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Gold Port is a location in Monster Girl Quest Paradox, located in the Gold Region.


A port by the sea, Gold Port is your usual sea faring town. Selena, the granddaughter of the legendary pirate Selene, lives here and likes to pester travelers into helping her with her quest. Most refuse, but perhaps you'll help her? The bar here is also said to be where an infamous mafia boss likes to drink, and if you're looking for trouble you will find it there.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations




Item Shop

Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Boost Drink 50G
Phoenix Tail 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Eye Drops 15G
Echo Grass 20G
Restorative 20G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Lucky Mallet 30G
Holy Water 30G
Gold Needle 30G
Harpy Feather 15G
Thread of Guidance 35G

Equipment Merchant

Item Price
Assassin Dagger 13000G
Durandal 17000G
Bastard Sword 20000G
Bizen Osafune 16400G
Gleipnir 15200G
Buddha Gi 7600G
Magical Armor 6800G
Maximilian 14000G
Magic Bikini 11200G
Great Helm 9600G
Great Shield 8400G

Blacksmith (1)

Item Price
Orichalcum Dagger 15600G
Orichalcum Sword 20000G
Orichalcum Rapier 18000G
Orichalcum Spear 23000G
Orichalcum Ninja Sword 17000G
Orichalcum Claws 19200G
Orichalcum Fang 16400G
Orichalcum Axe 24000G
Orichalcum Hammer 23000G
Orichalcum Scythe 16400G
Orichalcum Staff 18400G
Orichalcum Rod 19400G
Orichalcum Bow 18600G
Orichalcum Whip 22000G
Orichalcum Harp 14600G
Orichalcum Boomerang 20800G
Orichalcum Flail 26000G
Orichalcum Fan 19000G
Orichalcum Kitchen Knife 17600G
Orichalcum Abacus 13400G
Orichalcum Scalpel 17200G
Orichalcum Cards 16400G
Orichalcum Plate 19000G
Orichalcum Breastplate 12400G
Orichalcum Armor 16000G
Orichalcum Shell 12000G
Orichalcum Helm 10000G
Orichalcum Circlet 9000G
Orichalcum Shield 12400G
Orichalcum Shuriken 4000G

Blacksmith (2)

Created Used
Orichalcum Red Orichalcum Dagger, Red Fire Stone, 820G
Dragon Enchanter Enchanter, Dragon Fang, 920G
Dragon Bastard Bastard Sword, Dragon Fang, 1700G
Holy Dragoon Holy Spear, Red Fire Stone, 1550G
Blazing Shadow Lance Shadow Lance, Red Fire Stone, 850G
Tanuki Katana:Fire Tanuki Katana, Red Fire Stone, 850G
Blazing Orichalcum Hammer Orichalcum Hammer, Red Fire Stone, 1300G
Crimson Scythe Magical Scythe, Red Fire Stone, 680GG
Dragon Rod Minotaur Rod, Dragon Fang, 920G
Dragon Whip Snake Whip, Dragon Fang, 890G
Dragon Harp Dragon Scale Harp, Dragon fang, 620G
Lemegeton:Fire Lemegeton, Red Fire Stone, 920G
Blaze Penalty Death Penalty, Red Fire Stone, 4400G
Medusa Hand Gelatinous Hand, Medusa Snake, 870G
Crimson Buddha Gi Buddha Gi, Red Fire Stone, 550G
Crimson Shell Kappa Shell, Red Fire Stone, 450G
Double Dragon Robe Dragon Robe, Dragon Fang, 550G
Crimson Hood Black Hood+, Red Fire Stone, 550G
Red Helm Great Helm, Red Fire Stone, 500G
Red Shield Great Shield, Red Fire Stone, 550G

Accessory Shop

Item Price
Crisis Rosary 14000G
Crisis Cape 14000G
Crisis Hairpin 14000G
Burning Soul 10000G
Sole Soul 10000G
Courage Headband 15000G
Rainbow Nail Polish 12000G

Rare Food Merchant

Item Price
Tofu 55G
Anko 50G
Curry Powder 30G
Chocolate 75G
Dango 100G
Cola 40G
Coffee 45G

Produce Merchant

Item Price
Cucumber 15G
Cabbage 15G
Lettuce 15G
Carrot 20G
Onion 20G
Chili Pepper 30G

Meat Merchant

Item Price
Meat 50G
Bird Foot 45G
Sausage 60G
Egg 10G
Cheese 90G
Milk 90G

Fish Merchant

Item Price
Fish 20G
Sea Bream 200G
Octopus 50G
Squid 50G
Crab 150G
Shrimp 60G
Eel 170G
Dried Bonito 40G
Seaweed 35G


Item Price
Beer 50G
Noah Wine 75G
Gold Cocktail 75G
Yamatai Sake 60G

Treasure Chests


Hidden Items

  • Burst Drink
  • Red Fire Stone
  • Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone
  • Dragon Fang
  • Life Nut
  • Pine Cone
  • Croissant
  • Croquette
  • High-Quality Herb
  • Gold Cocktail