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Located northwest of Sabasa Kingdom in the Sabasa Desert North. This bit of paradise in the desert is really the place to party as it's home to the Grand Theater and a nice Casino. Before setting off on the next adventure be sure to take in some culture! We have foods from all over, some that you might not find for miles around! For those looking for a bit of fun, our resident battle fucker Melody is waiting in her tents in the lower right corner. Oh, and don't even try to sneak into the mansion that's down main street, rumors say that the Don Father will silence any who do...

But maybe you're just here to investigate the rumors about a Succubus idol who's hogging the stage? Maybe you would be able to play out scenes with your companions once the place is free. Who knows?

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations




Item Merchant

Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Boost Drink 50G
Phoenix Tail 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Eye Drops 15G
Echo Grass 20G
Restorative 20G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Lucky Mallet 30G
Holy Water 30G
Harpy Feather 15G
Thread of Guidance 35G
Holy Stone 50G
Scorpion Charm 7500G
Bunny Girl Band 2500G

Armor Merchant

Item Price
Blue Jacket 3400G
Dragon Armor 5000G
White Dress 5300G
Dancer Suit 4200G
Crimson Cap 1500G
Hypno Crown 5400G
Dragon Shield 3200G


Created Used
Zorlin Shape:Earth Zorlin Shape, Orange Earth Stone, 500G
Rune Blade:Earth Rune Blade, Orange Earth Stone, 730G
Claymore:Earth Claymore, Orange Earth Stone, 1100G
Mithril Spear:Earth Mithril Spear+, Orange Earth Stone, 330G
Divine Halberd:Raging Fang Divine Halberd+, Orange Earth Stone, 720G
Rune Axe:Earth Rune Axe, Orange Earth Stone, 600G
Rune Staff:Dogma Rune Staff:Burst, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 600G
Dogma Killer Aevis Killer, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 500G
Machina Boomerang DX Machina Boomerang, Logical Gear, 650G
Machina Abacus+ Machina Abacus, Logical Gear, 220G
Surgeon Blade β Suregon Blade 𝝰, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 550G
Magic Dictionary:Gaia Magic Dictionary:Curse, Orange Earth Stone, 440G
Musket+++ Musket++, Logical Gear, 730G
Creature Hole Tentacle Hand, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 550G
Mithril Armor:Earth Mithril Armor, Orange Earth Stone, 400G
Dogma Robe Black Robe, Dogmatic Cell Culture, 570G
Earth General General Helm, Orange Earth Stone, 390G
Mithril Circlet:Earth Mithril Circlet, Orange Earth Stone, 220G
Mithril Shield:Earth Mithril Shield, Orange Earth Stone, 220G

Fruit Merchant

Item Price
Apple 20G
Mandarin Orange 20G
Cherry 15G
Banana 35G
Leek 20G

Bun Merchant (Opens During Part 2)

Item Price
Steamed Meat Bun 900G
Steamed Bun 900G
Pizza Bun 900G

Vegetable Merchant

Item Price
Cucumber 15G
Cabbage 15G
Lettuce 15G
Carrot 20G
Onion 20G
Pepper 30G

Exotic Merchant

Item Price
Tofu 55G
Anko 50G
Curry Powder 30G
Chocolate 75G
Cookie 10G
Toffee 5G

Assorted Foods Merchant

Item Price
Banana 35G
Tomato 20G
Potato 25G
Flour 30G
Bread 35G
Rice 40G

Rare Vegetable Merchant

Item Price
Lettuce 15G
Bok Choy 50G
Carrot 20G
Radish 45G
Shiitake Mushroom 40G

Alcohol Merchant

Item Price
Beer 50G
Yamatai Sake 60G

Scorpion Girl Merchant

Item Price
Antidote Grass 25G
Full Moon Grass 25G


Item Price
Beer 50G
Yamatai Sake 60G


Gold Exchange

Price Coins Received
1000G 50 Coins
5000G 350 Coins
20000G 1500 Coins

Coin Exchange

Item Price
Elven Miracle Drug 500 Coins
Yggdrasil Leaf 750 Coins
Hypno Crown 1000 Coins
Pink Leotard 1000 Coins
Hard Grow Wrist 1500 Coins
Hard Job Wrist 1500 Coins
Zanbato 5000 Coins
Magic Cape 7500 Coins
Demon Ward Bracelet 8000 Coins
Maid's Headdress 10000 Coins

Grand Theater performances

After Saki is defeated, the manager allows your girls to perform on stage and subsequently awards you with food, scrolls and other items. To unlock these performances you must speak to him with Saki in the party. You'll also unlock "Saki-Chan's Live Night" in which Luka can pay money to have various sexual acts done to him by Saki in front of a crowd. If he has the Saki pass (Which Saki gives you at 100 affection), Luka will not need to pay any money when selecting Saki-Chan's Live Night. The performance names are only rough placeholder translations and will probably be different when Dargoth gets around translating them. Part 1 only goes up to The world of an Apoptosis, every performance afterwards is part 2 only.

