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Goddess Ilias, also known as The Divine Light Goddess or the Goddess that Created the World, is one of the main characters in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She's also a part of the one from the original world after the latter got defeated by Luka.



Iliasville Mountains

When Luka is climbing the mountain to save Hans, Ilias falls from the sky and makes a crater right in front of him. She proclaims herself the Goddess of Creation but Luka brushes her off due to her tiny form. She tries to punish him with Thunder of Retribution, but ends up only giving Luka a tiny static shock. She realizes she has been sealed but has no memory of how it happened, and runs off on her own.

Luka saves Hans and returns to Iliasville for his baptism despite Goddess Ilias having disappeared since the Great Disaster, thirty years ago. However, another version of the goddess appear in front of the trio and gives Luka the mission to save the world which risks to be covered in darkness, repeating her warning.


Sonya warns Luka of a fight going on at his house between two little girls. He arrives to find Alice and Ilias in a childish quarrel which he puts a stop to. They force Luka to choose one of them to go along with him. If Luka chooses Ilias, she joins the party but is shocked to learn that Luka just came from his baptism where she, allegedly, showed up. Now, Luka's dad is still alive and he has a new childhood friend and Ilias doesn't understand any of it, only that this world is not supposed to be this way. 

Ilias tells she doesn't remember appearing in front of Luka. It is also one of the mysteries she wants to solve, as she thinks the other one might be an impostor. Ilias accompanies Luka to Iliasburg but before that Ilias meets Nero, a mysterious man with a scythe claiming to be just a traveler passing by. Ilias doesn't know him and mistrusts his appearing at Iliasville. Luka later helps a Slime Girl but Ilias is known to hate monsters, but due to their condition to travel, she reluctantly agrees to take a slime with them.


Upon leaving Iliasville Ilias managed to steal the Pocket Castle from Alice when they were fighting, she approves of Luka using this for their adventure and explores the interior of the castle. She explains the functions of the castle and the maid, and decides that, because it was made by monsters, it shall be destroyed once they no longer have any use for it.

On their first camp, Ilias warns Luka not to trust her childhood friend Sonya, as she knows she doesn't exist in her eyes even if Luka knows her as a friend. Ilias just tells Luka to be on his guard. Ilias teaches Luka a new angelic skill called Angel Dance, noting Luka may not be on the level of Micaela but she commends him for learning the skill faster.

Arriving in Iliasburg, a new presence appears and calls herself "The White Rabbit ", a mysterious character jumping out of nowhere while Ilias expected to meet Granberia. Ilias gets annoyed at her for not explaining the circumstances as her "role" is to guide Alice. If Luka asked the White Rabbit about Granberia he will have a flash moment of the dragonkin. Ilias demands to know what Luka's vision is all about, but the White Rabbit only claims that the space and time is interacting with Luka's mind. The White Rabbit explains that Chaos is not the same as darkness like Ilias thought, because it is the result of a mix of Holy and Dark and was the primordial force before she existed. If Luka chooses to force the information out of the White Rabbit. Ilias is shocked that a Rabbit like herself has indeed the power of space and time after she summoned a copy and paste version of Bunny Slime and two Slime Girls from another dimension. The White Rabbit said that she was going to eliminate Ilias but if that happens the Chaos would spread and speed up the process. After the fight Luka picks up a Key that only he can see.

If Luka opens up the door to Hades and returns, Ilias says that the Hades realm doesn't exist and that he looked like a fool. Simultaneously, rumors of four bandits and of a missing Amira have spread to Iliasburg. Inside the Sutherland Inn, Ilias stumbles onto Alice wanting Ama-Dangos and leaves upon being insulted for not having any companions. Ilias tells Luka she doesn't want to leave to Sentora until the White Rabbit is caught.

Irina Mountains

Once the four young bandits are beaten, Ilias wants to execute the 4 bandits while Luka doesn't want that and instead asked them to apologize to the town. The rumors about Amira being kidnapped and up proven a lie, and she is enraged by the fact that the unfortunate lamia was never kidnapped. Amira is ready to give the information about the White Rabbit for a price, but should Luka be unable to pay, she instead offers a job about dealing with Phoenix tails being smuggled. While Ilias is reticent to get involved into the business of humans, she none the less accept to deal with this.

Mitra Sealed Castle

When Luka and the party arrive in a ruined castle south of the nameless slums, Ilias remembers the place as it called Mithra Sealed Castle. She and the Dark Goddess Alipheese used the weapons on the pedestals during the Great Monsters War, but its now an empty place and there's no use for it, leaving open the questions as to where the weapons went.

Nameless Slums

Ilias helped in on the secret business behind Don Dahlia and the Phoenix Tail smuggling ring. She stole a key to Don Dahlia's house to confront the culprit as she discovers that Don Dahlia was just lying to the young Phoenix about the feathers. They then defeat the young monster, who is left to fend for herself by the don.


Following Amira's intel, Ilias enter Pornof Town, as she heard rumors about a rabbit staying at the inn. She only to find out it was only a common Rabbit Girl, but the latter mentions that another strange looking Rabbit was heading to a Tartarus Rift where a investigation team is located. Ilias wants to gear up before heading to Tartarus, and suggests getting iron equipment. Later, she agrees with Sonya to destroy the town, but doesn't carry her threat through.

Pornof Mine

She start to get afraid of the dark cavern in the Pornof Mines and just want to get the Iron Lump fast as possible.

Iliasville Southern Tartarus

Upon arriving, Ilias spots the White Rabbit and wants to chase her down for answers, but after going down she is surprised on what's inside the Tartarus. If Luka picks up strange devices, Ilias explains that it's a gun that can fire bullets and a Makina that can be used by engineer, and both can be useful in the future.

A strange looking door is blocking them from chasing the White Rabbit. Ilias mentions that there is something ominous blocking the door that leads through spacetime, and that even a Goddess like her can't just open it. However Luka just accidentally touch the door open, shocking everyone on how a human can open a door leading to a parallel world. Luka just shrugs as he doesn't know the answer why or how. Everybody is surprised to see Remina on the other side, as the place was destroyed during the Great Disaster. If Luka interacts with the residents one of them will slowly transform into the Apoptosis Shesta. Ilias explains the transformation is the Apoptosis effect, and that this is a different Remina from the present timeline. The group then meets a strange creature, and suddenly it starts attacking them. While Ilias want nothing more than to destroy it, Sonya on the other hand wants to take the creature with her and calls her Nuruko. Ilias wonders how she can understand an Apoptosis like creature "Nuruko". 

When they exit the alternate reality of Remina in Tartarus, they encounter another place where time and space create a passage into another dimension. There is only a path with a teleportation circle that leads to the other dimension itself. Ilias didn't believe at first that space can manifest another wor inside the Tartarus rift.

Iliasville (Alt)

After finally catching up to the White Rabbit, the latter explains that this world is crawling with monsters and she gives a hint that they should stick to the road as the inhabitants consider walking on bare soil below them. Ilias knows that Angels are lurking around, and end up teary eyed when she's told tthat they will not recognize the Goddess of Creation in her state in this world. Ilias asks the White Rabbit on how Luka can open doors to other worlds, but as usual the White Rabbit has no valuable information, as her role is to guide and not to explain.

Upon seeing the destroyed Iliasville she tells Luka to calm down and investigate why this happened. After Luka reads the tombstones regarding him and Sonya being dead. Ilias reveals that this is not the Iliasville they knew, rather it's in another dimension and time has been different from their own. Ilias and others goes back to their own world to discuss the strange activities they encountered so far. 

Happiness Village

Ilias mentions visiting first the Happiness Village to prepare themselves before heading to Midas Village. she doesn't like the idea of helping out the Harpies in Harpy Village, but addressing that issue as fast as possible has to be done anyway.

Harpy Village

Ilias suggest to examine every houses for any evidence about the Harpies disappearing, and they find notes about them leaving temporarily, while in reality, they've been gone for months. They meet Nero hanging out in the house of Queen Harpy, and ask him why is he here. Ilias suspects him for the Harpies disappearance but Nero says he isn't responsible for that incident. Nero explains that they vanished like that because of a virus that had been created during the Great Monsters War era. Ilias is familar with this as it's a biological weapon used in the war by angels, and she wonders how such a virus has been carried to today's time. Nero believes a virus carrier is still out there and made the virus spread throughout the Harpies residence. Only the Yggdrasil Fruit can cure them and Nero hands out one, hoping to cure them from their uncontrollable lust.

Harpy Tower

A Harpy grants the party access after Luka was given the Medicine but she attacks them as she's crazy with lust. After the fight, Luka let the harpy hands out the medicine to her friends, and she warns them about Queen Harpy on top of the tower. After facing her, they temporarily calmed down the queen and she tells them to leave her behind in the tower as the remainder of the fruit is not enough to cure her.

A harpy later explains how the epidemic started with three travelers meeting the Queen Harpy, then it got cut off shortly. Ilias knows they are the Three Lilith Sisters namely Morrigan, Astaroth and Lilith herself but wonders how those ancient monsters appeared there. The Harpy thanked Luka and the party with items and equipment for their valiant efforts.

After getting the cure for Queen harpy they went back to the tower hoping its not too later and she gladly accepts the cure and joins Luka with gratitude for going so far to get the cure from the World Tree,

Midas Village

Arriving at Midas Village, Ilias wants to get Gold Equipment. However, before that, they need Gold Ore from the Mines as material is running low and the place is crawling with monsters. Ilias is angry that some of the residents like the slug infestation and helps Flora defeat the Slug Boss at Slug Tower. Flora will award a Maid Permit to Teeny if they beat the Slug Boss.

Midas Abandoned Mine

Getting Gold Ore from the mines is no easy task for civilians, but Ilias still wants to be ready with Gold Equipment on hand before heading for Rostrum where the second Tartarus is located.

Rostrum Mountain Cave

Along on the way to Rostrum, Ilias explains that the Rostrum has been destroyed 10 years ago after the Great Disaster, and she wants to find a place to rest before heading in the Tartarus Rift, She bumps into Alice again, this time with a company of a Bunny Slime, Alice seems to be recruiting new Heavenly Knights as temporary while she looks for her real Heavenly Knights. Once again, the two butt heads before separating.


Finally they made it to Rostrum, a ruined and abandoned place near the Tartarus Rift as it was destroyed 10 years ago after the Great Disaster. Ilias and the others head for the Inn to rest. Luka later finds a Chef License and that it belongs to a famous chef who lived here once.

Rostrum Tartarus

Arriving at the second Tartarus, Sonya sees no investigation team this time, Ilias says that they can't simply travel here due to the terrain making it hard to keep a team examining this Tartarus Rift. Sonya ask why are there forest in Tartarus, Ilias explains that this is an after effect of space-time distortion and after Luka opens up the same door they encountered on the first Tartarus Rift, another fragment of Remina appears in Tartarus, with the exception of residents.

A woman with red hair appears and goes back to her house. Meeting this woman she ask who are they, Ilias remembers this woman is Promestein but she wonders how she know her name that quick. Ilias getting annoyed for not being recognised by Promestein. Luka orders the two to calm down and Promestein explains how is here as one of her experiments failed and she was sent in this world. Luka asked whether she is responsible for the Great Disaster but Promestein says no as she never had the mean to do anything like that. Promestein is surprised on how a human like Luka cross parallel worlds. 

Rostrum (Alt)

After finally getting out of Chaos Passage, Ilias and the others arrived at Rostrum(Alt), and learns that it was the Rostrum of 25 years ago after Promestein asked for the year. Ilias recommends to look for information regarding Marcellus. Ilias meets the Legendary Chef at Rostrum and was satisfied to taste his cooking. Luka later receives a note from his father Marcellus and Luka assumes that he shouldn't be familiar with Marcellus but Ilias figures out, that there are two Marcellus that came here. The Marcellus they know must have come here with a message for his son Luka, to seek out Micaela. Sonya asked whether Luka knows Micaela and he responded No, Ilias knows Micaela and Lucifina are sisters making Luka related to Micaela. Ilias didn't want to meet with Micaela with her current form at Enrika.

Enrika Lost Forest

Ilias can sense the Dark Elves inside the forest and commends to just make their way to the village. 


Finally they arrives at the village, and Ilias senses angels along with the fallen ones hiding amongst the village with Elves. The elves initially turn the group away, but welcome them when Luka present himself. She leads him to Micaela's house where another elf is working. The elf falls into tears when Luka presents himself, as Micaela had told her that "when Luka arrives, I(Micaela) will no longer be of this world."

The Elf explains the situation regarding the Sentora Continent, Micaela's Last Will, The Three New Monster Lords. Ilias is surprised that Alipheese the 15th is somehow involved with the power struggle, as she was thought dead after she left to explore Tartarus She came back with the support of the Lilith Sisters. The Second Monster Lord is Black Alice, the 8th Monster Lord who was suppose to be slain by the Legendary Hero, Heinrich. The last is someone calling herself Alipheese the 17th. This new Monster Lord works alone and managed to defeat powerful foes along her way, such as Spider Princess. Ilias is shocked on how is her power beyond the leaders of such factions and being equal to Granberia, one of the Heavenly Knights, and gets absolutely stunned when she learned the Monster Lord did all that in a single day. The elf recommends the party to head for Sentora to see the matter for themselves. Ilias suggest they should go to Iliasport as they will need a boat to go there.


Arriving at Iliasport, Ilias and the others look for a transport to Sentora, but the captain can't offer passage due to a storm. Ilias thinks this is the work of Alma Elma, Luka ask who she is and Ilias says that she is the queen of succubi, and one of the Heavenly Knights. Just then Nero suggest an idea to get Poseidon's Bell on the cave of treasures and leaves. Ilias still doubts Nero and his strange way of helping. Luka and the others eventually make their way to the Cave of Treasures

Cave of Treasures

Before Luka and the others make their way to Sentora, they need to retrieve the Poseidon Bell from the cave full of Kitsunes and guarded by Nanabi. Ilias suspects Tamamo is behind this and Luka ask who she is. Ilias responds she is the Queen of Kitsunes. While dwelling in the cave they encountered Alice again, this time recruiting a Kitsune. Alice tells them to go away, as usual. Downstairs is the place where the treasure are found guarded by Nanabi.

After Nanabi effortlessly defeats Luka and the party, a woman appears and use a skill identical to Granberia: Vaporizing Rebellion Sword. Nanabi is defeated and explains the situation. The woman reveals herself to be none other than the Alipheese the 17th. Ilias now realizes this is the person who managed to defeat powerful leaders and forced a fight to a draw against Granberia. Tamamo shows up, but Neris knows it's only a projection, to trick Nanabi into guarding the treasure room and following the true history.

