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Gold is the northwestern region of the Sentora continent. It is the fifth main area in Monster Girl Quest that Luka explores. 


Even if several areas are green and teeming with life, most of the region is a barren wasteland. Its capital, Grangold is known for being more technologically advanced than other regions, and the populations is assisted in their tasks by golems and automata girls. Other settlements include Succubus Village, which is rumored to be attacked by succubi every Purple Sabbath, and Lady's Village, an apparent haven for rich ladies. Last, the settlement of Gold Port is located alongside the coastline, and the monster-hating town is infamous for being the headquarters of the terrorist organization Ilias Kreuz.

The Gold Volcano, home of the Fire Spirit, Salamander, can also be found in this region. Rumors also speak of the Holy Wings Shrine, a place where a legendary monster, the Garuda Girl can be awakened if one brings Six Orbs of power.