Stage 1

Performance name Girls required Reward
Saki-chan Concert Saki 3500G
Succubus Show Rami the Imp*, Christie the Succubus Nun, Eva the Succubus ,Saki, Nabisu the Naccubus Trance Crest
Night Parade? Gob the Goblin Girl, Shizuku the Oni, Manako the Dodomeki Restorative 3x
Walk on the Wild Side Pochi the Dog, Ratty the Rat, Amara the Wolf, Kyona the Anteater, Aisha the Grizzly Beast Scroll
Band of Harpies Chirp the Sparrow, Reina the Harpy, Pina and Pii the Harpy Twins, Miu the Ostrich Wing Scroll
Lamia Show Mimi the Earthworm, Anastasia the Lamia, Sofia the Lamia Nun, Lila the Cobra, Nefertiti Lamias Snake Scroll
Friends of the Sea Amy the Mini Crab, Yume the Sea Cucumber, Shelly the Shellfish, Soapy the Crab, Kurage the Jellyfish, Isabelle the Sea Anemone, Anko the Anglerfish Ocean Scroll
We're Not Bad Slimes! Lime the Slime, Bunni the Bunny Slime, Beth the Slime Bess Slime Scroll
Bugs Honey the Bee, Meru Meru the Meda, Rachnee the Spider, Lippy the Little Bug, Rachura the Tarantula, Vanessa the Centipede, Scarlet the Scorpion, Ashidaka the Big Spider, Helen the Antlion Insect Scroll
Flower Show Ragora the Mandragora, Fleesia the Rafflesia, Melon the Melon Girl, Casta the Cactus Plant Scroll

Stage 2

Performance name Girls required Reward
Forest Friends Pumpkin the Jack'o Lantern, Fell the Fairy, Claudia the Elf, Love and Lamb the Brownies, Milly and Liru the Twin Fairies, Fairy Group Nature Scroll
Curse of the Ghosts Chandra the Candle Girl, Carrie the Ghost, Mirage the Mirage Girl, Shadow the Shadow Girl Corpse Scroll
Resident Evil Ellie the Zombie Swordsman, Zombie Group, Frederica, Patra the Mummy Zombie Crest
Sonya's Thousand Knocks Sonya, Hip the Orc, Shizuku the Oni Boost Drink 3x
Boomerang, How I love You Lime the Slime Girl Boomerang Scroll
Slug Show Melk the Slug, Elizabeth the High Slug, Rosary the Slug Nun Slimed Guard
A stage Of Slimes Melk the Slug, Mimi the Earthworm, Hiru the Leech Poison Mushroom 3x
Imp Show Imps (Rami, Rumi and Remi) De-love Potion 3x
The Bunny Slime Hop Bunni the Bunny Slime Carrot 3x
Bunny hop Bunni the Bunny Slime, Barbun the Rabbit Rabbit Rice Cake 3x

Stage 3

Performance name Girls required Reward
Mandragora's Song Ragora the Mandragora Paralysis Check
Drunken Sheep Barbun the Rabbit, Mary the Sheep Sleep Check
Spirit Humor Sylph, Gnome Elven Cape
Sound of Silence Nuruko, Gnome Silence Guard
Amira's life consultation Vanilla the Vampire, Amira Milk 5x
Tiny Bandit Show Gob the Goblin Girl, Teeny the Tiny Lamia, Vanilla the Vampire Girl, Papi the Dragon Pup, Mini the Phoenix Kids Meal
Lizard Bandit Recruitment Liru the Lizard Thief, Len the Lizard Thief, Miranda the Lizard Boss Thief's Bracelet
Bubble Bath Sully, Amy the Mini Crab, Soapy the Crab Trance Check
Halloween! Pumpkin the Jack'o Lantern, Carrie the Ghost, Julia the Worm Villager Cookie 7x, Toffee 10x, Chocolate 4x, White Heart Chocolate 2x, Cake, Eclair, Pudding, Skull, Jerky 2x
Thriller Ellie the Zombie Swordsman, Zombie Group, Saki 3500G

Stage 4

Performance name Girls required Reward
Marathon! Gob the Goblin Girl, Lihitinu the Centaur, Miu the Ostrich Gold Bracelet
Stage-Fright Kitsu, Kamuro Thin Fried Tofu 3x
Monsters of Ilias Rosary the Slug Nun, Sofia the Lamia Nun, Christie the Succubus Nun Barrier Rosary
Nurse's health checkup - Rumi Rumi the Imp, Nabisu the Naccubus Scalpel Scroll
Life by the Sword! Lona the Dark Elf, Ellie the Zombie Swordsman, Regina the Devil Fighter, Len the Lizard Thief Sword Scroll
Poor Succubus, Eva Rami the Imp*, Eva the Succubus Baked Potato 3x
My Harem Meia Minimum Crest
Suspicious Treasure Minelli the Mimic, Mitsuko the Honey Pot Small Medal 3x
Torture Show Maiden, Torture the NeoMaiden Stun Check
Gourmet Show Ilias/Alice, Cindy the Roper, Eater, Minelli the Mimic, Beth the Slime Bess, Kazura the Pitcher Plant Digestion Check

