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The hero Heinrich, found in the alternate world accessed via the fourth Tartarus, he joins the party if you are on the Ilias route. Oh, and that strange mage he's with? Yup, definitely just an ordinary human mage.


Heinrich is only recruitable on the Ilias route, being mutually exclusive with Alicetroemeria. During the quest for the Six Orbs, you will be directed to enter the world beyond the fourth Tartarus to obtain the Blue Orb. You need to use a ship for this, but the mayor of Succubus Village won't allow you to use their ship that easily. Go to Heinrich in the inn and Ilias will talk him into joining the party.


He is first encountered in Succubus Village (Alt) after Luka stopped Lilith and Lilim. He's accompanied by Alicetromeria, who he doesn't recognize as Black Alice. As the party discusses it, he invites the hero of the day in the inn, and Luka is elated to meet the legend in the flesh. Their reunion is interrupted by Mephisto who informs them that the Alice XV is finally making her move. After clearing the confusion while keepintg their true nature covered, he decides it is rude to hold his guests.

He is only recruitable on Ilias route and Ilias confirms him that she is the real  deal by basically threatening him, and she presents it as a dream to train him for the upcoming challenges ahead. He helps the party get a boat to Hellgondo, and accompanies the group through Remina (Alt), where he sees the royal princess Edina who has an unrequited crush on him. He also visits the king, and tells him that one day he will defeat the tyrannical Monster Lord

The group continues to the Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) and faces the Three Nobles of Black to get the blue orb. Ilias then tells him the truth about their situation, but Heinrich tells her that he already guessed it wasn't a dream, and will still follow her to the end of the world.

Should he accompany the party in the Snow Continent, he will be surprised to see angels, but will fight none the less. Ilias will disapprove the repetition of the events from 500 years ago, but her remarks don't get minded

World Interactions

On Alice's route, he calmly waits in the inn for Alicetromeria to go back from her walk. He doesn't play any significant role.

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Heinrich: “Let's go, Luka. We'll join forces and defeat evil!”

With Ilias:

Ilias: “Heinrich... Is there no cloudiness in your heart which severs evil?”

Heinrich: “Yes, Ilias. There is no cloudiness in my heart at all.”

Ilias: “Do you swear to fight to the bitter end for the sake of justice at any moment?”

Heinrich: “Yes, Ilias. I swear by my sword!”

Ilias: “Will you not go on a rampage, even if it is something that displeases you? Is it really not that you cannot sleep from too much anger?”

Heinrich: “What happened, Ilias...?”

With Alicetroemeria:

Heinrich: “This time, we're going to be adventuring together in another world... It's a very strange destiny, Alicetroemeria.”

Alicetroemeria: “Ufufu, it's wonderful... wherever we go, we shall conquer it together.”

Heinrich: “Ah! We'll fight together to the bitter end!”

Alicetroemeria: “Ufufufu...we'll stay together forever.”

With King of San Ilia:

King of San Ilia: “You are the hero Heinrich... After 500 years, there is no one who doesn't know of your fame.”

Heinrich: “That Heinrich is different from the one before you. I'm still in the middle of my quest to defeat the Monster Lord.”

Heinrich: “But what's with that form...? Are all priests mechanized in the world of the future?”

King of San Ilia: “If that were the case, it would be a very enjoyable dystopia... Unfortunately, I'm an exception.”

Grandeur Theatre

Playful Actions

1st Action:

Heinrich: “There is no rival to the sword of justice!”

Heinrich is practicing his catchphrase...

[Nothing happens]

2th Action:

Heinrich: “Secret Sword - Heroic Longsword!”

[Random 4 enemies take damage]

3th Action:

Heinrich: “This is a hero's stance!”

Heinrich struck his signature pose!

...But nobody was watching.

[Nothing happens]

4th Action:

Heinrich: “Ilias, please protect us...”

Ilias prays and exudes a calm serenity!

[Party restores some health]

5th Action:

Heinrich: “Somehow, this thing got really attached to me... I'll let you have it.”

Heinrich presents a gift!

[+1 Chi Pa Pa!]

Additional Skills

  • Dual Wield - Combat Ability
  • Plasma Break - Heroism Skill (Lightning 1400% Att), Target: Foe
  • Sylph - Special Skill (Wind 1000% ^ of Mag, Agi); Target: All Foes, Effect: Self Agi/Eva/M.Eva +50%, Imbue Wind, Wind Immunity
  • Gnome - Special Skill (Earth 1000% ^ of Mag, Agi); Target: All Foes, Effect: Self Defense/Critical Rate +50%, Imbue Earth, Earth Immunity, Null Bind
  • Undine - Special Skill (Water 1000% ^ of Mag, Agi); Target: All Foes, Effect: Self Dex/Will/Eva/M.Eva/Crit Rate +50%, Imbue Water, Water Immunity
  • Salamander - Special Skill (Fire 1200% ^ of Mag, Agi); Target: All Foes, Effect: Self Attack +50%, SP Regen 50%, Imbue Fire, Fire Immunity


  • Should Heinrich be in your party when you go in the Monster Lord's Castle (Alt) throne room, Black Alice will be missing, one of her teddy bear being in charge of somehow reigning in her stead.


  • Companion Heinrich's Character Bio in Paradox incorrectly states that his artwork was made Jinkai Modoki, when it was actually drawn by Xelvy.