The King of Grangold is the ruler of  Grangold in Monster Girl Quest Paradox.


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The King of Grangold is briefly mentioned in part 1, whispered by soldiers about a monster that ignored swords and magic alike, destroying all that crossed paths with him.

In part 2, while traveling, there are occasional glimpses of the King of Grangold battling with the army. Indeed, he ignores mortal blows and retaliates with massive area clearing magic. All without saying a word.

Finally, after having Lazarus open a route to inside the Grangold Castle, he is encountered in the sewers. Both Lazarus and Merlin gun him down and use high tier fire magic, to no success. Then, it seems that for the first time, the King Of Grangold shows his true power, transforming into a magical chimera. To fend him off, Lazarus and Merlin leave the party. Upon reaching Lilith, a short cutscene is played of Lazarus and Merlin talking to the King, before earth magic appears to collapse the area.

After beating up Lilith, and all that's transpires after that, the King of Grangold is freed of his brainwashing and reconciles with Queen Ant, who then both reside in the brick warehouse to the right of the castle, which is under repair from the battle. The first thing Grangold King asks of the party is to take care of the Lady's Village situation, as well as the civil war going on in Succubus Village. He promises to reward the party well, and gives out various unique weapons and a Genji Glove for completing it.

Later on, while Spider Princess alongside the other 3 Monster Queens are attacking various cities, Grangold King appears to be taking a rest. After Luka and co fend off 2 waves of spider monsters, Spider Princess gets news that the Grangold Castle is devoid of people and in disrepair, with the King nowhere in sight. Furious, Spider Princess appears to want to take it out on the citizens, but the camera pans to the brick warehouse, and the door opens. Grangold King takes a single step forward, apparently wanting to enjoy some fresh air. A moment of silence occurs before he notices the spider army attacking, and then he teleports to the right wing of spider monsters and wipes them all out in a single breath. The party is shocked. Spider Princess is also shocked, before also teleporting to where Grangold King is and fighting him. After the party regains their senses, Atlach-Nacha, a mini boss, appears. In the time it takes to beat her up, Spider Princess orders a retreat, and vanishes. Not even a second later, Grangold King appears in front of the party and demands to join, vowing vengeance upon the Spider Princess.

World Interactions

He has a quest through the Pocket Castle Notice Board.

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

King of Grangold: “This castle is pleasantly spacious... Would you mind exchanging it for my storehouse?”

With Antine Ann:

King of Grangold: “Queen Ant... Our alliance shall last for many years to come.”

Antine Ann: “Yes, likewise. My daughters' favorite food is sugar water, please be sure to give it to them.”

King of Grangold: “Yes, of course...”

Antine Ann: “Also, please give me a castella as an afternoon snack. And on holidays, a cake and some black tea...”

King of Grangold: “These are some excessive favors... No, I should think of her as my girl.”

With Sara:

[Sara must be in Succubus Form]

King of Grangold: “We've both undergone great hardship, Queen of Sabasa. To have become these forms...”

Sara: “Really? I'm having fun...ufufu. A lustful pink aura comes out of me.”

King of Grangold: “Beams and strange lights come out of me... It's completely unsuitable for incognito enjoyment.”

Sara: “That must be difficult...”

With King of San Ilia:

King of San Ilia: “King of Grangold... It appears we have both stopped being human.”

King of Grangold: “ has been very troubling. But this body does have its uses at times.”

King of San Ilia: “By the way... Why don't you become mechanical while you're at it?”

King of Grangold: “Incidentally... Will you not head towards the direction of the shining light?”

Sonya: “Are you persuading each other into something dangerous?!”

With Grand Noah Queen:

King of Grangold: “Queen of Grand Noah... Although we are fellow cousins, it has been a very long time. You seem to have changed since I last saw you at the banquet about a decade ago.”

Queen of Grand Noah: “At that time, I had yet to ascend to the throne. You have changed a lot...or rather, you have transformed.”

King of Grangold: “Your Majesty, why don't you consider transforming a few stages further?”

Queen of Grand Noah: “No... I shall refrain.”

Playful Actions

1st Action:

King of Grangold: “One way or another, my original form...”

King of Grangold is complaining to himself...

[Nothing happens]

2th Action:

King of Grangold: “Even on this journey, I still have paperwork...”

King of Grangold is writing documents...

[Nothing happens]

3th Action:

King of Grangold: “I'm going to sleep...”

King of Grangold fell asleep...

[King of Grangold falls asleep]

4th Action:

King of Grangold: “Be destroyed...”

[King of Grangold uses Luminous Lei on a random enemy]

5th Action:

King of Grangold: “Let there be light...”

King of Grangold prays and exudes a calm serenity!

[Party restores some health]


  • He is the only character who has access to Magus King
  • He is the only human who has a chimera race.


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