Tartarus (Gold Continent West) is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


One of 7 Tartarus pits, this one is located in (you guessed it) the western part of the Gold Continent. Like the rest of them, it's filled to the brim with dangerous creatures like Ribo-Ribo, Amphil, Jellaila and Twinkell. This particular Tartarus pit appears to lead to the what was once the castle of Remina. Inside, there's an unknown door that is said to contain research regarding the Apoptosis, but the key card to open it has long since disappeared into history.

Unless you have a person who can open doors that travel though time and space, you wouldn't know that this pit leads to a parallel world set 500 years in the past. However, the only town at the time that can be accessed at first is Succubus Village (Alt). If one wanted to meet the legendary hero Heinrich and his mage companion, this would be a good place to look.

The place is revisited later when Luka needs to search for a blue orb after Astaroth destroyed the one in the Southern Undersea Temple. The party learns that it was present in the Monster Lord's Castle during Black Alice's reign, and decide to get it there while making their way through Remina when the town still existed.


2 Pitch Black Dark Stone

2 Mass of Chaos

Super Vibro Blade

Bright White Holy Stone

Lethal Dragoon


Small Medal

Rainbow Dress

Idea Cell Culture

Apoptosis Dogma (required for advanced apoptosis races/Need card acquired in Ilias Temple Ruins)


Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

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