The White Rabbit shows up as she is responsible for the Copy-Paste Tamamo. Neris explains that the Tamamo's powers are real as well from another parallel world. The White Rabbit says that Alipheese the 17th was not from the original timeline so eliminating her will not cause a paradox. So the White Rabbit stops time to kill her, but Nero arrives and drive her off, leaving in hot pursuit. Neris introduces herself casually to Luka and insists on going on date with him, even openly flirting with him. Ilias is shocked by her request and will not let Neris have her way with Luka. Neris calls Ilias a "Scummy Goddess", and leaves to postpone her date with Luka. Ilias and the others grab the Poseidon's Bell and make their exit, with the Goddess wanting to know how Neris is so powerful.

Sea crossing and Port Natalia

Ilias trains Luka while traveling to Sentora when the storm appears, and she assumes that Alma Elma will show up when someone else arrives. This succubus calls herself Morrigan, one of the Lilith Sisters who were involved in the Great Monsters War and she thought they were dead. Ilias assumes they're connected to Minagi, one of the Six Ancestors, Morrigan applauds Ilias for remembering her. Ilias helps Luka fight off Morrigan who's going on easily, as killing the party would only worsen the situation. However, she starts throwing a fit and decides to kill them all here instead. Before she attacks again the party, a huge red banner with an angel on it resembling Goddess Ilias unfurls. Morrigan identifies her as Zion/ Ilias does not recognize this angel and assumes she is from another world. Zion doesn't listen to Morrigan and just assaults the ship, causing several fires on it. While the two opponents duke it out, Ilias insists on jumping off before they sunk in the sea. 

The party wake up later in port Natalia, saved by the mermaids. When they ask for Luka's help regarding a string of disappearance, Ilias once again expresses her disdain for the monsters that just help them, but decides to investigate the issue anyway as humans are also concerned. Ilias speculates that the Queen of the Southern Sea is behind this and Luka is given the Ball of Guidance as a key to get to the Southern Undersea Temple. Ilias wants to go to San Ilia as well, as it's the place to worship her, and to see the Pope and the library for information regarding Marcellus and the White Rabbit.

Natalia Coast

Luka and the others arrived at Natalia Coast and spot the light where the entrance to the Southern Undersea Temple is located. They use the Orb of Guidance to enter inside.

Princess El wants to apologize to the townspeople of San Ilia and she wants to plant something on the beach near the Souther Undersea Temple and she saw a Mini Crab Girl who thought she was trying to ruin her crops but Ilias reminds her to not be irresponsible if she wanna be a future princess and that later matter resolved. Queen Mermaid is happy that El learned her lesson from her mother and joins the party after healing Kraken. Kraken asked if they can revisit Poseidoness at the Northern Undersea Temple

Southern Undersea Temple

Upon arriving at the Southern Undersea Temple, Ilias warns the party of venturing as it's crawling with sea monsters. The party locates the prisoners that are mermaids. Ilias notes that the prison bars are infused with magic so that it cannot be opened by normal means. The mermaids inform them that Meia was the one who imprisoned the mermaids and has gone insane. Ilias and the others confront Meia, Ilias knows that the ruler of the southern seas is not supposed to be her, but the latter insisted that she is the new queen of the sea. Ilias wants to beat up Meia to knock some sense into her. After Meia is defeated, she recalls how she was brainwashed. Meia was supposed to deliver her marriage to Kraken, but instead found one of the Lilith Sisters, Astaroth, who turned Kraken into a dried squid and gave it to Meia. The succubus then brainwashed Meia to replace the Queen of the Southern Seas. Ilias figures out that the Lilith Sisters have an important role in all this.

San Ilia

Entering San Ilia, Ilias wants to go ahead and meet with the pope to ask information regarding the White Rabbit and Marcellus. After speaking with the pope, he mentions that Marcellus left a book about the Four Spirits. Ilias knows them well and is forced to go in the monster-filled library, to find it being guarded by Page 65537. Ilias thinks Alipheese the 16th was the one who asked one of her servants to guard the book but it was her mother's doing. They manage to get the book, with a note of Marcellus inviting Luka to make a pact with the Four Spirits as it also happened in true history. Ilias initially forbids Luka from making contracts with the spirits, but she acknowledges that if they are to save the world he must do so. Ilias informs Luka that Sylph, the spirit of Wind is located west of San Ilia in the Forest of Spirits.

The party goes back to the pope who asks to be escorted to the Ancient Temple Ruins. When Ilias talks to one of the people at the castle. He mentions the Sword of the Goddess and it was lost for years now, Ilias only sees it as a symbolic weapon for heroes. Before the party can go to the village they need to make their way to Mt Saint Amos where they can get Mithril Ore. Ilias also wants to go there as it is the place supposedly the closest to Heaven, and she thinks she could contact her angels from there.

Mt. Saint Amos

Luka and the others set foot on the base of the mountains of Mt Saint Amos when Ilias and Promestein sense a powerful Holy energy on the top of the mountain. There could be angels at the peak, so Ilias investigates after they retrieve the Mithril Ore. On the top of the mountain lies an injured Micaela who Luka immediately have visions of and recognizes. Micaela warns them of another angel approaching the party. Said angel identifies herself as Seraph Gnosis. Like Seraph Zion, Ilias does not know her at all and assumes she is from another world. Gnosis apologizes to her Goddess of Creation as she isn't able to help her at current situation. Luka ask whether she caused the injury of Micaela. Gnosis doesn't deny that fact, and says she only bears half of the blame while Micaela must bear the other half as she chose to dwell on the surface instead, if she had her full power, Gnosis would have been no match for Micaela. The dying seraph is relieved to see Luka again when she is on the verge of dying.

Ilias ask Luka how he knows Micaela, but Luka doesn't know what to say other than that he had another vision similar to what happen at Iliasburg. Micaela grants Luka the Baptism Seal so that he can become a Hero. Ilias just comments that she chose to baptize Luka even when she is about to die. Luka feels sad about his aunt's death, but feels a newfound determination to protect the world. Ilias is left in tragedy after seeing Micaela die in front of her.

Luddite Village

Luka and the others enters the Luddite Village. Residents here don't take kindly to outsiders and those who have affiliations with the Makina Technology. The party meets up with an undercover priest who joins them to escort them to the Ancient Temple Ruins. The priest explains the process of the ritual going to be taken by the Pope. Sonya ask questions regarding this but the Priest rather just want to show them. They see the Pope outside the entrance of the Ancient Temple Ruins, as he requested an escort inside the ruins to "Pray".  The problem in Sabasa is over but another trouble is brewing. The Lilith Sisters appeared out of nowhere and started to kill the villagers in Luddite Village. The party arrives in horror that all the people were massacred by Lilith, Astaroth and Morrigan. The sisters explained why they're doing this as Luddite Village and Makina didn't exist in the original history so they started killing them. Ilias and others can't forgive this as Astaroth commends Meia for breaking free of the brainwashing and so does Sara. Astaroth attacks them and later was defeated. Astaroth says to Luka that he must do what is right if he wants to save the world by letting him join in Dark Goddess Alice I'd plot as she calls her mistress Alice. Ilias knew who that mistress isn't obviously dark goddess Alice 1.

Ancient Temple Ruins

Ilias wonders how a structure like the ancient temple ruins ended here in this world. The pope starts talking about his past, why he wants to come here and the history of the discovery of this place. On the top floor lies a machine chamber with a mechanized creation. The pope explains his situation and is using a side mechanic to maintain his actually robotic body. Ilias didnt know that technology would preserve the pope's life when Luka accidently accidentally wake up the robot. Ilias asks Luka on what he has done but Luka says that he didn't do anything.

They went back the second time to see on the research on Apoptosis and Gold's origin. Ilias ask if she belongs to Promey but she claims no. This is strange the Promestein she knew designed Chimeras and machine monsters. Promestein is impressed on how Luka knew math problems as he run an inn in Iliasville. Ilias tells her not to underestimate the son of Lucifina

They went back for the third time and saw Morrigan in the temple ruins investigating the machines and tells them that the Tamamo they saw on Grangold was just a projection and tells them that they used Ilias evaluation meeting as a wormhole to travel through this world via return soul network and they intend to use that to save everyone and transport their souls to Dark Goddess Alice's world. Ilias now understand why they keep attacking random villagers and that hey need Luka's power then Alma Elma appears and Morrigan leaves them. Alma Elma was hunting down her but Luka fights her for interfering. She joins Luka which made Sonya mad.

Haunted Mansion

While Ilias tries to maintain a façade of bravado in face of the strange events faced in the mansion, she's as scared as anyone. Still, she manages to keep her courage to help Luka deal with Chrome and Frederica, putting an end to the small necromancer's work.

Forest of Spirits

Ilias gladly help Luka defeat Sylph, as she's glad to have an occasion to attack monsters. When the Armored Berserker appears, Ilias recognizes that it's a human that has been fully corroded by holy energy before being knocked down by the strange creature. When they reappear back at the Pocket Castle, she wonders how they've been pulled out, and suspect the twins.

Monte Carlo

Ilias only acknowledges the place as a crude dump, and doesn't comment on the mafia, only on the necessity to deal with Eva who's currently "attacking" young men in the street as Justice Kaiser in incapable to do it herself. She's not happy that Eva forces herself into the party.

Puppeteer's Tower

Ilias expresses a discomfort in front of Kagetsumugi, and when the party leaves the tower, she warns Luka against the puppeteer, saying that even if she was polite and helpful, she's an extremely dangerous monster feared by her kin even the Artiste family has been surpassed by her clan and is known to be heretic monster.


The rumors regarding the disappearance of the villagers in Rubiana are actually true as the party investigates and ask around saying that the villagers could have been led somewhere else as the investigators claims that suicide is not their option. Ilias likes to postpone this for now but wants to keep it mind when Sonya ask questions about why the villagers vanished without a trace. Ilias doesn't have anything left to help out this mysterious phenomenon and wants to continue to Sabasa.


At last the party arrives with a not so warm welcome from Sabasa guards as they suspected them to be Grangold spies, Luka can choose to attack them or let them take his money. Regardless Ilias tells them to not rush this and ask about the Queen of Sabasa, Sara and why are the guards corrupted. A guide answers for them and later on Luka goes straight to the Castle to meet with Sara but something is off as she isn't normal and Ilias wants to know more about this. Ilias and others went to a bar saying that there is someone who can help them naming Salaan who is an assassin who can be found at the Oasis of Blessings. Salaan informs them about the bloodline of Sara and is now awaken. Ilias knew that her monster bloodline is inherited from Sphinx who resides at the Pyramid west of Sabasa. Ilias agrees to help and went on to the pyramids. After getting the blood they confront Sara and Ilias wants to knock some sense into Sara so she agree to help Luka. Sara releases her succubus form to fight them. Sara gets defeated and finally remembers how she got brainwashed. It was the Lilith sisters doing and Luka asked how are they doing all their plans within all places of the world in a short time. Ilias says not to worry about that now when a guard informs Sara that Luddite Village is being attacked by monsters and they're no ordinary monsters. The Lilith Sisters again and this Sara wants to help them.

After resolving the Luddite village reports have been revealed by a Sabasa guard that there is a war going on in Magistea Village also known the Witch Hunt Village and that place is known for villagers of witches. The band of rebel monsters plan a terrorist attack on the other leader Lily. Ilias knew who the situation of the oppresed residents and trying to prevent the spread of the worm summon magic lead by Lucia. Sara orders her soldiers to wait for her arrival at the Magistea Village. There have been rumors of a mine near the Tartarus Rift of the Safina Region who produces Crystal Ore. Ilias wants to go and be ready before heading to the Safaru Ruins where Gnome is and also for any dangers in the Tartarus. The party went for a detour at Grandeur Theater where there are rumors of a succubus who is stealing the hearts of the audience and the stage as well.


At the entrance of the Pyramid there is a scorpion girl who warns the party of petrification stat and should buy gold needle if they are going to take the Dragon Seal Trial. After making it into the Pyramid Sphinx greets the party and ask of their business. Luka and Ilias asked the sphinx for help as they explained that Sara's bloodline has been awoken. Sphinx understand the situation and offer her blood and advice them to make Sara drink her blood as she can', be totally cured rather a temporary treatment. The party went back to Saba to confront Sara.


The guard meets up with Sara and her allies receiving a message about the war in Magistea Village now that the rebellious monsters and their leader have settled in a tower near the village. Sara didnt want to stay long in Grandeur but due to the guard's condition they need to deal with a succubus in the Grandeur Theater. Ilias didn't like the way that Succubus is ruining other people's minds so she wants to help clear the issue. At the stage full of Saki fans, the party interrupted her and Saki wasn't please that there would be stalkers for her so she began to attack them. After losing the fight Saki wants to join Luka's party and he agrees to it while the fans were upset about this. Later on the manager of Grandeur ask the party to put back Saki on stage or the business in the theater would go down. Luka agrees to this and Saki gladly puts on an encore and invites Luka and his party to perform too. The party make a quick stop at Don Father's house where a mafia gang is being held. Ilias was impressed with Merlin not being caught by the King of Sabasa while Sara didn't like what her father was involving with the Don Father.

Magistea Village

Arriving at Magistea Village, the party was greeted by a mage who informed them that the conflict had a different issue than Sara thought, Ilias want to beat up Lily for her crimes, but doing that will solve noting. The party went inside Lily's mansion and were greeted by herself. Sara wanted to solve the issue as soon as possible, Lily told her story and wanted an assistant from Luka and his friends, Ilias ask what to do if Lily is serious on her goal. If Luka chooses to stay neutral, Ilias advises him to hear Lucia's story as they were greeted by a mage outside of Lily's house. Inside Lucia's house she told her story and how she didn't want to spread the tentacle magic. Ilias didn't like the power to be abused but rather balance it. If Luka decides to side with Lily, Lucia will wait for them at the Tower of Magic. If Luka sides with Lucia. Lily won't be pleased with them and fled to the lower part of her mansion. Ilias will remark that (depending on the route chosen), that Lily/Lucia wasn't wrong about their goals yet should be managed. Solving the issue at Magistea Village, Ilias wants to go to Safaru Ruins to find Gnome, but Sonya suggest they make a stop at Saloon near the Tartarus to make Crystal equipment. Ilias agrees with Sonya as they need to prepare before continuing with Gnome and Tartarus.

Safaru Ruins

Finally, the party arrived at the Safaru Ruins where Luka must make a contract with Gnome as instructed by his father, Marcellus. Ilias will eat up Gnome so she decides to help. Gnome and her mud dolls can be seen at the ruins guiding them to her. Sonya ask if she is Gnome and she nods. Ilias wants to make a sandbag out of her so she and others helped Luka defeat Gnome. Sylph later translate Gnome's story in a flashback and how she made a friend. Nuruko understand Gnome's feeling and made a new friend. The last stop is on the Tartarus Rift.