Stage 5

Performance name Girls required Reward
Book Reading Annie the Page 17, Yoko the Page 257, Cornelia the Page 65537 Grimoire Scroll
Pray to the Goddess Ilias Ascension Check
Promestein's lecture Promestein Guard Bit
Chrome's Lesson Chrome, Frederica Zombie Slayer Talisman
To the Oppressed Anna the Suckvore, Julia the Worm Villager, Lily Rod Scroll
Alchemist's dream Lucia, Crowley the Homunculus, Torture the NeoMaiden Rod Scroll
The Princess's Concert Sara (Not Succubus Form) Rapier Scroll
Sieg Makina Jaide, Robin the XX-7, Jillian the Canceroid, Hild, Valto, Radio, King of San Ilia Machine Scroll
The world of an Apoptosis Sully, Jaide, Shesta, Eater, Riot, Luxuru, Vitae, Vetala, Valto, Shinifa Dusk Ring
Four Spirit's Show Sylph, Gnome, Undine, Salamander Secret Nature Scroll

Stage 6

Performance name Girls required Reward
Holy Song Eden, Lucifina-chan, Micaela-chan Holy Amulet
Stage of Darkness Alicetroemeria Dark Amulet
Fishy Pirate Recruitment Bonnie, Ashel, Lolitta the Mermaid Pirate Pirate's Knowledge
Navy's Self-Defense Formula Levia the Leviathan, Tatsuko the Sea Horse Marine, Stacy the Sea Slug Marine Mermaid Slayer Talisman
Colosseum Monsters Arthur the Dullahan, Caesar the Cerberus Secret Slayer Tome
Sleepy Cat Tama the Nekomata Paw Gloves
Roar of the Minotaur Monster Cow Lord, Mina the Minotauros, Carol the High Minotauros, Odette the Misstauros, Toora the Genitauros, Sonya Secret Axe Scroll
Anxiety Alra Priestess, Plantwin(Alra Arum and Alra Rooty), Alplants(Alra Vore,Alra Parasol,Alra Prison,Alra Shroom) Secret Plant Scroll
Social Insects Miria the Queen Bee, Bii the Hornet Girl, Antine Ann the Queen Ant, Ants the Ant Girls Secret Insect Scroll
Forgotten Features Barbarella as Beelzebub A, Striga as Beelzebub B, Media as Beelzebub C Dango, Ama Ama Dango, Rainbow Dango,

Stage 7

Performance name Girls required Reward
Sea Queen Tea Party Poseidoness, Kraken Yamatai Sake, Dried Squid
Question of Potatoes Eva, Succubus Potato, Baked Potato
Succubus Drain Show Serra the Mincubus, Nina the Lencubus, Natasha Incontinence Crest
Twin Idols Cassandra, Emily, Ran the Scylla Maid Singing Status Scroll
Lecherous Elf Claudia the Elf, San the Elf Amazoness, Freya the Queen Elf De-Love Potion, Monster Milk 3x
Frank of Fairy Queen Fairies, Sicily the Trick Fairy, Airy the Queen Fairy Status Guard
STAR Flower Show Flora the Alraune, Aria the Forest Alraune, Ragel the Forest Dryad, Doira the Dryad (Green), Alraune the Queen Alraune Plant Status Scroll
Dance! Reina the Harpy, Pina and Pii the Harpy Twins, Wings the Wing Harpy, Kris the Harpy Knight, Lucretia the Queen Harpy Secret Fan Scroll
Princess Elle's Song Jessie the Mermaid General, Heine the Lorelei, El, Laura the Queen Mermaid Secret Harp Scroll
Spider Show Arachnes (Arachne A, Arachne B, Arachne C), Mizuki the Tsuchigumo, Aranje the Arachne Lord, Nacha the Atlach-Nacha, Spider Princess Time Mage's Knowledge

Stage 8

Performance name Girls required Reward
Vampire Night Show Carmilla, Elizabeth, Fatima the Queen Vampire Secret Dagger Scroll
Dance of the Giants Dahlia the Sandworm, Emeth the Golem Girl, Jame the Gigantic Girl, Giga the Kyoryuu Giant Slayer Talisman
Warmth Knoot the Polar Bear Girl, Cupi the Cupid, Victoria the Valkyrie Secret Holy Tome
Chrome's Responsivity Chrome, Frederica, Fernandez, Titania, Roza, Aria Lamia the Queen Lamia (Zombie), Refletsia the Former Queen Harpy (Zombie), Zenovia the Queen Scylla (Zombie) Summoner's Knowledge
Noisy Lazarus, Merlin Secret Gun Scroll
Amira's Life Consultation - Unfortunates Amira, Pyhar, Diamrem, Santos Small Medal 3x

Saki-Chan's Live Night!

Name Cost
Secret Course 100G
Match Course 500G
Main Course 1000G

*Rami talks during the performance, but doesn't appear on stage