This is the Harpies old outpost located at north of Harpy Village & Happiness Village and has been abandoned for quite some time, however recently the entrance after the harpies had been infected by an old virus. The tower's residents are the Sparrow Girls, Harpies, and Harpy Sisters that were living in the village. The Harpy Queen is fought here as a Boss. 

Map Of The Area

Treasure Chests


  • Beautiful Feather
  • Beautiful Tiara
  • Wind Stone
  • Wing Scroll (Requires Lockpick I)


  • Bardiche
  • Hard Needle
  • Wind Stone
  • Harpy Feather


  • 700 Gold
  • Judgement Staff
  • Beautiful Feather
  • Secret Death Crest (Requires Lockpick II)
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