Making a detour on Saloon, there are rumors of bandits who holed up in the mines south of Saloon, Ilias wants to gather information and make a crystal equipment for the party, The blacksmith request a Crystal Ore from the mines which is being infested with Lizard Thief. There is a girl in trouble in the Saloon Hills and they decided to help her get back in the town. Meeting the Lizard Boss with an unhappy reception she will attack and wants to kidnap the Queen of Sabasa, Sara help Luka and his party defeat the Lizard Boss, she joins Luka while Sonya keeps questioning Luka's judgment of recruiting dangerous monsters. Luka says that all monsters who join them will change eventually. Ilias is glad that this matter resolved. A girl thanked the party and asked kindly to visit her in Saloon. Mini is happy to help her.

Administrator Tower

The site where Sara's father supposedly died as there are investigators mourning for his loss, Sara was comforted y Sonya but she wants to accompany them. The white rabbit appears again informing them that she made sure Luka got Gnome before venturing further, Ilias claims she just exist to harass them all but she did not. The White Rabbit returned Nero's glasses after their battle to Luka, as she had no need for them and left. Ilias still wonders more and more about her purpose but ignores it for now. Deep down into the Tartarus, Ilias is surprise on how Chaos corroded space and time itself and if that continues the world will be swallowed up by Chaos. Ilias warns them to not touch it or they will be swallowed up as well. Sonya was lucky to not touch it. Venturing more into the Tartarus has chaos made a new dimension and Ilias wonders how is chaos making these new dimensions. The door again appears and only Luka can open these unique doors. Ilias wonders if these Tartarus acts as a bridge that connects parallel worlds while Luka still keeps seeing the same place as if he knew well of the Chaos Passage. Sonya is terrified again of this world. Making it outside of the other side of Tartarus Rift, everyone was shocked on how chaos has mostly swallowed up this world, Ilias warns them that the Apoptosis have crawled out of the Tartarus and will attack them. A huge quake was heard and they quickly make their way on a building and was greeted by a robot named Radio, Radio only responds that someone is waiting for them upstairs and that they need to hurry up before Chaos accelerates to destroying this world. Ilias asked if the angels are affected too, Radio replies with a yes and says that everyone and everything in this world will be swallowd up by the Chaos. Upstairs radio warns them that chaos is growing faster and faster as they need to meet her master. They ask who is this master and she just responds master. Downstairs Radio says that this is a basement and nothing but honey pots will lurk, Upstairs there are some magical transporters and Promestein seems to be aware but there is no time for that. Now that they made upstairs a powerful Apoptosis named Adramelech has reached the tower. Radio insisted on talking to her master right away. The master appears to be La Croix, as she expected Luka and others to arrive per her instruction to Radio. Chrome meets with her older sister but she claims that she lost her sister many years ago. Before going upstairs they visited memories of the people holding out from the Apoptosis and Radio can be seen in one of the flashbacks. La Croix explained the effects of Chaos and how it will destroy all worlds. She asked Luka to take care of her notes and take Radio with them before Adramelech broke through all defenses and fights for the last time. Ilias insisted that they should go with no time wasted. La Croix didnt believed she will be reunited with Chrome as La Croix uses her Circue de Croix that was Frozen as a distraction while letting them get away from this world. Radio informs them that La Croix has lost the battle but not making some serious damage in case Adramelech attacks the party which surely enough she did. Adramelech blocks the way and fights Luka and his party. Adramelech was defeated and they made a run for it on to the Chaos Passage. Adramelech refused to be defeated and forced herself on Luka so that she and Luka will die. Ilias says that fighting her again will waste their time but Luka can't get her off him when suddenly. A grand warriors appears from a portal and slashes through Adramelech with his sword that looks like Makina enhanced. It was Marcellus who stopped Adramelech in her tracks but due to the world being destroyed, Marcellus just leaves with very few words entrusting Luka to save his world while making a quick exit to another world. Luka was saddened by his father's departure wants to go with him but Ilias says that chasing him is not their goal and that they need to get away before the world is destroyed. Ilias' suspicions of Marcellus going through other worlds was true but she didnt believed at first that was really him and how many fights he had engage to get to that level. Ilias knows for sure that getting the notes to La Croix of their world is vital and decides to help and she informed them that the Marle Grand Corridor has access now to Grand Noah where they can make a contract with Undine and investigate the war and Tartarus in Esta. If Luka loses to Adramelech Ilias will be surprised on how she managed to get inside Heaven while Evaluating Luka's lost. Adramelech wants to erase her due to her class world contact. Ilias thought she was with a different Luka but she figured that she herself was another Ilias.

Part 2

Marle Grand Corridor

shortly after the events of the Sabasa Tartarus, Ilias decides to hold a meeting at the pocket castle for their plans. Ilias summarizes their main goals are to locate Undine which she can be found at the Noah Region, investigate the Tartarus in Esta near Grand Noah, know more about the war behind Grangold and meet with La Croix, but her location is currently unknown and her activities. Ilias slightly mentions about La Croix and her supposed role for the re-creation plan, but Ilias decided to not discuss it any further. After getting back to the Natalia Region where the Marle Grand Corridor is, Ilias meets up with Alice again and informs them that getting to Grand Noah is not easy as they need a boat. Ilias finds her useless and moved on. Sara suggest to meet up with the Queen of Grand Noah if they need an audience. They made a stop at Port Marle and they meet with the Seahorse from the Navy Headquarters asking a boat to Grand Noah. The seahorse told them they need to see the leader, which is Leviathan only she can grant them access to Grand Noah.

Navy Headquarters

The party arrived at the headquarters and Ilias wants to meet with the Admiral, however Leviathan denied their request and asked them to take out the Fishy Pirates lead by Bonnie and Ashel. Ilias didnt like this deal but if they're going to Grand Noah they must cooperate with her. On the way out a Dog Girl meets them with a member of the fishy pirates, urging them to get on board. Ilias threatens her if she tries to do nasty stuff. Ashel later greets the party and guided them to her leader, Bonnie. Bonnie claims to be linked with Pirate Roza. Ashel and others reached where there is a Nekomata Cat sleeping on Bonnie's chair and Ashel knows where she would be. Bonnie greets them and asked to join them and one of Roza's possession in a pirate's cave. Ilias advises Luka to make his decision to side with the Pirates making the enemy of the Navy or side with the Navy. If Luka sides with the Navy, Bonnie and Ashel will make their escape to get the treasure while the party deals with the pirates. If Luka sides with the Pirates, Bonnie and Ashel suggest to raid the headquarters and steal a pirate's flag and warns them to not fight the Admiral. If Luka decides to fight Leviathan head on, Bonnie warns him to not mess with Leviathan while Ilias remarks that her powers equals of that of a high class Yoma. Luka and others returned to Bonnie's ship with Ashel joining them. Ilias just want to get to Grand Noah quickly. Bonnie tells them the location of the Grand Pirate's cave and warns them that there will be monsters and Navy Forces and will refuse to join them regardless. Ilias and others make a note of that. Bonnie joins in as well as they prepare to set sail. Bonnie also tells them they can use the ship to change parties, change jobs and race, and also buy some items before heading in. The party were intercepted by the navy and prepares to fight them. Defeating them they make their way to the cave and claim the treasure. Bonnie and Ashel want to know of Luka's goal. He replies that he must save the world and meet his father Marcellus. Bonnie and Ashel were moved by his determination and decided to help him as well. Ilias didnt have any interest in a flag but getting a job change item will be invaluable for their quest. Ilias decides to help Luka and others raid the headquarters. Making a detour on a strange island there is a journal that can be partially read. Sonya says that were no such environment while Ilias believes that is probably an illusion created by some device or magical force not yet known. Ilias just wants to move on as there is no way to investigate this for now. Ilias is glad to recover the flag and get the permit needed for a job change while they make an escape.

Grand Noah

Before heading to Grand Noah, Ilias suggest getting information at a small village of Finoa about Tartarus in Esta, Sonya leads the gathering intel and one of the residents told them that the Tartarus is indeed at Esta, but is surrounded by a lake making it impossible to go there without proper vehicle as boats and ladders are not possible to use. Even if one were to investigate, the Queen of Grand Noah does not allow anyone else other than her investigation to see the site. Ilias takes note of that while Luka urges to find a way inside the Tartarus Rift somehow, there are also rumors of a Yoma in Grand Noah who have been assisting the Queen of Grand Noah as an advisor. On the way they make a camp and discusses with Promestein more about the Seraphs from the world where Promestein came from. Promestein notes that Lucifina isn't part of the Archangels and has choose to use her freedom while her sister has been promoted as the leader of the Seven Archangels. Ilias tells Luka the origins about Micaela and Lucifina and how they were once of the best Seraphs of their time. Ilias teaches Luka a new Holy Skill before he goes to rest for the night. Arriving at Grand Noah the guards asked the party of their business and identities. Luka tells them that he is from Iliasville and has been baptized. Ilias asked them about the Tartarus in Esta but only the investigators are allowed in that place just as she thought. Ilias wants to meet with the Queen of Grand Noah and they needed someone from the Royal Family of Sabasa to seek audience which is Sara. There are also rumors of Undine living at Undine's Spring where Luka needs to make a contract with and Ilias takes note of that for later. Sara helps the party get in the Grand Noah Castle with her being the Queen. The Queen meets up with them and ask a permission to investigate the Tartarus and someone appears, she is known as Mephisto, the Advisor for the Queen and one of the rumors heard. Mephisto interrupts the queen and asked the hero and his friends to participate in the upcoming Queen's Cup held at the Colosseum as a way to prove they're capable of investigating the Tartarus in Esta. Luka agrees with this and so does Sara. Ilias remarks that in order to gain entry they must win the whole tournament and she agrees with this. Ilias notes that they will need a dragon ore in a dragon mine cave south of Grand Noah before entering the cup. Getting the ore and equipment done Ilias suggest to sign up for the tournament. Ilias somehow knew who will be the final opponent be after mentioning the name Kyuba, Alice also participated the tournament but lost against the sea horse team. Ilias just mocks her and her team for not winning and Alice isn't pleased with her comment. The opponents are entourage of the Queen, naming Caesar and Arthur, a Dullahan and a Cerberus. Mephisto later appears to the party that they shouldn't celebrate just for the glory and this is a way to try and correct history shocking everyone and to lure in a traitor. Ilias knew who Kyuba is Alma Elma one of the Four Heavenly Knights. Alma Elma claims that Mephisto's trap worked and Mephisto calls in for help as Granberia appears and try talking some sense in her but her view of obeying the Monster Lord's orders which is Alice's mother is way too rough and overboard, Alma Elma doesn't agree with this and she like to do things on her own will. This upsets Granberia and forces to fight her and Luka not caring if she had to side with the Hero. Granberia was later defeated thanks to Alma Elma. Ilias wants to know more about Mephisto and who is helping her. The Queen of Grand Noah congratulated the party and award them with the Green Orb. asked the party to sneak in Mephisto's school north of Grand Noah and relay any info on her actions. Ilias fully supports this as they need to know how is she involved in all this. After the tournament Caesar and Arthur asked the hero to assist them in their matter, which is one Arthur needs assistance in Yamatai Village. Ilias knew about that place suppose to be dedicated to the four monster races, Kitsunes, Tanukis, etc. Shirohebi and Tamamo lived there as well. Caesar asked as well to investigate the missing Minotauruses at a Minotaur Labyrinth. Luka gladly helps them while Mephisto ask the Hero to investigate the civil war in Plansect Village. Ilias hears the rumor about Alipheese the 17th defeating both the plants and insect race and manage to settle the issue, but Mephisto concludes that someone else has restarted the Civil War. Ilias wants to know more about this.

Minotaur's Labyrinth

Before heading to the Minotaur's Labyrinth where the rumors of over 40 Minotauruses have disappeared, Ilias assumes this is connected to the case at Rubiana and Esta. Caesar suggest to gather info about this at the Bar and was told that there is a Minotaur with a letter regarding the incident. They went to see minotaur at the Blacksmith and reads a letter about an invitation to a sukiyaki party and all Minotaurs are invited. Sonya just comments on that in a surprised tone while Ilias concludes that this is not connected to the case at Esta and Rubiana. Caesar leads the party to where the Labyrinth is while Ilias just wants to finish their detours. Inside a Minotauros ask the party if they have Sukiyakis and if they do she will give an item needed to recruit the Demon Cow Queen. Caesar agrees to this and moves on to the maze. A High Minotauros will ask the party if they have an invitation which they do and been grant an entry. Making their way upstairs is a monster blocking the stairs and introduces herself as Sun Wukong and has heard rumors about the hero and his party from Black Alice, she told them who is behind this and is called the Demon Cow Queen. Ilias is surprised that she is still wandering but Sun Wukong states that she is not the original Demon Cow Queen but a generation of her name after the original. Sun Wukong doesn't let them pass and fights them head on. Sun Wukong is defeated and leaves the party alone for now as she intends to defeat the Demon Cow Queen herself. At the top is the Demon Cow Queen and is mad that there are uninvited guest and stuff their faces. She prepares to attack them. The Demon Cow Queen has been defeated and called off her plans to recruit all the Minotaurs via a party. Demon Cow Queen ask to join if they can prove that they are friends with the Minotaurs. Luka hands over the item and Demon Cow Queen joins them. Ilias and Caesar that the matter is resolved. Now they moved on to Yamatai Village.

