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Happiness Village

Happiness Village (ハピネス村 Hapinesu Mura?) is a location in Monster Girl Quest. A human village in the east part of the Ilias continent, it is famous for its production of Happiness Honey. The village's name is derived from the word “harpy”.

Happiness Village also has a seperate settlement nearby for harpies, this one built in the treetops. However, due to the similar location and the way the issues within the area are resolved, the two can be considered as parts of the same village.


Harpies begin kidnapping men from the village for breeding purposes. The resulting shortage of labour means that the remaining villagers have trouble producing Happiness Honey.

Defeating a Bee Girl along the way, Luka arrives at the village. He spots a Harpy attacking a young male boy and intervenes, driving the Harpy off. He and Alice learn about the village's situation. Alice then convinces the women to stand up for themselves, and they all agree to head out for the nearby Harpy Village, where the males are being kept.

The plan is for Luka to defeat the Queen Harpy while the rest of the women wait for his signal. He is spotted by Harpy Twins and defeats them. He then meets the Queen and, when she refuses to return the kidnapped men, he fights and defeats her.

The women rush out and begin their assault on the village, but the Queen Harpy still refuses to stand down. Just before Luka can deal the final blow needed to seal her, the kidnapped men, who are healthy and unscathed, rush in to defend the queen. She reveals that she ordered her clan to kidnap males as they were afraid of dying out. Confusion spreads all over the village as some harpies are revealed to be step-relatives of the humans.

At nightfall, the humans and monsters negotiate: the harpies will no longer forcefully kidnap humans while the humans provide mates, in return they must help Happiness Village with beekeeping and farming. The next morning, Luka decides to set off and continue his journey.


  • One of the villagers makes a subtle reference to the DC comic “Amazons Attack” by commenting on whether or not she would be able to use bees as weapons.
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