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Gold Coast is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


Gold Coast is a beautiful area northeast of Goddard and despite being near the Poison Swamp (East Gold), the place shows no signs of being contaminated. Here, Fake Jellies pose as humans, so be wary when approaching anyone. Scylla and Medusa also enjoy walking along the coast. Its rumored that the entrance to the Northern Undersea Temple is located somewhere on the beach...

This place is also where the Seed of Light grows. Said seed is used in the ritual to transform an alraune into a queen class-monster. As the current queen says that she will accompany him if a new queen is created, Luka goes to the place with a reluctant Priestess who is determined to destroy the seed to escape the burden of leadership. However, when she does away with the seed, she still transforms, and the current queen reveals that it was a ruse to get rid of her own duty herself.

Map Of The Area


  • Oni Breastplate
  • Seed of Agility*2
  • Small Medal
  • Stun Crest
  • Black Dark Stone
  • Gleipnir

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