Yamatai Village

Making their way in the Yamatai Cave, Arthur leads them to the cave that isn't very far to the village. A Nekomata seems to be wandering around and Ilias like her despite Sonya questions her hate for monsters, but she said this isn't a monster to hate. In the village Arthur recommends that they should meet with the Village Chief to see the matter. The village chief informs them the matter in the 4 shrines of Yamatai Village. First is the matter with Shirohebi in the snake shrine and rumors that she is gathering an army to take over the village, Ilias knows there are two Shirohebis one that is younger but harmless and her older sister which is cunning and evil. The second is the Kitsune Shrine and that Tamamo is in a depression. Ilias wants to know this for herself and that her being depress isn't going well for other kitsunes. The third matter is the Cat Shrine and they need to choose the one who will lead the shrine. The last matter is the Tanuki Shrine and the Kitsune is sad that the Tanuki leading the shrine is missing. On their way to meet Tamamo, they meet up with Nero as an unexpected visit. Nero tries to talk but there are lot of foxes surrounding Nero. Ilias demands what is going on while Sonya tells Nero that he lost his glasses while fighting the White Rabbit. Nero is embarrassed that the White Rabbit bested him and got a new glasses anyway. More and more foxes surrounded him and he left on a short notice. Inside is the real Tamamo and that she is depressed over something serious. Ilias tries talking to her but she is rambling about something that Ilias didnt understand. Ilias is frustrated with her rambling and left. They went to see the Snake Shrine and Arthur sees Shirohebi and wonders why she is outside. Ilias tells them that this is the kind Shirohebi. The young sister tells them about her older sister's plan and was being backed up by Black Alice. Ilias knew where this is going as it happened the same way in the original timeline. A loud noise was heard and they went in to investigate. In the shrine they find monsters laying down defeated as if they were ambushed. Ilias and Sonya warns them to thread carefully while they see who was atacking. They find Neris the 17th Monster Lord attacking Older Shirohebi and confronts the Monster Lord. Neris blushes upon seeing Luka and how she made a promise to have a date with him earlier. but this is not the time to meet him as she claims. Ilias demands to know of her intentions and why she keeps attacking monster leaders. Neris claims this is her way of eliminating the rebellious leaders that was being recruited by Black Alice in this timeline and she intends to do that to clean up Ilias' re-creation plan. Ilias is shocked and was lost for words on how did she know about her plan and about what Black Alice's role to her plan. Neris didnt explain further and escapes the Yamatai Village. Sonya is mad that Luka calls her Neris. Luka just says that because she asked him to. Shirohebi is very confused on who was that Monster Lord and demands an answer from the party. Ilias has no clue either why she attacked the village except the fact she was trying to prevent Ilias's recreation plan from the original history. Shirohebi puts the blame on the party for her actions and prepares to fight them. Luka and his party managed to defeat the older Shirohebi and her younger sister thanked them for beating some sense into her sister. Shirohebi asked the party to join if they can provide a statue from Yamata no Orochi's cave. They later meet up with the troubled Kitsune and asked them to find a Tanuki in Orochi's cave. Ilias gladly helps but warns them not to confront Yamata no Orochi who dwells in that cave. They enter in the cave to the right side and find the Tanuki. The Tanuki was glad to be rescued but Ilias wants to make a stew out of her frightening her. Sonya tells Ilias to back off and not bully weaker monsters. Kitsune is glad that Tanuki Girl is back and they later presented the statute in the treasure cave to Shirohebi. She later joins the team. Later Luka goes back to the cave and confront Yamatai no Orochi. Ilias is shocked that Luka would just recklessly challenge her while the latter thinks they will be just another sacrifice. After defeating her in battle she joins up with the party. Ilias is glad that there will be no more sacrifices. On the final shrine the maiden is having trouble getting a Nekomata as they all look the same. The party helps locating the correct Nekomata but the maiden chooses randomly either way. They later report back to the chief and offer them a job change item. Ilias thanked the chief for the reward. Now their goal is get back and confront Mephisto but not before seeing 4 men intending to go and see monsters like Succubus, mermaids, elves and harpies. Luka is excited while Sonya stops encouraging him to do the same. Ilias later meets up with Alice near the shrines and picks a fight while Sonya calms them down and gives them money to get sweet treats.

Now they gone back to the Snake Shrine and they saw the elven princess who went inside and one of her elven aide de camp spoke for her instead and Ilias wonders why cant she get out and speak for herself. The Princess gave the red orb and other items for their journey which irritated Sonya and decided to see the princess for herself but this disrespected the princess and Sonya decided to fight her followers. Luka didnt know this would lead to his supposed marriage with the princess which Sonya didnt like. They spoke with one of the merchants and they ask for a dragon statue which can be found at the monster lord's castle and it must be 500 years old which is located at the Gold Tartarus.

Magical Academy

Finally the party is about to learn about Mephisto's knowledge of the true history and her objectives, the party went inside the school of magic that is full of monsters and is taught by Mephisto. The children turned out to be monsters indeed and attacks them for trespassing. Ilias warns them not to take them lightly as they learnt magic from Mephisto. The students are defeated and they make their way upstairs. They meet up again with a disguised Alma Elma wearing a student uniform as a hope to catch Mephisto for trying to use a bait in the tournament. Ilias and others are informed that Mephisto is meeting up with someone and they must catch her evidence before its too late. Mephisto turns around to see the party and with Lilith collaborating with Mephisto. Luka finds out that they are teaming up after Ilias questions Mephisto's motives and she told them that she served Alipheese Fateburn the 15th the Current Monster Lord in this time due to Alice being sealed she indeed took the throne and took over the knights, now they find them that Lilith and her sister are involved as well with the monster lord being the one pulling the strings. Mephisto says yes and that Lilith tells them that its the Monster Lord who has been helping them along. Lilith corners them while being backed up by Mephisto for sneaking in their plans and getting the information they need. Lilith prepares to attack them when Alma Elma intercepted Lilith leaving the fight between Mephisto and Luka's party. Mephisto intends to defeat them right now but failed to do so so she accepted defeat while being caught cooperating with the monster lord. The Queen of Grand Noah finds this out from the Monster Lord and now figures out why the monster lord did this and she was behind the plan of brainwashing the Queen of Sabasa, Sara. It's more revealed that the Monster Lord is now taking control of Grangold and the King too. Ilias is shocked by this and the Queen pardons her crimes as she will overlook on her actions. The Queen now grants the party an access to Esta where the Tartarus lies while Mephisto ask the party to stop by at Plansect Village to see the re-ignited conflict of the Plants and Insect race. They agree to this as they went to the forest.

Plansect Village

Home of the Plant race and one who rules this place is none other than Alra Priestess, the rumors of Alipheese the 17th forcing a peace to both them and the insect race wasnt a rumor after after all. When they entered inside the party was attacked by the Alra plants and assume they are allies with the Insect Race, Ilias is angry for being called an insect and prepares to beat them up. After winning Ilias suggest they find Alra Priestess to hear the story. Alra Priestess welcomes them and apologizes for their coming due to the civil war. Ilias heard the rumors from an Elf from Enrika and Priestess did confirm that Neris has fought the entire army of insects and plants and force a peace but that was temporary thanks to two new monsters, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl have arrived and overruled the plants and insect but they declared a war due to only one should win and rule the Plansect Village. Black Alice was responsible for their revival and now they re-ignited the war. Ilias allows Luka to decide whether to fight the Priestess, Side with her or try talking to the other leader, Queen Bee. Luka decided hear the other story and asked the Priestess to give them more time but Alra Priestess ask them to make their decision soon as they're about win the war at Red Mountain. Luka and others have arrived at a warzone in Red Mountain where the insects are being pushed by the Plants. Luka directly spoke to the Queen Bee and hear her story and Ilias respected his decision. Queen Bee told their side of the story as Neris did indeed force the treaty and they agreed on it due to them being tired of fighting over. Luka can decide to fight the Queen Bee, side with her and betraying Alra Priestess or vice versa or Luka can try to be a peace broker and attempt to persuade Alra Priestess to stop the war. Alra Priestess agrees that fighting is over when suddenly Tezcatlipoca appears after hearing that the plants decided to rebel against her. Ilias warns her that she is no match for Luka's team after Alra Priestess' most trusted mercenaries for hire, the Canaan Sisters were easily wiped out by Tezcatlipoca. Tezcatlipoca prepares to fight them and was defeated. Alra Priestess decides to help Luka as Quetzalcoatl is about to fight Queen Bee at Red Mountain. At Red Mountain Quetzalcoatl isn't pleased with Queen Bee's rebellion and attacked her then Luka and the party intercepted her and prepares to fight her. Queen Bee accepted Alra Priestess help and decide to join the party. Quetzalcoatl was defeated and Tezcatlipoca appears and Ilias believes they wont hold against them if they join forces. But Tezcatlipoca had enough of her and fights her head on. Ilias just pities Black Alice's goons for their petty fight. Queen Bee and Alra Priestess thanked the Hero and the party and formally joins them on their quest. If Luka decided to fight Alra Priestess she knew betrayal was coming and asked the Canaan Sisters to eliminate them, after defeating the Canaan sisters. Alra Priestess isn't happy that they decided to help the insect race and fights them head on. After being defeated they went back to Red Mountain and Queen Bee thanked them for their efforts and same can be said if luka sides with Alra Priestess.


After getting a permission granted and winning the cup and getting Mephisto to confess her motives of working for the Monster Lord's orders, The Queen of Grand Noah allowed Luka and the others to investigate Esta and the Tartarus Rift. Ilias asks the party if they are prepare before heading inside. Inside is Esta but something is very different about this Esta, It has people and no abductions occurred and Angels are also on guard for any activities on Tartarus Rift. Luka decides to see the Rift for himself and its on the sky and Angels confirmed that Gnosis and Zion must be involved with this. Its Heaven but with Esta and perhaps the Rubiana residents. A bell can be heard and Luka decides to see the truth behind this parallel world. Luka wonders how did a church manifest space itself then an angel appears before Luka, calling him Child of Judgment. She is known as Raphaela, one of the Seven Archangels and is being led by Micaela where Goddess Ilias won her battle against Dark Goddess Alice. Raphaela ask him a crucial question whether Ilias' world of Heaven is a Utopic place for humans to live as long as they don't rebel or show any signs of disobedience. Depending on his answer a monster will appear out of nowhere and Raphaela knows this monster known as Saja, one of the Six Ancestors along with Tamamo. Saja tells Luka that he shouldn't be happy with Ilias' world and must become a worldbreaker after Raphaela ask how did she get to Heaven as a projection. They urged Luka to make a decision soon before the world ends whether to follow Ilias' world or rebel against it and become a Wordbreaker. The vision ends and Ilias asked him if he was alright as he seemed like his body has no soul and Lime ask him this too. Luka saw Heaven and the residents of Esta with angels living on it. Sonya surprisingly perceived a parallel world like Heaven where the residents are happy and they are at peace. Luka tells them he met a very powerful angel and a powerful monster called Raphaela and Saja. Ilias seems familiar with Raphaela as she is one of the Seven Archangels. Ilias insist that they take a boat and investigate Tartarus themselves. The water surrounds the rift but its being blocked and preventing the water from flowing into it. Sonya ask if they can sail through it and Ilias says that it wont be possible and that they need another way inside the Rift. When they get back on shore a quake is heard and a portal appears. It's Seraph Zion and she ask them why they come on Esta. Zion informs them that she won't be merciful as Seraph Gnosis and that she will attack her Goddess of Creation as she told Ilias that the Ilias she served resides in another parallel world. Ilias is shocked that indeed what Promestein told her is true there is another Ilias in a parallel world. Zion is prepare to beat up her and kill the rest. After being defeated Zion claims that she wasnt taking them seriously and prepares for a rematch but Luka interrupt her asking whether she is one of the angels who abducted the residents of Esta in Heaven ordered by Raphaela. Zion is shocked on how he know this plan and how he saw Heaven and met Raphaela himself. Zion changed her mind and spared them as she believed that Luka is the one that will judge the world when the time comes and leaves them. Ilias process all this event and suggest they go back to Grand Noah to report this incident after getting the contract of Undine.

Undine's Spring

Ilias tells them that Undine lives in the Spring and that they need contract. They later meet Undine and Luka ask for her contract, Undine will fight Luka as a test to see if he is worthy of her power. Ilias and others helps Luka, after being beaten Undine will be impressed and attempts to give him the contract but Erubetie orders her to stop as she is about to fight Luka. Ilias ask if she is blindly loyal to the Monster Lord like Granberia and Erubetie says that she will follow the Monster Lord's order. Undine helps Luka defeat Erubetie and Erubetie comments that Undine would rather side with humans like Luka over on her own race family of Slimes, this didnt stop her from fulfilling her mission. Erubetie has been defeated and she didnt believe that Luka would be this strong but Undine told her that she wasn't herself when fighting. Erubetie retorts to this and Luka agrees with Undine and even manage to sense her doubts even though he had barely the powers of water. Erubetie is impressed that he sensed her doubts and believes that one day he will have enough power to stop the Monster Lord. Ilias ask if she is going to abandon her duty to the monster lord Like Tamamo and Alma-Elma but she didnt answer her question and leaves. Ilias is glad that this matter is resolved and now they need to see the Queen of Grand Noah if they have any plans on getting them to the Gold Region.

Lima Village Ruins

The party reports back to the Queen regarding the angels in Esta and that they're involved with the disappearances, The Queen of Grand Noah never believed that they are the ones who make those people disappear and takes a note of that while preparing a way of getting into the Tartarus, Mephisto suggest to the Queen of a way of infiltrating Grangold via Gold Fort where there will be an army of monsters against the soldiers of Grand Noah. Mephisto has an idea of making them the decoy while the army is busy fighting at the front lines. Ilias didnt like being the bait and be sacrifice. Mephisto tells her not to worry as they prepare some allies as spies for Grand Noah who will help them on their journey to Grangold. Luka is somehow overwhelmed by this and tries to write it down but Ilias just chides him for doing that. If they fail to infiltrate the Gold Fort. The Queen will be forced to covert their plan and sell out them out and use brute force as a last resort which is why the party must succeed and find Queen Ant who supposedly brainwashed the King via the Monster Lord's orders. They make their way to Lima Village Ruins where the people got killed by the Grangold Army and meets up with Alma Elma. Ilias is surprise that Grand Noah lets her help them infiltrate the Gold Fort which is now under guarded as they made their way at the Front Lines. Alma Elma helps them get inside the Gold Forth as she drains the energy of the army inside the place. Ilias ask if she killed them and says that she only knocked them out temporarily. Alma Elma warns them that there will be Monsters roaming around. After getting out Alma Elma tells them to make their way to Goddard as Morrigan and Astaroth appears to avenge Lilith and commend Alma Elma that she held her own against Lilith. Alma Elma tells them to scram as they did while she fights the sisters. Luka ask Ilias if she will be fine. Ilias tells him not to worry as they need to find the informant at Goddard.

