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Hakunen is one of the seven heroes of the Collaboration Scenario. He comes from the game The Three Charms alongside Magatsu, Dream Fox, and Daimyokai. Like most of the other characters in the Collaboration Scenario, he starts off without any levels in jobs or races until he reaches a proper job change book.


Hakunen is first mentioned by Magatsu after he meets Rigeo and Lauratt in Lady's Village in Chapter 1.

He first appears in chapter 2, as he is noticed by Kazuya as the latter escapes a group of Lampas chasing him. He reappears after Kazuya incapacitates a large group of Spirit Foxes, and runs away when one of the foxes tell him there are no survivors. However, he get caught by some other Spirit Foxes a bit later. After Kazuya saves him, he finally accept to listen to him. As the duo discusses, they realize they both got sucked in this world by a vortex and are in the same delicate situation with the same crest on their hand. He then joins Kazuya, but is worried about his "old master" and ends up flustered when asked for more information.

Afterwards, Hakunen says he's bad at fighting before crushing a boulder that was in the way in a single punch, surprising Kazuya. After following through Kazuya through several mazes, the party encounters Myusca. Hakunen wants to step in to save the man that she's killing, but is held back by Kazuya who notices they're outclassed. They then run away with the succubus in hot pursuit, and end up falling on a group of wounded people. As Myusca drains the group of refugees, Hakunen is aghast at the violence from the succubus. When several Spirit Foxes enter the room and tell they're disgusted by Myusca's violence, Hakunen is prompt to remark that they themselves aren't naturally violent. After Dream Fox joins the party, Hakunen takes the time to give the dead proper respect. When the party comes across a book change and use it, he gains several jobs and is stunned when one of them is prostitute.

He later meets the White Rabbit with Kazuya, and receives an explanation about the Seven Heroes, the crest being the Proof of Collaboration and the "Queen of Dreams". Hakunen has difficulty following what's happening, and once again comes to rely on Kazuya to understand and recap the situation to him. Afterwards, Hakunen reveals he is married to "the Fox Bride", shocking Kazuya.

However, the party soon meets Myusca again and is forced to fight her. They barely manage to scratch her when the Proof of Collaboration on the back of her hand reacts, dumbfounding them at the idea that she could be one of the Seven Heroes before hey decide to run away while she's surprised. However, once outside, they end up running into Nemea and Vinum. He's aghast at the destruction propagated by the succubi, but fortunately, they leave without attacking the party.

As they progress through another house, they see Mukuro dolls attacking guards. When Hakunen asks Kazuya, he learns that Muruko was a girl who died in loneliness and whose spirit possessed a doll to make contracts with her partners by squeezing them, although these ones seem different and devoid of emotion or intelligence.

The party later runs into Nemea again as the latter is draining a young boy to death. Understanding that they're outclassed, the party is forced to escape. Hakunen feels that she has a particular interest for him, which is confirmed by his allies.

Afterwards, the party encounters Vinum, who is too busy reading and doesn't want to be disturbed. The party is forced to sneak through a mess to not catch the attention of the succubus.

The party then meets several Mukuro dolls and eventually their creator, Kagetsumugi. After they fight a more powerful one that still seemed to have some conscience, they try to ask more about Kagetsumugi, learning that she serves Black Alice and not the Alliance of the Queen of Dreams.

Unfortunately, not long after, the party falls on an hungry Vinum, and they realize they must once again run with all their might. As soon as they escape, they fall on Nemea and are forced to fight her. Just afterwards, Vinum and Myusca show up, cutting any chance the party has to retreat. Fortunately, they are saved by the intervention of Magatsu, Lauratt and Rigeo. Hakunen is passably embarassed by Magatsu, and after a few more pleasantries the party decides to go check the rumors about Grand Noah.

The group frontally attacks the Château des Romances with the goal to reach the leader Fulbeua in the throne room and find out the location of the dimensionnal portal. They are blocked by a barrier that needs to be deactivated first. In the kitchen, they meet a nightmare who's ready to tell them where the switch in exchange for a little energy from one of the males. Afterward, the party comes face to face with Fulbeua herself and attacks her in hope of getting information about the gate location. However, Musette steps in and asks Fulbeua to deal with the intruders appropriately. As conflicts rise between the two of them, Kazuya tells Hakunen that it is time for their special strategy: To run away.

As they think they managed to escape the throne room, Myusca, Nemea and Vinum appear to chase them, with Vinum teleporting later again to block the exit. The party is forced underground, and fights Vinum who is alone.

After successfully repelling her first assault, Myusca and Nemea step in to finish the party, and Hakunen starts to panic. However, Luka and his companions arrive to save them. As the situation becomes more chaotic, the succubi negociate their retreat.

When the party has to descend the hole leading them to Gilgorn's room with the assistance of Lampas' vines, Hakunen takes the lead. Afterward, he remains mostly silent during the remainder of the collab.

After Est is beaten down and once it's clear that they can't come back to their own worlds, Hakunen accepts to support the party like the other heroes.

In the post-collab, as the party is chasing Musette's group and runs in Daimyokai, he's as shocked as anyone by the sheer number of relics the yokai hunter stole.

When the party reaches Myusca's challenge, he instantly gets hit on by Nemea to Magatsu's displeasure. When they discover that said challenges consist in sex rooms and as everyone is still aghast after discovering the first challenge, Hakunen gets hit on by Daimyokai before Magatsu takes the lead. When the party reaches the Karaoke Handjob challenge, he volunteers first and gets thoroughly embarassed, something that Magatsu enjoys a great deal. When the party reaches the sixth room, he tries to step in the conflict between the monsters but Magatsu wisely tells him to hold back. When the party is finally done with the succubi, Hakunen isn't reassured in the slightest by the presence of Nemea in their party.

Last, when the party gets to Fulbeua to recruit her, Hakunen thinks that Magatsu is starting to get along with Fulbeua, and his mentor remarks that she feels like she's trained like a beast.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Hakunen: “Are we leaving? Then let's get running!”

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:

2nd Action:

3rd Action:

4th Action:

5th Action:

Additional Skills

  • Flying Knee Kick - Unarmed Skill (Physical 156% Att+Agi), Target: Foe, Effect: +1000 Speed, Harpy Slayer
  • Roundhouse Kick - Unarmed Skill (Physical 144% Att+Agi), Target: All Foes
  • Tongue-Seal Charm - Target: All Foes, Effect: Magic Down (34%), +2000 Speed
  • Arm-Bind Charm - Target: All Foes, Effect: Att/Dex Down (34%), Silence 100%, +2000 Speed
  • Stiff-Leg Charm - Target: All Foes, Effect: Agi Down (34%), Stun (100%), +2000 Speed
  • Yume Kuzushi - Unarmed Skill (Physical 408% Att+Agi), Target: Foe, Effect: Demi-Human/Succubus Slayer
  • Relax - Target: User, Effect: 60% HP Recovery
  • lvl 55: Cross-Counter - Unarmed Skill (Physical 564% Att+Agi), Target: Foe, Effect: Physical Counter

Collaboration Scenario - Post Collab

  • Hero of the Seven World - Special Ability (All Attacks gain the Pleasure Attribute)

Exclusive Equipment

  • Peerless Prayer Beads - Fist, Critical Rate +15%, Critical Damage +50%, SP Regen +30%, Nullify Slimed/Horny/Trance/Seduction/Incontinence
  • Bishamonten's War Cloth - Gi, Resist Pleasure +50%, Cross Counter Counter
  • Skanda's Gate - Accessory, Eva/Mag Eva Rate +30%, Agility +50%, Dancing Fist