, his mana pool, like so many other super bosses, is locked at 9999 MP. If you came right from Part 1, this may seem to be a massive number, but consisting that at floor 300, Angel Killer has just below 2 billion HP, any number that isn’t in the millions seems small. This is important as most of his auto-hit skills cost mana, with the only exception being “Angel Dust”. Thus, combined with the Lamia’s Null Physical Dance, you can safely null all attacks that Heinrich can do after draining his mana. With some LoC gear, this won’t be a problem at all (unless you aren’t using LoC gear, but this is a strategy to win). Another important aspect of draining all his mana is that he can’t use “Quad Spirit Summon”. This skill, if not dispelled the SECOND it comes out, will pretty much end your game. He gets 4 turns in a row, each attack guaranteed to Crit, all along with the summon itself dealing damage. Heinrich also gets a natural 100% Physical and Magical Evade due to being a ghost/soul, so auto-hit skills are the way to go. If you can, any character who has went though the Cursed Swordsman job can use World-Ending Slash, which is a dark attribute auto-hit sword skill, to deal good reliable damage. In terms of status effects that are effective on Heinrich, only Sleep works, at a low 10%. On the other hand, if you can get Heinrich to fall asleep, with a succubus, you can insta kill Heinrich using Invitation to Eternal Sleep, which kills (not devour, which bosses are immune to), sleeping units. Heinrich can be tough if you can’t drain his mana, but amongst the super bosses, he isn’t as hard as some of the other ones.

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