March Hills

Making their stop at Goddard, they need to find a pub where the informant is located and Sonya ask why the pocket castle is not allowing them to transport them inside. Ilias assumes that there is a barrier erected to prevent them from doing that. In Goddard they find people to be lewded by an strange magical power that makes them go wild in ecstacy. They later find Nero at the Inn and Ilias is surprised that he is the informant spy and says he wasnt and he ended up being the substitute. Nero tells them that they must meet another help from Grand Noah due to the place called March Hills infested and guarded by Golems. Ilias understood this after seeing that Nero was forced to used Taoist Talisman to silence the spy. Nero also gives them an item to counter the barrier that prevents them from going to the Pocket Castle and Ilias still questions why is he helping them randomly. Nero just claims that this is his way of being a good guy. Ilias calls him a bad liar and he apologizes. The Poison Swamp east of Goddard is said to where they should meet with the said "helper" from Grand Noah. Ilias wonders why all of places has to be the poisonous swamps. It was later revealed that Mephisto was sent by the Queen of Grand Noah to help them eliminate Golems in March Hills. The place is poisonous and dangerous not to mention there are monsters lurking around as she believes its the perfect place for spies and informants to help their enemies. Sonya is still skeptical about her loyalty and she assures her that she is no traitor now rather she assumes Sonya maybe the traitor that will force her friends to fight her later on, which made Sonya even more mad. In the March Hill are the Golems Ilias wants to fight them but Sonya thinks thats mad for attacking an army of Golems. Luck on their that Mephisto got rid of them and they moved on. Ilias wants to take Mephisto as a servant but she refused. Outside of the hills they saw another Golem and Mephisto didnt see this coming and she had no anti-golem spells. They fight the Golem and Defeated it. Finally Grangold is on their list of goals to meet with another informan.t


Now the main event is cast, before they head to Grangold they make a camp and discuss the origins of the King of Grangold and how Mephisto knew of Ilias creation behind magical royalties. Ilias questions Mephisto's master the Monster Lord on what she is trying to achieve by having the 4 kingdoms wage war. Mephisto doesn't know as the Monster Lord keeps her secret to her own motive. Ilias assumes she is trying to cover for Ilias' re-creation plan from the original timeline. Promestein tries to read La Croix's notes that was given to them from the Administrator Tower and it wouldn't make sense to her whatsoever. After getting into Grangold. The air that immerses ones who breathes is in Grangold is the center of the cause just like the ones they read in a journal. An Ant Girl approaches them and tries to verify if they are affected by the air. Ilias tells Luka to pretend by being immersed by the lewd air around them. The ant girl verifies this and leaves to her duties. Mephisto suggest on getting to meet with the informant at the Brewer's Guild Pub where they met an unexpected surprise. It's Lazarus and Merlin from Grandeur's Don Father Mansion. Sonya was surprised to see them and asked of their business. Lazarus just tells them that they should never involve with politics and war conflicts. Mephisto failed to mention this to the party and didnt knew Sonya was related to Lazarus. They later discuss their plan of getting into the palace. Lazarus suggest on bombing tactics as a distraction while Luka's party sneak into the sewers beneath the palace. Sonya didnt like this method but Lazarus assures her that this is a safe method for him. The party also met Elka from Monte Carlo and gave them an item to guard themselves against seduction magic. Mephisto still will sell the party out if they fail in their mission which Lazarus didnt like and he ask Merlin if he is suitable for fighting as there will be monsters in the sewers and the palace itself. Merlin still can fight as he was known as a wizard while they had their travels with Karen and Marcellus. The party is ready for action and Lazarus orders his men to bombard the kingdom as a decoy while they get in the sewers. On the way they are fancied by the advance tech that Grangold uses such as using artificial monsters. Before going any further they suggest on stocking up and organize as they may have to fight the King and Queen Ant. Before getting upstairs they got a not so warm welcome from the king as he asked them in a cold manner as he is indeed been brainwashed and fires a thunderbolt at them. Mephisto is surprise to see the King. Lazarus and Merlin held them off but Merlin only made him even more angrier as he transforms into a non-human form. His royal blood was awaken just as Ilias fears when they camped. Lazarus tells them to head off without them but Sonya and Luka didnt wanna leave then with a brainwashed King. Lazarus asked Luka if he had the guts of attacking the king as he still had human in him. Ilias urged them to head off as they cant fight while them being in the way they left and they hope they will survive the fight. Lazarus and Merlin fends them off being unmatched for the King's power. Meanwhile Ilias meets with the Queen Ant and demands to know if she really was the one behind the brainwashing activities in Grangold. Queen Ant tries to reason with her but all Ilias did was make the situation worse as Queen Ant was forced to fight them. After being defeated the Queen Ant tells them that the sisters are involved with the turmoil in Grangold. They make their way and see Alice and her new heavenly knights just like the one from Gold Forth. Ilias just jeers on their so-called plan and making Alice mad that she is still a wicked goddess and had no intention of leaving the humanity in chaos but Ilias claims that humans can only overcome their problems through guidance. Sonya just tells them to not fight as they wont be able to free them due to the bars having magically sealed it off until the caster is defeated. Before seeing the truth for themselves they saw Alma Elma in prison and wants know what happen. Alma Elma seems to have be worned off from her fight against Morrigan and Astaroth. Alma Elma warns them that there is another force at work behind the air and Ilias noticed that too after falsely accusing the Queen Ant regarding the air. At the top they saw Lilith in the throne and Ilias prepares to defeat her for trying to control the kingdom for herself. Lilith told them that the sisters had no such power to control the kingdom and it was revealed on who really did it. It's Tamamo but something is different about her, she is unsealed and at her full power. Ilias assumes that Tamamo was supposed to be at Yamatai Village but she conclude that she herself is from the world where Dark Goddess Alice has won her battle against Ilias. Lilith reveals this to them as she indeed was the one who used that lewd air to get the kingdom in chaos. Tamamo wants to fight and test their strength. Ilias knows that they cant win against Tamamo as she is currently sealed and Luka doesn't wanna give up regardless of how powerful this Tamamo is. Being beaten quite easily Tamamo just goads that the current era is nothing against the Six Ancestor's might and power. Then another Tamamo appears and its the sealed one from Yamatai Village. Tamamo just arrived late to the party and says that she saved Sonya's uncle and Merlin from the King of Grangold. Ilias is surprise that she can use the word of dispel but her seal will return her back to normal. Tamamo helps the party by healing them and fights her evil counterpart. Tamamo orders Lilith to fight Luka but she reveals that she only take orders from Minagi, one of the Six Ancestors but she fights them head on. After being beaten she proves that Astaroth awas right on keeping Luka alive and let in the plan of dark goddess Alice while Tamamo wants to eradicate her counterpart for forsaking her duties to the Dark Goddess. Tamamo made no such duties to Alice 1 and she had a handicap as the seal has time limit when suddenly. Neris and Nero stepped in and Tamamo asked who they are. Nero suggest on going full force against the evil Tamamo awhile Neris questions why they need to do that. Nero states that this Tamamo must not be taken lightly and so they reveal their true forms shocking Ilias completely and ask why they look like Luka and Alipheese the 16th. Tamamo ask who they are and Nero says that explanation will be for later as they call her Master. With the force of the battle being waged the castle starts to collapse. Ilias suggest on running before they crushed from the fight. Sonya and others left the building unharmed with Nero and Neris managed to save everyone inside. It is unknown what happened to the Evil Tamamo but for certain she slipped away before the castle is ruined. They celebrate the victory of a banquet in Grand Noah. Ilias wants to know more of the current events but suggest on Luka to enjoy the banquet for now. Luka made his speech asked by the Queen on the victory at Grangold. Before leaving an unexpected visit from the Monster Lord has announced that she will declare a war against the world and that she will push this war so that humans and monsters will destroy each other. Mephisto says that this is only her projection while the rulers of the kingdom ask of her sanity and why she must do that. Alice 15th didnt answer any further other than the fact that its destiny for monsters and humans to fight not to make peace. She leaves them while they put the kingdoms on high alert. The Queen of Grand Noah ask Luka to see the King of Grangold as he has task for them. Ilias takes this opportunity to make a contract with Salamander in hopes to correct the timeline and investigate the Tartarus in the Gold Region. They make their way to the warehouse where the King and Queen Ant is currently holding the royal castle while the Castle is being repaired. The King of Grangold lays out the Gold Region saying that there is a matter in the Succubus Village and in one in Lady's Village. Ilias knew what happened with Cassandra and Emily being defeated by Neris but a locked in their own home. He also suggest on getting an orichalcum ore at the Lava Mines North of the Gold Volcano where they need to make contract with Salamander and the Tartarus Rift is at the edge of the Gold Region just by passing the Nightmare Plains. Ilias marks that getting there unprepared could only lead them in trouble. They make a note of that as they head first at Gold Port to stock up before doing anything else.

Gold Port

They made a quick stop at Gold Port and Ilias knew that there is no Ilias Kreuz in this timeline unlike the original where they dedicate themselves to eradicating monsters. They were meta by a woman named Selena and asked the hero of his assistance. Luka agreed to hear her story in the house. Selena told them about the treasure, the orb and the calamity box in her ghost ship. Sonya didnt know that she had a granddaughter, Ilias didnt wanna leave the Calamity box to have a repeat disaster so she agrees on seeing the treasure at the Ghost Ship. As the party stop at an inn for some information they met Lazarus and Merlin there and Sonya still ask why are they in Gold Port. Lazarus only wants to have some fun time and tell them that they shouldn't be involved in affairs. Luka tells them about the pocket castle and Lazarus and Merlin are eager to set up their business in the Pocket Castle. They joined Luka and set their own casino there. When they got on Selena's ship she informs the party that she is incapable of fighting and must be protected. Luka is glad to be of service while Ilias and vanilla are afraid of coming into the ship. Selena warns that the ship will have monsters as they went inside. They can sense a barrier and Mephisto believes that an item is creating that barrier. Selena tells them that Pirate Selene was the one who casted that barrier. Going in further they heard Alice' and her knight screaming for help. Sonya knew who is it going to be while Ilias was terrified and didnt know they were in the ship. They go in to get the cabin key and ask if they are prepared to see the monsters in the Calamity Box. They are greeted by the Queen Fly, Beelzebub and just sneered by the fact the pirate asked of help from the hero as they will be free from the seal after defeating them. Ilias knew of their history with the Dark Goddess Alice and they commend her for her knowledge of the past. They want to devour Ilias as well but Ilias will not have any of it and they battle. The Queen Flies were defeated and scattered into the world instead of being sealed. They managed to retrieve the key to the treasure room and get the purple orb. Selena told them that she is indeed the Pirate Selene and had lied to them, she regretted opening the Calamity Box and went to heaven to have peace and so did Ilias. They went back to her house to find her back on earth. She told them that due to the Queen Fly still roaming around they must find them before they reproduce. They later find the flies at Yamatai Village retired from their role and relaxing with food near the shrine. They told that they wont cause any trouble due to them being a ghost of the past and joined Luka's team. Selene asked them if they could go and steal an orb from the Northern Undersea Temple. Then Kraken who got turned into a squid asked if they could go see Poseidoness who rules as the Queen of the Nothern Seas. Ilias didnt want to go for pointless detours but they need the orb later on. The party went back to Navy Headquarters to fight Leviathan. After defeating her Bonnie and Ashel will be impressed and want to boast this victory while Selene convinces Leviathan to join Luka's team and she agreed on this despite taking the role as the leader of the Navy. They went to the Northern Undersea Temple to seek audience with Poseidoness.

Northern Undersea Temple

Arriving at the Northern Undersea Temple via the Gold Coast. They went in to seek Poseidoness in hopes of curing Kraken. Later they find her and not being happy about them entering her territory after she was mocked and prepare to fight them. After defeating Poseidoness, she replies that she cant help Kraken and only the Queen Mermaid can help her with the issue and she gives out the Silver Orb. She later joins Luka's team after Kraken gets cured from a dried squid. Resolving this matter for now the party went ahead to go to the succubus village. After getting Kraken to be cured Poseidoness joins and is glad to see her friend again.

Succubus Village

Arriving at the Succubus Village, there seems to be a war going on, Succubus are fighting against the Mayor and her succubus citizens. They saw another succubus's who knows of their identities and asked to not interfere with their plans as she went back with her assault. Ilias now understood the situation as they went and fight the rebellious succubus. After defeating all the succubus in the village they went for the mansion to see Natasha demanding to hand over a man from the Mayor but she refuses. Natasha warns them to not interfere but Lucia/Lily (depending on who Luka helped) doesn't approve of Natasha carrying out her mission. Natasha reveals that she originally came from Luddite Village and that she was saved by the Lilith sisters. The party regretted of not being able to save everyone from there and understood now why she gathered an army to attack the succubus village. Lily/Lucia ask Luka to hold off Natasha or fight the mayor depending on his choice. Natasha wont be pleased the fact they chose to help the mayor and same goes for the mayor. After beating Natasha/Succubus Mayor, They chose to join Luka's adventure and resolving the matter. Lily ask if they want to have an item that lets humans be a worm summoner. Sonya doesn't mind this and accepted it anyway now they head for the Lady's village.

Lady's Village

They head next to the Lady's Village where the rumors of Cassandra and Emily locking themselves up after being defeated by Neris. Now she had a new issue recently with a monster called Candy who received support from Black Alice. Ilias warns them that the village is full of female monsters disguised as humans to prey on male travellers. They head on to the Mansion where they were greeted by Ran who is a maid scylla and works for Cassandra. She doesnt allow any visitors to see Cassandra and Emily, Ilias and others force their way in after beating her and Emily informs Ran that her mother allowed audience with her and she apologized for her behavior. Inside Cassandra and Emily seem to recognise Ilias and mocks her for her form, Ilias didnt take this kindly and see that they themselves are in sealed forms too after they told that Candy attacked them and stole their powers. Ilias knew of her reputation amongst monsters to devour anything in her sight and they asked Luka and his party to bring bac their powers as they told where Candy and other rebellious monsters are hiding at Scenic Mountain. They also assigned Ran to accompany Luka and defeat Candy. She agrees and joins them. In the mountain they find Candy as she asked who they are. They demand Candy to return Cassandra and Emily's power but she refused to do so and attacked them. After being defeated she gladly gave back their powers only that Cassandra's power has been devoured by Candy and she wont return to full power, which Ilias is very happy that she got what was coming to her. Candy ask to join Luka's party in exchange that she must have sweets as payment for joining as Luka gave her some which Sonya doesn't seem to agree that a monster like her should be joining but at least that resolves her appetite issues. They return to the mansion and Cassandra noticed that her powers arent back to her real self and she transformed into a younger woman like Emily. She didnt complain and they moved to Goddard where a Magical Girl Ritual is taking place at the Poison Swamp. Ran asked the party another favor of going to Goddard to participate in that ritual too. Ilias knew this practice isnt child-friendly and is banned by the previous monster lord. So they moved to Goddard to stop the ritual before the grudges of the witch spreads harm to the world.


After resolving the war in Grangold, almost everyone in the town returned to normal and can now speak properly. They suggest finding a person who is an expert in Magical Girl Ritual who happens to be the girl who locked herself up to protect herself from the lewd air caused by Tamamo from the Monster World. Magical Girl Mari-Chan informs them that the ritual already took place and they must participate in order to select the next magical girl. In the swamp they find Cassandra and Emily participating as well telling them that the ritual is almost over and only few stand in their way including Luka and his party. They asked Ran to join as well as she willingly accepts and they attacked. After defeating both of them they asked Luka to join his party which he accepts. Alice and her knights can be seen as they also participate for the ritual but they lost which Ilias finds them pathetic. They met the final contestant which is the Succubus Witch who one of the residents of Succubus Witch informed that she participate in the tournament. Ilias finds that her age isn't appropriate for the ritual but Succubus Witch finds her comment offensive and fights the party if they want to win she must be beaten. After the battle Magical Girl Mari Chan announced the winner but Granberia ordered the ritual to be stopped pushing Luka aside but the ritual made Granberia the new Magical Girl by accident as she was ordered by the monster lord to stop this ritual. Everyone was speechless that Granberia wears clothes which she is ashamed of. Granberia asked how to get the magic off her and Mari-Chan says that she must say her name and cast off like she means it which she hesitates to do and leaves in embarrassment. Ilias wonders if she will suicide due to that accident. This matter i resolved as they report back to the King of Grangold which he rewards them and informs that Salamander is found at the Gold Volcano which has a very dangerous environment.

