Located just east of Iliasburg right at the edge of a forest, and is just by the side of Harpy Village. This village is know for their Happiness Honey and their friendly relations with the Harpies, who offer their manpower in exchange for mates. Recently, however the harpies disappeared without leaving a trace... The village chief asked Luka to find out why it happened.

Map Of The Area

Amira Locations



Created Used
Iron Sword+ Iron Sword, Hard Needle, 35G
Custom Sword+ Custom Sword, Hard Needle, 38G
Iron Rapier+ Iron Rapier, Hard Needle, 35G
Wind Claws Iron Claws, Wind Stone, 35G
Iron Fang+ Iron Fang, Hard Needle, 28G
Iron Hammer+ Iron Hammer, Hard Needle, 45G
Razor Wind Sickle Iron Sickle, Wind Stone, 45G
Wind Cane Wizard Staff, Wind Stone, 55G
Wind Rod Iron Rod, Wind Stone, 48G
Wind Bow Iron Bow, Wind Stone, 45G
Wind Harp Iron Harp, Wind Stone, 35G
Iron Flail+ Iron Flail, Hard Needle, 60G
Gorgeous White Feather Fan White Feather Fan, Beautiful Feather, 65G
Feathery Hand Succubus Hand, Beautiful Feather, 88G
Harpy Breastplate Iron Breastplate, Beautiful Feather, 35G
Harpy Robe Silk Robe, Beautiful Feather, 25G
Gorgeous Feather Hat Feather Hat, Beautiful Feather, 30G
Gale Circlet Iron Circlet, Wind Stone, 22G
Wind Shield Iron Shield, Wind Stone, 28G

Hidden Items

  • Beautiful Feather
  • Hard Needle
  • Antidote Grass
  • Phoenix Tail

Related Quests

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