Spoilers for the Medal Queen's true identity below

The mysterious Medal Queen, who could she really be? Why does she look like the Grand Noah Queen? A long lost, twin sister?


Grand Noah Queen is potentially first met at the Medal Queen's Castle where she trades some amazing items for the small medals you've been finding scattered about. If you trade 45 small medals, you can recruit the Medal Queen, and the interface will reveal that she is secretly the Queen of Grand Noah.

She plays a major role in Part 2, but you cannot gain an audience with her until you've recruited Sara as a companion.

World Interactions

You can trade medals with her at the Medal Queen's Castle.

Pocket Castle

She has as quest through the Pocket Castle Notice Board.

Sara immediately recognizes the Medal Queen as Grand Noah Queen, but she pretends she has no idea what she is talking about, and Sara remarks on her never breaking character.


  • If you try and meet the Grand Noah Queen while the Medal Queen is in your party, she'll excuse herself for moment and leave the party before you can enter the throne room.
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