Gold Volcano

Now to make contract with the final spirit of fire, Salamander who lives deep inside the Gold Volcano. They find her and knew what Luka needs of her power but Undine caused an argument and remember their times with Heinrich 500 years ago. This cause Salamander to go all out against Luka's party. After being defeated Salamander gives Luka her power then suddenly Granberia appears and wants to kill Luka and his party as commanded by the Monster Lord. Salamander help Luka defeat Granberia. Granberia knew of Luka's potential as she have faith that Luka will reach the Monster Lord's Castle soon which he promised he will. Ilias doubts that Granberia will go easy on them next time. Salamander sensed Granberia's doubts and she didnt deny that she wasnt going full force in their fight and she left. Luka now has the 4 spirits and asked of their objectives which they must go to Tartarus and then get the 6 orbs needed to go to Hellgondo.

Nightmare Wastes

The Tartarus is on the other side of this wasteland and they must pass through this harsh terrain full of dangerous monsters. They settled at a small inn composed of an full grown oni and a mini oni which the party can rest before moving in further at the waste. After getting out of the wasteland. They can see a shrine where the Garuda Girl should be located but due to the shrine being in ruins they saw no bird as they need the 6 orbs to summon her and get to Hellgondo. They arrive at the site of what seems to be part of Remina. Ilias speculates that Promestein from this world has gone here due to the roaming of chimera monster. She suggests avoiding this place for now and heading to Tartarus.

Succubus Village (Alt)

They finally arrived at the Gold Region Tartarus and wonders what world awaits them and then the White Rabbit appears and explains that if the world is to survive everyone involved including monsters and angels from other worlds must not deviate from the original timeline and she claims that Marcellus' letter can replace the White Rabbit. She left them to see the Rift after getting Salamander to extinguish the flame. Inside seems to be similar structure to the Sabasa Tartarus in the Safina Region but this one made the chaos spread way faster in the real world. When they got out of the Tartarus another fragment of the Remina appears and everyone in the castle got caught in the chaosization. There is a door which needs a card to enter inside but without the card it shut tight. Horrfied by what they saw they advance through the Chaos Passage again with the magic transportation. Sonya acts strange again when it comes to Tartarus but Ilias tells her to stop complaining and after they got out the air seems to be okay unlike the one from Sabasa Tartarus then they saw the Succubus Village but it appears that the place had change or rather the time they are in is set 500 years ago back when Black Alice still rules as the 8th Monster Lord while Heinrich is still going on his adventure to kill the Monster Lord. Then an alert was place as a monster is attacking the village. The soldiers assume that Luka is Heinrich which replies he isn't. They went inside to see the infamous Lilith and Lilim but it appears they got revived 500 years ago not in the present timeline. They saw Luka and thought he was Heinrich and attacked him. Then two more people arrived as he introduces himself as Heinrich and his travelling companion as Alicetroemeria the Mage. Ilias knew who that mage is known as Black Alice the 8th Monster Lord and Heinrich is unaware he is traveling with the same Monster Lord he must kill. Ilias warns them to not speak the truth of where they came from as Luka says he is from a parallel world. Then Mephisto suddenly got an urgent message from the Queen of Grand Noah that the Monster Lord launched a sneak attack on the 4 kingdoms starting with Grand Noah and they must go back to their world. Heinrich and Alicetroemeria didnt know any of this as they left in short notice.

After resolving the war they went back to Succubus Village in the parallel world and convince Heinrich to join via Ilias' lie that he is in a dream to train and ready for fighting Black Alice as they got a boat to Hellgondo. They now reached the caves of Hellgondo which will be filled with powerful monsters and the trip will be a long one. Heinrichs wonders if Alicetroemeria is okay but Ilias tells him to forger her but Heinrich claims to believe she isnt evil but he doesnt know of her true identity as Black Alice. After getting out of the cave they can see a shrine which they can make a short rest before getting to a city called Remina and onto Monster Lord's castle.

Monster Lord's attack

The war has begun and two armies marched right inside Grand Noah shortly after Luka and his party left for the Gold Region Tartarus. Elves and Fairies swarmed their way in and many civilians were hurt and the guards tried to fend them off. Sonya was shocked on the number of Elves and Fairies attacking the city. Ilias suggest finding the leader so that the army will fall back. They find the army leader, Queen Fairy who is about to march right through the Gran Noah Castle and saw Luka and his party. Ilias demands to know if she will take place for herself as orders from the Monster Lord. The Queen Fairy says that the humans have force the fairies and elves to holed up in Fairy Island and they now want to take back what's theirs. Luka later defeats her and her army but she told them that the invasion isnt over yet as they left Grand Noah. They now head for Grangold.

The War has begun and an army of Mermaid have taken offshore and attacked civilians. Ilias told them that the leader should be here somewhere. They find a Lorelei guarding Princess El who seems to be the one who commands the army and daughter of the Queen Mermaid who they must defeat later on. Lorelei told them to not interfere and fights the party. After being defeated Princess El steps in and demands why are they attacking her army. Ilias assumes that Queen Mermaid must have put her hatred of humans into her mind and let her command the army to attack San Ilia. She lectures her on how to properly lead but El didnt take not of this and attack. After the princess is defeated she fled while the King of San Ilias commands his army to use their Makina weapon to fend off the Mermaid army. The army retreated and now the party heads to Grangold.

The war has begun and an army of Vampires have made their way in Sabasa. Sara left the party for now to defend her home while the King is still missing. Ilias warns them that Vampires will be a formidable race opponent and suggest finding the leader. They find not the leader but her subordinates Carmilla and Elizabeth defeating a bunch of soldiers. Luka later faces Carmilla and defeated her while Sara is held captive by Elizabeth and an army of vampires cornering her. Sara re-awakens her monster blood and defeated the vampire army as she joins Luka on defeating Elizabeth. Sonya ask if she has control over her own body now and she says not to worry. They later defeated Carmilla and told them that the fight isnt over yet as Queen Vampire will send in another army later on and they left. Now they head for San Ilia.

The war had begun and an army of Spiders have crawled in at Grangold. Ilias warns them that the fight will be tough and their leader, Spider Princess will be a hard monster to fight as she commands the army but what she doesnt know is that the palace already collapsed from the previous war and no one is going to be there including the king so they holed up in the warehouse but if they are found out it may be too late. They later find the spider army infilitrating the castle but an Arachne told the Spider Princess that the castle already collapsed and no one was there. This didnt make the Spider Princess happy and asked what is going on then a loud noise was heard as the King of Grangold emerges and is fully angry that the spiders attacked his kingdom and defeated the arachne army while Tsuchigumo intercepts the hero and informs them that the they are going to nearly win but Luka doesnt let that happen. After beating Tsuchigumo, an Arachne Lord appears and is shocked that she lost and fights the hero. She later lost and one of the spiders inform the princess that hero defeated Tsuchigumo and Arache Lord. Spider Princess told Atla-Nacha to deal with the hero while she deals with the King. Ilias warns the party that she is one of the most powerful spider race but that wont be enough to win but she disagrees on this and fights them. After she lost Spider Princess is confused on whats going on and they left. Now that the fight is over for now there is no time to celebrate and that they must produce a new strategy while the King ask the party if he can join. They head back to Gran Noah to discuss with the Queen and Mephisto on their next plan.

The vanguards have been defeated from all 4 capitals but the war isn't over yet, many have lost lives including monsters too. They hold a meeting at Grand Noah and discuss the plans. Mephisto suggest on making a counter-attack on the Monster Lord's plan than being on the defensive side. The Queen of Grand Noah agrees on this and the others agree on this too. They inform the party on where the leaders hold be including Queen Fairy who was previously defeated from the fight but Queen Elf is another leader there at Fairy Island near the World Tree. The Queen Mermaid who seems to be in charge is holed up at Lyra Falls south of Lima Village Ruins. The Spider Princess should be located at Solitary Island directly north of the Sentora Tartarus and the Vampire Queen is located at the Vampire's castle on the opposite side of Hellgondo which the Monster Lord resides. They took note of that and Ilias tells that the open seas are barricaded and the Queen of Grand Noah informs the navy to open the seas to the party. they went on all 4 territories on the way they saw a mysterious island with a headstone on the center and it reads about a mysterious group called Circus Troupe and that they abducted children on a location called Degris Hill which is not known where is that located.

Now that the leaders of the vanguard have been defeated Luka and others were rewarded with job change items for their efforts which Ilias gladly accepts. They hold on another meeting on how to get to Hellgondo. Ilias suggest on getting the 6 orbs and reviving the divine bird which can grant them travel to Hellgondo due to the terrain and due to the cave in at the mountains they can only get there by flight which Mephisto adds that only big monsters like dragons can get there. The 4 rulers told them on how and where to get the orbs. The party already won the green orb after they won the tournament, The Silver Orb from Poseidoness, The Red Orb which can only be found at Yamatai Village but the elves have a shut-in princess who is shy on meeting visitors, the yellow orb which can be found on the Pyramid given by Sphinx and the Blue Orb which was supposed to be guarded by Kraken but Astaroth destroyed it and Ilias is mad that she failed to guard the orb and others suggest on making another one but that would take decades to wait so Ilias suggest on going back to the Gold Tartarus to the time where the Blue Orb wasnt destroyed which can be found at the Monster Lord's castle in a parallel world where Black ALice reigns but she refrains from battling Black Alice in that time. They went to Fairy Island to seek audience with the Queen Elf.

Fairy's Island

Finally the party located the home of fairies and elves, Ilias warns them that the island will have monsters and the maze is designed to confuse the enemies. Digging further into the center of the island an Elf informs them that there is some brainwashing magic affecting the island and Queen Elf and everyone is affected by it and must be stopped which Ilias noticed by the time they entered. Inside is the Queen Fairy not happy that they barged in the island and ask if they wanna fight which Luka says yes and that he wanna talk but Queen Elf refused to listen which Ilias wants to beat some sense into her. After defeating Queen Fairy Luka and Ilias convinces her to withdraw her army while she recovers from the fight and that she agrees on the terms. Then a Walraune and a Dark Dryad appears disappointed with the Queen's lost informs them that Queen Alraune has been brainwashed thanks to Black Alice's efforts which Ilias finds out and Queen Elf is shocked that they worked for Black Alice not Alipheese the 15th. Walraune then challenges Luka and his party after claiming to believe that they are weak from the fight. Walraune has been defeated while Dark Dryad fled to the World Tree to deal with them later on. Queen Elf begs the hero to help Queen Alraune which she can be located at the World Tree which is the source of brainwashing they agree on this. They remember to get a Rainbow Ore from the world tree. Papi wants to try and forge a rainbow equipment but is having a hard time doing so but Salamander helps her and she managed to produce results which the elf accepted despite being coached. Ilias knows that there is another ore more powerful than rainbow which is Meteorite and only Randolf the legendary smith can make one but his location is unknown which the elf is surprised on her knowledge of this. They moved on to the World Tree to try and uncover Black Alice's scheme and see who brainwashed Queen Alraune. After the war is over the party meets up with Queen Fairy who will join the party if they can provide a tophy from Amira and she ask if they knew where Titania is one of the fairies who were missing many years ago. Queen Elf ask of their business with her and Luka ask if they can have the Red Orb but she told them that the Elven Princess will not meet anyone except for her loved one which the Queen Fairy communicate and that they must go back to Yamatai Village.

World Tree

They entered the World Tree which is guarded by a Walraune and restricts access to outsiders but Luka and others forced their way through a fight. Up on the top of the world tree lies the Queen Alraune which indeed she was brainwashed. The Queen Alraune asked of their business inside the World Tree. Sonya is amazed on her size and power. Luka tries talking to her but Ilias told him to not bother and fight her head on instead. After defeating her in battle Ilias tells Mephisto to remove the brainwashing but another monster appears and she introduced herself as Azi Dahaka another monster revived by Black Alice. She is now lured out after the fight and she was responsible for brainwashing the Queen and fights the party. She is beaten and Ilias wants to know what is Black Alice goal on doing this which she replies she doesnt know other than she wants to stir trouble on every corner of the world as she left. The Queen Alraune apologizes for her behaviour and not knowingly she was brainwashed. This matter is resolved and Luka ask if she can produce seed from the World Tree which she agrees but the sees will take days to grow which they can come back later on. Now they move on to the Solitary Island to confront Spider Princess.

After curing Queen Alraune of her brainwashing she asked the hero convince Alra Priestess to become the next Queen Alraune but Priestess denies her dutty but Alraune ignores and gives Luka seeds and tells him to plant this at the grassy area near the Gold Coast. After being tricked
a trio of Queen Alraune appears and promoted Priestess into a Queen Alrauna.

Solitary Island

Now they embarked on the island which is now the home of Spider Princess which Ilias reminds that she was beaten by Neris and all her army was forced into this island. Ilias notes that to Luka she was an outcast to the Insect Tribe for being a cruel Spider and thus must not be talked through alone and beat her in battle. Luka agrees on this and moved on. On the gate they encounter an Arachne Lord which told them to get lost if they harm the Princess but Luka refuses which she engage them in a fight. After defeating her in battle they moved on to confront the Spider Princess. Spider Princess welcomes them her domain and ask of their business. Luka demands to withdraw her army of spiders or he will be force to fight. Spider Princess agrees to his promise and even made a promise to marry Luka which Sonya found unpleasant to her ears and tells that only one promise as they fight. After defeating Spider Princess she held on to the promise to withdraw her army and even made a pledge to marry Luka which Sonya still mad about this. Ilias is glad to resolve this matter as they moved on to the Vampire Castle where Queen Vampire should be located.

Vampire's Castle

Now to confront the Vampire Queen which should be located on top of the castle. The party went to the basement and saw Carmilla waking up from her slumber on hopes to fight the hero for Revenge on their last battle. Luckily she saw him and had a rematch but was defeated again and left a magical tear which can dispell magic barriers on the castle. Surely enough there was a trap barrier upstairs. Luka ask Ilias what is the Vampire Queen like and she answers that she is more to believe that the strong should dominate the weak by that method but she isnt merely another tyrant but her ideal would be her downfall. Upstairs they meet Elizabeth again and demand a remtach. She lost again and let them pass to see Vampire Queen. Luka demands to withdraw her army but Queen Vampire tells him that she would only do that if she were to witness his power stronger than her. After the battle she acknowledge of his strenght but warns them that the Monster Lord will be far stronger than her which Luka is confident that he can defeat her. The queen believes this and calls on Carmilla and Elizabeth to join Luka's party which they gladly doo but Sonya questions if this was okay. Luka says they need all the helo they can get. Now they moved on to Lyra Falls which is located south of Lima Village Ruins and where the Queen Mermaid will be.

Lyra Falls

Inside the Lyra Falls they encounter a Mermaid General which guards the entrance and tells them to get lost bu Luka refuses and she fight the hero and his party. They beat her and go inside the cave. On the way they met with the Princess and she asked if she hurt the people in San Ilia. Ilias says that she hurt all the people in there and that apologizing wont be enough as she started a war of hate between mermaids and humans but she shouldnt be blamed as the Queen Mermaid orders this to her. Now they confront the Queen Mermaid which she isnt happy that they force themselves on her home but Luka only demands to withdraw her army from San Ilia but her hatred overpowers her judgment and only beating her in battle will she changed her mind. After defeating Queen Mermaid she lectured her daughter on being a future queen and agrees to withdraw her army. She asks the hero to take El with them as she needs to make up for her mistakes but that should be the Queen's duty. This matter is resolved now they went back to Grand Noah to discuss a way to get to Hellgondo.

