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Gold Volcano (ゴルド火山 Gorudo kazan) is a location in Monster Girl Quest. A volcano in the Gold region of the Sentora continent, it is where Salamander, the Spirit of Fire, lives.


This volcano is the home of the Fire Spirit, Salamander. Luka and Alice have traveled here to form a contract with Salamander, only those worthy of her time can successfully form a contract. The area is also filled with powerful monsters like Basilisk , Dragon Girl and  Lava Girl. After forming a contract wih the Fire Spirit, Granberia comes in to have another spar with Luka and decides to refrain from finhsing off the hero.

After Goddess Ilias has declared war all over the world, Angels and Promestein 's creation has been assigned to stop Luka from reaching Undine inside the Gold Volcano. Luka defeats them all and has made a new contract with Undine.