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Gold Volcano is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


Located west of Grangold, this volcano is famous for being where one of the 4 elemental spirits,Salamander, lives. If you wish to meet her, you must first traverse the volcano itself. Lava Girls wait for a single misstep, and Demon Lamias and Demon Scyllas also roam around. If you're truly unlucky, you might encounter the Dragon Girl, as she looks for dinner. Lastly, you might run into Basilisks, all with the power to turn you to stone. Granberia will be fought here as a Boss after defeating Salamander and making a contract, but only on Ilias route.

This place is also revisited in the Collaboration Scenario after Lauratt was told by Succubus Witch to make a pact with Salamander. Salamander tests Lauratt to a fight and when the latter comes out victorious, she accepts to make a pact with him to amplify the power of his runes. Fulbeua then appears to give out her plans to the heroes. This place now is infested with Tiger Girl, Vampires and Youkis.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations


  • Red Fire Stone*2
  • Dragon Fang
  • Orichalcum Shield +
  • Small Medal
  • Fire Amulet
  • Kikuichimonji

Collaboration Scenario

  • Red Shield
  • Dragon Rod
  • Fire Amulet
  • Gelatinous Hand
  • Double Dragon Robe
  • Blazing Orichalcum Hammer
  • Dark Fan
  • Magic Bikini