Red Mountain

After Resolving the Plansect Village war and the war declared by the Monster Lord, Spider Princess ask Luka to go and be a voter to see on who will become the next Queen Insect leader, She tells that Queen Roach is missing so he will have to be the substitute instead as they went to Red mountain. They later meet up with Queen Bee and Queen Ant but they decided that Spider Princess isnt worthy of being a Queen and begs Luka to make a wise decision. If Luka sides with the Spider Princess, they will be force to fight Luka and if they lose they will hand over the crown to Spider Princess as she is glad that her bethroted supported her but Sonya is still mad about this and she ask who is she and Luka replies that she is Sonya, she warns her that she shouldnt meddle with love affairs only making Sonya even more madder, if Luka sides with Queen Bee and Queen Ant, Spider Princess will be shocked that her beloved chose to support the opposition and this made Sonya chuckle. Spider Princess fights Luka and lost as she went back to Solitary Island and joins Luka anyway because of her liking to him which made Sonya even more mad but Luka innocently ask why is she mad and Sonya replies that he should have stood up for himself instead of going along with it.

Remina (Alt)

They arrived at Remina but the time before it was destroyed by Ilias from the original timeline and before the great disaster when Luka hears this Ilais denies this and ask for information on where is the Monster Lord's castle and to stock up as they will have to fight strong monsters. They met with the research team and Promestein wanted to enroll and quickly pass which the researcher want to marry her but she denied and was given a job change item. They go to the King of Remina at the castle was asked if they want to defeat the Monster Lord Black Alice, Luka says yes and he was given a job change item which Ilias is glad to take. They later talk with Princess Edina and they found out that Luka is a descendant of Heinrich Hein which they were extinct in the present timeline only those who have knowledge of the past know this including Ilias.

Monster Lord's Castle (Alt)

Now they went for the Monster Lord's castle and suggest of not fighting Black Alice instead they should look for the orb at the Gallery Room after some monsters told them where it is and they also found a the dragon stature needed for Vanilla's shop. Then they encounter the Three Nobles of Black Heinrich defeated earlier and warns them to not steal the orb or they will fight Luka. Heinrich taunts them that they cant win and later they were beaten, they promised to get revenge on the heroes Luka and Heinrich and Ilias claims that they wont need to return here. Luka chooses to challenge Black Alice and she gladly accepts and Ilias will be shocked that he chose to fight her but she cant deny this as its the hero's duty to slay the Monster Lord. After the first fight she will congratulate Luka and gives an item to him and Luka thought its over but Ilias tells him that its not her full power as Black Alice transforms again and fights for the scold time. After being beaten she transforms again fights Luka again. After the fight she is very impressed but tells him if they wanna correct the timeline they must allow Heirich to kill her not Luka and she left. Now they head back to the Holy Wings Shrine to revive the Bird and Get to Hellgondo

Holy Wing's Shrine

After putting the 6 orbs, the bird didnt come and wonders why its not reviving and Nero answers that for him as he manifest himself from the walls. Sonya ask how can he do that and Nero says that through his powers. Nero tells them that because the flow of Mana required to get the bird is being disturbed and he claims to believe that it has something to do with the Snow Continent, where rumors of Heaven fall down from the sky and formed a new land of ice and Nero suggest that he and Neris blows it up but Ilias declines that. Nero apologizes and just advices them to travel through the snow caves to get to snow continent. Ilais and others wonder what lies ahead in the Snow Continent.

Snow Continent

At the entrance of the cave they saw the White Rabbit and Ilias demands to know what's happening and why is the flow of Mana been disturbed. White Rabbit tells them that its not the continent itself that caused the flow of mana to be disturbed instead she guides them through the snow caves. Ilias still annoyed on how useless she is at explaining things but she doesn't exist to explain. Then later at the snow cave they are greeted by Angels and ask to know what they are doing here. Ilias is shocked that her angels are at the Snow Continent and wants to know what's going on. Ilias tells the soldier she is their Ilias but they believe she is an impostor and attack the party. After defeating the angels Ilias warns them that due to her form they will attack intruders including her. After getting out of the cave they stop by at the Polar Bear Lodge which is full of Polar Bears and after getting down they stop by which appears to be Snow Heaven which surprises everyone. Heinrich was tired of having to fight angels and Ilias didnt like where this is going. An angel soldier greets them to Snow Heaven home of the mighty angels and where Goddess Ilias once ruled, now its being governed by a proxy angel named Archangel Ranael who seems to be different from the Ranael at the Iliasville alternate dimension. Ranael greets them and explains the events happening at Snow Continent, After the Great Disaster Heaven fell and formed the Snow Continent. She governs Heaven while the head angel is away and Goddess Ilias disappearing she saw a tiny Ilias and assumes she was the impostor the other angels talked about. To hear more answers she suggest on finding the head angel which she can be found at the Snow Shrine South-East of Snow Heaven.

Snow Shrine

At the entrance of Snow Shrine Heinrich and Ilias can sense an amount of Holy energy in the air and angels are guarding the snow shrine for intruders and warns them for a fight. Inside the temple they find shrines to worship Ilias and assumes the head angel is deep inside the cave. They later find the head angel is none other than Eden, Ilias is shocked to see her in the shrine while Sonya tells her to wear clothes if she's cold but its not her body that's cold. Eden sees the fake Ilias thats been heard about but Ilias explains what happened to her and Eden feels sad on what happened to her Goddess. They make their way to the Hall of Creation to revive Luka's mother and his aunt Micaela who was supposedly killed by Seraph Gnosis earlier.

Hall of Creation

They now arrived at the Hall of Creation which is an old shrine dedicated to the angels who can use this to revive angels who lost their lives and only Goddess Ilias has this privilege's of using but since she disappeared from Snow Heaven angels like Valkyrie and Cupid and some other new angels guard this place against intruders. They now find the magical circle which is the key to reviving Lucifina and Micaela, which Luka missed his mother and auntie for so long but Ilias tells him that due to his sealed form and Eden's power waning they will not be able to revive the Lucifina Luka known and loved same with Micaela. After being revived Sonya is shocked to see kid versions of Micaela and Lucifina, Ilias and Eden knew this was going to happen but not them being a kid. Micaela-Chan and Lucifina-Chan is glad to see Ilias and Eden. Now they moved on to the final task is to find the answers in the Ilias Temple Ruins which had a barrier casted by Eden to suppress the chaos inside the temple. Before they head in they made a final camp near the temple and discuss the event that will happen inside the temple while Mephisto tells Luka that the Monster Lord's army hasnt made a move yet. Ilias teaches a final move as they will likely face monsters inside the temple. Then they went inside to see the ruins, Sonya acts weird again and somehow she wants power to help,

Ilias Temple Ruins

In the temple they saw the White Rabbit and she explains that due to the release of the barrier by Eden chaos warps the temple via space-time distortion. White Rabbit urges them to meet someone important before chaos spreads and consumes the outside world. White Rabbit guides them and helps them heal before facing the said person. While going inside she explains everything so far including the history of space-time distortion effect on this world. Then she explains further that something in an alternate world caused a huge chain reaction that affects parallel worlds. But the real explanation is when they saw Ilias clone

Ilias in her sealed form finally meet the so-called fake Ilias in the Ilias Temple Ruins in part 2. She's informed that she's a shard of her original self who got created as a side effect of her death at the end of the true story combined with the use of the Six Ancestors Great Seal, and later got brought in the Paradox world in hope of solving the Paradox here. Then the white rabbit guides to a past in the lab of Remina where it conducts research on Heinrichs sword and that Promestein is involved and this shocked the young promestein. Then the room conducts that experiment after Ilias snatches card from the researchers. Luka tells her not to steal but the white rabbit tells them to take it anyway as the people wont see them in this timeline. The research begins BUT something is happening as an alternate warp hole summmoned not Heinrich but Black Alice after she was defeated by Luka and Alice from the original history after she absorbed Ilias and had the White Rabbit drug. She then absorbed both Holy and Dark energy then made into a Chaos energy. After that she transform into a Chaos Goddess which she saw multiple parallel worlds one where the Seraphs came from and one where Tamamo from Grangold came from also the Lilith sisters. This must be the two worlds Promestein mention in their first camp. Then she caused everyone in the room to be consumed by chaos and had multiple Apoptosis appear in the room. Now this is how the Great Disaster happened and who caused it. Then White Rabbit and others saw her and White Rabbit didnt realise she broke the laws of time and space by seeing them. They went back to their time as Goddess Ilias the unsealed one struck the white rabbit and explained that chaos already destoryed multiple worlds like the taratarus they saw in Sabasa. Ilias and others try to think on how to stop it but the timeline had been deviated too much from other interlopers. As she went on a wind struck her down for good and died. Its the Lilith sisters and they killed Goddess Ilias and they did that due to her being a part of chaos now and must be put down. Then another appearance occured the Seraphs are back and this time there is another Eden and the Eden from this world saw this with her own eyes. The Eden is from where Ilias won her fight against Goddess Ilias. They waged a war in the temple against the Lilith sisters but Sonya tries to stop it but Morrigan and Gnosis steps in but another surprise occurs. What Ilias, Nero and Mephisto fears there was a traitor in the party and it was Sonya as she spoke in apoptosis laguage. this explains why she can understand Nuruko and why she was acting up everytime they come inside the chaos passage. Sonya turned into an Apoptosis and now she absorbed dark energy and holy energy then she transformed into Sonya Mazda/Sonya Mainyu. Ilias urges Luka to fight her if he doesnt wanna die but Luka isnt willing to kill a friend but they have no choice as they fight her. She absorbed another power and transformed into Sonya Chaos and warped the place. Now she summoned Adramelech after she was supposedly slained by Marcellus but what La Croix told them was true she revives and she gets stronger. The sisters and the seraphs join forces to stop Adramelech while Luka and his party deal with Sonya Chaos if they dont the world will be destroyed by chaos. After they slew her down, the seraphs and sisters stopped Adramelech but she revives again with no other options left the sisters left while the seraphs stayed to support the party. Then Sonya regained control of her body then use her new powers to stop and rewind time while making a duplicate of herself. This resulted her and Adramelech to go one on one time stopped. Sonya sacrificed herself to bring Adramelech down with her then bid Luka farewell the original Sonya left this world while she made a copy. Luka is the only one who manipulated time to witness what happened to her. Then the fight endend with the Seraphs telling them that they must join the angels if they are to save the world just like what Raphaela from Esta told Luka. His decision will determine the fate of all worlds as they must stop three monster lords and find Marcellus. Then a voice of the origina Sonya echoes in Luka's mind that she says goodbye for good. They now set their site to Devastated Plains to meet La Croix

Devastated Plains.

Now that they're confident on facing the chimeras in the devastated plains Ilias knew the devastated plains is where Promestein was last seen and there is a building with a card reader Luka tries to use the Remina Card Reader and it worked. They met La Croix and Kagetsumugi as Kagetsumugi leaves warning her that her life will soon end while she teams still with Black Alice. La Croix ask of their business while Chrome meets her present version La Croix. She claims that her sister is dead and she is now a clown who only cares on seeing the world get destroyed and she insisted that they leave if they don't she will be forced to fight them with her Cirue de Croix. Ilias tells Luka that convince La Croix they must beat her entourage after the two fights she is impressed that Chrome found allies while she and her were separated on their journey but she told them that chaos will soon destroy the worlds and it's fate but Chrome tells her that she and her friends went to a parallel world to see her counterpart and hands over the notes to counter chaos and she read them and even going so far despite they knew end was coming for them they never gave up this moved La Croix feeling after getting Chrome to convince her that Hope will never falter even if the world will be destroyed she insisted to never give up trying. She accepts the notes and entrust Chrome her Circue de Croix and tells them that Kagetsumugi and Black Alice must be stopped at all costs. Ilias agrees that they will have to fight them again. La Croix leaves them with her notes to give to her people. Ilias tells chrome to collect the circue de Croix and the job change item before they head back to Luddite Village

The Land of Night and the Heroes of the Seven Worlds

When the White Rabbit spawns in the Pocket Castle, Ilias is furious as the monster had shown to be a nuisance in the past. However, Luka decides to listen to her anyway, as the situation seems serious. The White Rabbit explains them that as she attempted to guide Alice, she ended in a wrong world and got attacked by a mysterious succubus who calls herself the "Queen of Dream" with the plan to bring in the "Land of Night" in this world. Luka understands that the situation is an emergency to be dealt with, although he still holds it against the White Rabbit.

Ilias reappears at the end of the chapter 4, when Luka's party investigates Izumo's village after it has been attacked by Mysteltainn, Ogretooth and Executioner. Ilias comes to the conclusion that the place has been destroyed under the Queen of Dreams' orders. Before they can push their investigation, they receive a message from Mephisto that Finoa is also under attack from another powerful trio of succubi. The party decides to head there as fast as possible.

The same situation happens in chapter 7 as they arrive in Finoa after Myusca, Nemea and Vinum had their way with the village, killing more than a hundred inhabitants. Mephisto then informs them of the apparition of the Château des Romances in place of the Grand Noah palace. Ilias is infuriated by the succubi's rampage, but can't do anything.

She steps in with Luka and several other allies near the end of part 9 as Kazuya's party is threatened by the Succubus Prison trio. As the fight becomes more and more frantic thanks to the arrival of the Cursed Sword Trio and the other group of heroes, Myusca ends up trapped by Daimyokai. She notices that both succubi trio are too wary of each other to effectively work together, and temporarily brings the fight to a halt. She negociates a deal with Vinum to have the succubi retreat and have the Proof of Collaboration passed to Luka in exchange for Myusca's life.

Afterwards, Ilias wonders what they should to deal with the castle. When Rigeo suggests finding the actual lord of the castle, Gilgorn, Ilias accepts. However, when they reach her, the latter instantly attack her without listening as she thinks they're Nightmares here to attack her. After beating her, Ilias convinces her to join her.

The parties finally properly regroup and introduce themselves after returning at the Pocket Castle. With everyone's support, Ilias comes up with a plan to attack the Château des Romances using Gilgorn and Rovissa's power.

Ilias is part of the group supporting Gilgorn against the waves of Nightmare during the bombardment of the castle. However, when they enter and are greeted by the sight of an apoptosis, she starts to worries as it confirms the importance of the local space-time corrosion.

When the party reaches the Fake White Rabbit after much dungeon crawling, she notices that something about the final room is fishy. After beating Daji, she's scared by the sheer number of Nightmares spawning in, and is grateful when Raphaela steps in to deal with them while the party continues deeper. She's as shocked as everyone by the vision of the "Land of Nights", but is still resolved to push at the bottom with the group. When she reaches Est, she's dumbfounded by the succubus' purely hedonistic motivation.

