Spoilers for the Medal Queen's true identity below

The mysterious Medal Queen, who could she really be? Why does she look like the Grand Noah Queen? A long lost, twin sister?


Grand Noah Queen is potentially first met at the Medal Queen's Castle where she trades some amazing items for the small medals you've been finding scattered about. If you trade 45 small medals, you can recruit the Medal Queen, and the interface will reveal that she is secretly the Queen of Grand Noah.

She plays a major role in Part 2, but you cannot gain an audience with her until you've recruited Sara as a companion. Luka and Sara gains an audience to the Grand Noah Queen under conditions that Luka should participate on the Queen's Cup on the Colloseum by Mephisto. The Grand Noah Queen accepts the condition to prove that Luka can be trusted. Luka later managed to win the tournament only to reveal that this tournament was set up by Mephisto so that Alma Elma would be the last contestant as a bait to follow the correct timeline and then Granberia appears to fight Luka. She later assisted Luka on getting to Gold Forth after Luka founds out about Mephisto's secret meeting with Lilith in the Magical Academy and was pardoned for her crimes on working for the Monster Lord's order and requested Mephisto to join Luka's party. She and the other rulers had a banquet on Grand Noah but Alipheese the 15th Monster Lord interrupted the party with a declaration of war against them and leaves. She also gives the orb to Luka as it was needed to revive the Garuda Girl and infiltrate Hellgondo due to the caverns being inaccessible.

World Interactions

You can trade medals with her at the Medal Queen's Castle.

She has a quest through the Pocket Castle Notice Board.

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Queen of Grand Noah: “Ahh, what beautiful medals...”

With Lime:

Lime: “Your majestyyyy! I found a small medaaal!”

Queen of Grand Noah: “Let's see... Oh, this isn't a medal. Is this a bottle cap?”

Lime: “Whaaat...? That's disappointing...”

Queen of Grand Noah: “...But I also collect bottle caps. How about I trade you for a cookie?”

Lime: “Yaay! Thank youuu!”

Sonya: “That's awfully kind of you, your majesty.”

Queen of Grand Noah: “Oh, it's actually very interesting in it's own way. It's 64 years old, and was made in the Delia Workshop...”

Sonya: “(She actually collects bottle caps?)”

With Miranda:

Miranda: “Wait, isn't she Grand Noah's...?! I wonder how much I could squeeze out of her if I kidnapped her here...”

Queen of Grand Noah: “Unfortunately, I am just a mysterious medal queen. You won't be able to ransom me.”

Miranda: “What? You're not her? Sorry about that.”

Sonya: “(She was tricked that easily?!)”

With Arthur:

Arthur: “Your Majesty... This sword shall always be used for your sake!”

Queen of Grand Noah: “No, I am the queen of unidentified medals...”

Arthur: “M-my apologies...”

Queen of Grand Noah: “Your queen would consider your loyalty to be reassuring. Please continue to fight for your country in the future.”

Arthur: “Ha! With pleasure!”

With Caesar:

Caesar: “My strength is for the sake of Your Majesty!”

Queen of Grand Noah: “No, I am the queen of unidentified medals...”

Caesar: “How rude of me...”

Queen of Grand Noah: “No way, did she really not notice...?”

With Mephisto:

Mephisto: “Your Majesty... Why have you trusted me thus far? Have you not considered the possibility I could betray you at the last minute?”

Queen of Grand Noah: “I do not trust you, but I do depend on you. Does your pride not permit you to betray me?”

Mephisto: “I see, you have a very good eye for people. Do you respect me based on my sense of values rather than trust?”

Queen of Grand Noah: “I believe you... Is that what you wanted me to say?”

Mephisto: “Yes, of course...”

With Sonya:

Sonya: “Umm, is this really okay? You're out on an adventure even though you're a queen...”

Queen of Grand Noah: “Meda-- ...Ensuring the safety of the world is part of a ruler's duties. To that end, it is appropriate for me to be willing to go on a long journey.”

Sonya: “(...She almost said 'medals.')”

With Sara:

Sara: “The Queen of Grand Noah. Long time no see.”

Queen of Grand Noah: “Oh my, who have you mistaken me for? I am just a mysterious medal queen.”

Sara: “You're that determined to keep up your persona?”

With Grangold King:

King of Grangold: “Queen of Grand Noah... Although we are fellow cousins, it has been a very long time. You seem to have changed since I last saw you at the banquet about a decade ago.”

Queen of Grand Noah: “At that time, I had yet to ascend to the throne. You have changed a lot...or rather, you have transformed.”

King of Grangold: “Your Majesty, why don't you consider transforming a few stages further?”

Queen of Grand Noah: “No... I shall refrain.”


Grandeur Theatre

Playful Actions

1st Action:

Queen of Grand Noah: “Ahh, medals are so beautiful. I could look at them for hours and never get tired.”

Queen of Grand Noah carefully polishes a medal with a small piece of cloth.

[Nothing happens]

2th Action:

Queen of Grand Noah: “Even a noble such as myself possesses some level of musical talent.”

Queen of Grand Noah played the violin...

Not bad, but not everyone was listening.

[Nothing happens]

3th Action:

Queen of Grand Noah: “All my subjects! Grovel at my feet!”

Queen of Grand Noah is practicing her catchphrase...

[Nothing happens]

4th Action:

Queen of Grand Noah: “You there, obey my command...”

Queen of Grand Noah sends a flirtatious glance at [Enemy]!

[Chance to seduce random enemy]

5th Action:

Queen of Grand Noah: “Excuse me, I must attend to a daily ritual...”

Queen of Grand Noah stuffs hair from the King of Grangold into a straw doll.

She then nails it to a tree with a long spike!

[Nothing happens]



  • If you try and meet the Grand Noah Queen while the Medal Queen is in your party, she'll excuse herself for a moment and leave the party before you can enter the throne room.
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