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Another version of Goddess Ilias that only appears in Monster Girl Quest Paradox. She comes from a world where she won the Great Monsters War against Dark Goddess Alice. So far, she only makes her appearance in the evaluation against the final boss of chapter 2.


Angel World Ilias is first mentioned by Promestein in her first camp appearance. Promestein states that she is from a world where Goddess Ilias has won her battle against the Dark Goddess Alice I, which allowed Ilias to acquire substantial control over that world. She is mentioned again in the camp before Grand Noah by Promestein who, should she be in your party, explains to Ilias that the Seven Archangels are now led by Micaela and Lucifina was never part of the Archangel ranks, disappearing and becoming a fallen angel. Instead, Ilias filled the seraph ranks with Zion and Gnosis, and gave the lead to her trusted Eden.

She's mentioned one last time at the end of part 2, as the second generation seraph step in after the Lilith Sisters kill the local Ilias. They explain that they come from a world where the benevolent goddess is guiding everyone in their lives.


  • It is likely that she's the one giving Luka's evaluation should he fall against Sonya Chaos, as she calls him Child of Judgement like Raphaela did in Esta.