Once Est is beaten and the portal closed,Ilias herself wonders if they didn't make a mistake, and wonders what really happened to the White Rabbit as Daji has misled them most of the time. Everyone else is worried as they seem unable to return to their own worlds, but Ilias tells them that they are still welcome in the Pocket Castle, and, most of all, that they still have to deal with the antagonists who scattered to the winds. As such, they still have a large task ahead of them.

Post Collab

Alice takes the lead of most of the investigations to deal with the different antagonists of the Collab Scenario.

She takes the lead on investigating what became of Musette and her goons to the Grand Noah Queen, and realize that since they look like angels, they likely hid in Snow Heaven as they could mix in the local population. When they go meet Ranael, the archangel tell them that they saw strange angels near the Snow Shrine. When they arrive, however, they're blocked by a barrier created by Daimyokai who challenges the party, and Ilias is aghast to see the yokai hunter pull out several legendary weapons that came straight from the Monster Lord's coffers like Saja's Immortal Trashing Whip. She's shocked to see the treasure fall apart when Daimyokai falls to the party, and still collects its remains just in case. When the party finally meets Musette and hears that she intends to use the Snow Shrine's magic for her own nefarious plan, Ilias is determined to put an end to it. When they've beaten the yoma, Ilias tells them that they'll be imprisoned for their crimes, but the Grand Noah queen tells them that the guards wouldn't be able to resist their brainwashing powers, making the Pocket Castle the only place where their machinations could be controlled.

When the party goes to investigate the trouble in Yamatai and she asks the chief for more information, she's worried by what the rogue powerful kitsune could do, and Kazuya do tell them that Daji is indeed extremely dangerous. Still, the party manages to foil her disguise and beat her, and after a short negociation Daji agrees to join the party to Ilias's displeasure.

When the party goes in the colosseum to find out more about those rumors of a powerful succubus that could only be Est, Ilias directly sign in the team to fight her. When she tells Est that her nature as a nightmare makes the fights unfair, Est remarks that her opponents also use pleasure attacks to take her down. Once beaten, Est tells them that she'll gladly enjoy the pleasure the party will have on their adventures, bringing out a threatening growl from Rovissa while Ilias is jaded again by the pure unbridled hedonism of the succubus.

She plays a more important role in Finoa as the party is forced into another of Myusca's game named "the Seven Trials". As she realizes that most of those trials consist in forcing two different people to have sex, she decides to have the protagonists pair with their respective partners. When the party reaches the infamous "Karaoke Handjob" and Luka fails hard, she castigates him for being that bad a singer (or more likely for receiving a handjob from a Tarsa clone). When the party keeps failing even after beating the clone, Ilias decides to bring in Saki as a desperate measure.

When the party reaches the Sixth room and Rovissa gets cold feet at the idea of having sex with Lars, she decides that she can as well get it on with Luka until Sonya and several other of Luka's companions butt in. Ilias decides that a civilized discussion to decide who gets to have sex with Luka is in order, although it instantly turns into a Battle Royale from which Ilias is the winner. However, as the door is opened, they remark that they can continue without bothering with that, much to her chagrin. After beating the Succubus Prison Trio, Ilias obliges them to serve her, which they a little too enthusiastically oblige.

Finally, when everyone gathers once again after getting every last antagonist, Ilias agrees that everybody should return to their world, but wonders how they can get the White Rabbit to do it. After receiving an explanation from Daji that the White Rabbit was already weakened and that the kitsune met the Apostles of Chaos who asked her to pass a message to the Father of Chaos, she comes to the conclusion that the threat at hand is greater than expected, and everybody reluctantly agrees to stay in this world and help them.

Monsterpedia Entry 

None. (Unfought)

World Interactions

"Luka, just slice her head off and be done with it. We'll bury her in the field and let her blood fertilize the strawberries." - Ilias advising Luka on how to help out a farmer with an Imp in their field.

If chosen as Luka's companion, Ilias teaches Luka the Angel Dance skill in the first campfire scene, the Holy Light and Meditation skills in the second, the Blade of Healing skill on the boat to Natalia port, and the High Charge skill in the third and last campfire scene of part 1.

If not chosen to be Luka's companion, Luka and Alice will find Ilias at set locations in the world, gathering allies and trying to figure out what happened to her on her own, or eating lunch.

Her first appearance is in the Irina Mountains South Cave, where she recruits the Slime Girl, Puruko. She's next seen in the village, Rostrum, resting in one of the abandoned houses. Her third appearance is at the pier in Iliasport, where she is joined by the Dog Girl, Wanko. Afterwards, she appears again at Mt. Saint Amos halfway up the mountain. She appears once again in Grandeur, where she can be seen enjoying the free samples at one of the food stalls along with her new companions.

In part 2, she's also regularly encountered in the first half of the game. She's first seen in the caves leading to Port Marle as she also wants to reach the Noah region. She (somehow) found an alternative way to reach the region, as she can be encountered once again in Grand Noah as Luka joins the Queen's cup. She did not pass the first rounds. She eventually makes her way to Yamatai Village where she's seen eating with her companions. Luka's group encounter her once more in Gold Fort where she got imprisonned for trying to sneak in, and again in Grangold Castle, in the same circumstances. She still ends up invited to the feast after the peace between the kingdoms is established, and assists to the following declaration of war.  She's later seen with her companions seen aboard the Ghost Ship, completely terrified by the gloomy ambiance.

She's seen one last time at Toxic Swamp near Goddard partaking in Magical Girl Ritual. There's no sighting of her afterward.

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Ilias' arrow is an ultrasonic wave, ♪ Ilias' ears hear everything. ♪

Ilias' wings fly through the air, ♪ the Ilias beam...

...Wait, that's not even a real skill!

With Promestein:

Promestein: "What's wrong? You're staring at me."

Ilias: (This time I will have you re-educated. Locked away somewhere, you will be forced to listen to my teachings.)

Promestein: "Hmm, can I have one of your feathers? I want to perform a small chemical experiment using the holy element."

Ilias: "And then you'll become my loyal pawn. Fufufu....." (Use your own.)

Promestein: "...Huh?"

Ilias: "How rude. Now my words and thoughts are mixed up. You shouldn't speak while I'm in the middle of thinking."

With Nuruko:

Nuruko: "Kyukyuu, kyuu. ♪"

Ilias: "What a strange creature... Your composition is similar to that of an apoptosis, yet somehow different."

Nuruko: "Kyu!"

Ilias: "Speaking of resembling things... An octopus wiener?"

Ilias: "... Now I'm hungry."

Nuruko: ".......???"

With King of San Ilia:

King of San Ilia: "I must say, I absolutely did not expect the Goddess Ilias to be reduced to such an appearance..."

Ilias: "I'm surprised by your appearance as well..."

King of San Ilia: "Well, no matter what forms we take, I shall dedicate my flesh and blood to your service."

Ilias: "Even though your flesh is mechanical and your blood is oil? Well, no matter. I expect great things from you."

With Torture:

Torture: "I punish sinners..."

Ilias: "A monster magically created to mete out punishment is itself a sin."

Torture: "Punishment..."

Ilias: "Hey, what are you going to do to me?! Ahhhhh!!"

With Micaela-chan :

Micaela-chan: “Ilias... I've finished reading the Gospels of Seria. What's my next assignment?”

Ilias: “That's right, I'll give you these books to read next.”

Micaela-chan: “"Three Lost Letters of Betrayal", "How to Calm Your Anger", "Advice for Loyalty"... What are these books...?”

Ilias: “Well, they're for the sake of the future...”

With Lucifina-chan:

Lucifina-chan: “Ilias! Let's play! ♪”

Ilias: “It's good to enjoy yourself, but... Like your older sister Micaela, you need to study.”

Lucifina-chan: “............”

Ilias: “I-I understand... The rebellion...I can't let her rebel...”

With Eden

Ilias: “Eden, my shoulders feel stiff...”

Eden: “Well then Ilias, this Eden shall rub you at once!”

Ilias: “Eden, I'm feeling hungry...”

Eden: “This Eden has made grilled fish rice balls without delay! The ingredient in the rice balls is the seaweed I found in the castle!”

[If Wakame was recruited]:

Wakame: “It's delicious!”

Ilias: “Eden... There is a fishbone stuck in my throat...”

Eden: “Please give me the leftovers, Ilias! Let this Eden destroy the grilled fish by peeling it from the teeth of our Goddess!”

Ilias: “Eden, please pick up that book from the top of the bookshelf. I cannot reach it with my height...”

Eden: “Let this Eden read aloud with all of her heart! Now, please sit down on my lap!”

Ilias: “Somehow, Eden has become like an overprotective parent...”

With Trinity:

Trinity: “Ahh, overflowing greenery♪, clear skies♪”

Ilias: “Trinity... Your singing voices are beautiful no matter when I listen to them. From now on, I will soothe my heart with that song.”

Trinity: “Yes, Ilias. We are truly honored by your praise...”

Ilias: “But please stop singing lullabies when you're dozing. You may end up ascending us like that...”

With Angels:

Angel A: “We'll dedicate ourselves for your sake, Ilias!”

Angel B: “We shall protect you!”

Ilias: “That's very nice, but couldn't you attach name tags to yourselves? Because I can't tell your faces apart...”

Angel A: “We apologize. So how should we show some personality...?”

Angel B: “I guess I could add something to the end of my sentences.”

Ilias: “I appreciate your efforts, but... Yeah,'s fine.”


Ilias: Just as good as I'd expect from someone who learned how to cook from Lucifina. That really hit the spot. 

Ilias: First off, we need to bolster and equip our forces at Iliasburg. It'd be suicide to head to the north the way we are now.

Ilias: That's because I have given countless evaluations to disappointing heroes over the years. You could say I wrote the standard practices myself...

Ilias: Never mind those. Alas, why did this cruel fate befall me.

Ilias: To be precise, to escape from that seal, I had to reduce myself to this size.

Ilias: The Six Ancestors' Great Seal maintains itself by drwing on the sealed person's own power. The stronger the power, the stronger the seal. As a result, the spell isn't effective against the weak. Knowing that, I must have been able to escape by reducing my power. It took a considerable amount of time to split off most of it apparently, and in addition, i couldn't keep my normal size or all my memories either.

Ilias: Black Alice is the most likely culprit. Or it could have been the work of Promestein. It's also possible the Dark Goddess herself is behind it all. If that's the case, that kitsune becomes very conspicious...

Ilias: There are many points around the world that are especially close to Heaven, one of which was nearby. However...

Ilias: I'm not crying...

Ilias: I need to get somewhere closer to Heaven where my voice is more likely to reach them. The Holy Mountain Amos in North Sentora would be ideal. Once we get there, I'll make another attempt to summon them, but we'll have to travel through heavily monster-infested lands first.

Ilias: Yes, much to my delight, she is the current Monster Lord. Seeing her look so pathetic made me feel a lot better about my own situation. Ilias: No, I think she's affected by something else. She was blabbering about a rabbit doing something to her or something. A white rabbit leading Alice... That seems like something important... It's no use, something is screwing with my memory. I'm going to be limited until I can deal with that.

Ilias: Using the bathroom? Take your time.

Ilias: While she's gone, I want to warn you, Luka. You shouldn't trust that girl.

Ilias: As creator of the world, I know every living person in it. Even with my memory loss, I can still remember every man and woman. So keeping that in mind... I don't know this Sonya person. In other words, she's someone who shouldn't exist. The girl Sonya does not belong in this world. 

Ilias: If don't know her, she doesn't exist. We've met one other person who fits that description too. Nero, the black-clothed man we ran into this afternoon. I have no recollection of him either.

Ilias: I don't think she's trying to deceive us though. It's possible she isn't aware of it. Just what is going on with the world... I'm this world's Goddess. There shouldn't be things I don't understand. 

Ilias: Don't let your guard down, Luka.

Ilias: I'll be keeping my eyes on her... Anyway, I think it's about time to sleep.

Gadabout Actions

1st Action:

Ilias: “My children, you must never turn your backs on God. Faith is not something that comes only from within, it is something that...”

Ilias starts preaching!

But no one is listening.

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Ilias: “Mwahaha, taste the wrath of God! Evil creatures, return to the abyss from which you came!"

Ilias digs a pit… And clumsily falls into it!

[Ilias takes damage]

3rd Action:

Ilias: “Mwahaha, taste the wrath of God! Evil creatures, return to the abyss from which you came!"

Ilias digs a pit… And [Enemy] carelessly falls into it!

[Random enemy takes damage]

4th Action:

Ilias: “Mmm, I'm tired. Do not awaken me for a while."

Ilias takes a nap!

[Ilias falls asleep]

5th Action:

Ilias: “As a special treat, I will allow you to witness the noble dance of a Goddess."

Ilias dances a happy little dance!

But nothing happens...

[Nothing happens]

6th Action:

Ilias: “I'll be standing here... I mean watching over you all. Keep your spirits high!"

Ilias cheers on the others!

But no one is listening...

[Nothing happens]

7th Action:

Ilias: “I'll be standing here... I mean watching over you all. Keep your spirits high!"

Ilias cheers on the others!

Their morale rises!

[Increases party's attack and magic]

8th Action:

Ilias: “You've found your way here again? You really are a pathetic hero."

Ilias jumps the gun and starts an evaluation!

But no one is listening...

[Nothing happens]

9th Action:

Ilias: “I am the all-knowing, and all-powerful Goddess, Ilias… Hmm, if I come straight down like this you could look up and see my panties. I should probably descend from the heavens at an angle to prevent that…"

Ilias is practicing her descent to Earth.

[Nothing happens]

10th Action:

Ilias: “Taste my Lightning of Judgment, Alipheese! You foul incarnation of evil! Boom! Gwah! Ilias you are too powerful for me! I stand no chance! Bweh."

Ilias is playing out The Great Monster War by herself.

[Nothing happens]

Additional Skills


  • Judgment Zap - Holy Skill (Holy 160% ^ Dex, Will), Target: Foe, Effect: Auto-Hit, Shock 50%


  • As of Part 2, Ilias is the only companion who has a request scene requiring more than 100 affection
  • Ilias' normal pocket castle greeting is a reference to, ironically enough, the theme song for the Devilman anime
  • She and Nero are the only ones who know who the Armored Berserker really is.

Exclusive Equipment

Name Item type Stats Effects Location
Labyrinth of Chaos
Chaos Genesis Weapon (Chaos) LoC Legendary Holy/Dark Strike

Holy/Dark/Eternal Booster 200%

Bow/White Magic/Black Magic/Holy/Dark Booster 200%

Skill use: Bow/Holy/Dark

Holy attacks inflict Eternal damage

Bow + Staff Property

Nullify Time Stop

Labyrinth of Chaos Legendary Weapon