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Ilias as seen in Ilias Temple

This Ilias is the real Ilias of the Paradox World


Ilias first appears in Luka 's dream in a reminiscence of the original adventure. However, her speech is garbled and unclear. The hero's surprised, as she was thought dead following the lack of appearance after The Great Disaster.

The next morning, the hero thinks it is a sign as it is theday of his baptism. He's all the more surprised when he see a small version of her fall in front of him during his climb on Iliasville Mountains. This version doesn't remember appearing in front of him, and flees in confusion after noticing she's been reduced in size.

She reappears once again in Ilias Temple during Luka's baptism in front of Sonya and the priest, surprising everyone and repeat once again that the world is in danger.

She only appears once again in Ilias Temple Ruins, where she was blocked following the Great Disaster, and was trying to stop the spread of chaosization. After smitting the White Rabbit on principle, she explains the truth of the situation to the hero and his party, and make the White Rabbit show exactly what casued the Great Disaster. Once done, she gets assassinated by the Lilith Sisters, as Ilias's powers are now inferior to the spread of chaosization her existence is responsible of.


"Luka… a crisis is approaching the world, if you don't stop it, the world ■■be swallowed ■■■…"

"Go immediately ■■■■■■■ out ■■■ … The world ■■■■ forget ■■■■■■■ …"


  • It is not clear if she's the same Ilias that gives Luka evaluation for most of the game. There are several hints
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