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"...Listen, child of the holy bird who has yet to hatch in this world. One who's wings are free to soar over the sky... Now wake, Garuda!" Alice and Amira

Garuda Girl, also known as the Bird God or Legendary Holy Wings, is a legendary harpy known to fly all over the world. Before the Slaughter of Remina, they were used to cross between Sentora and Hellgondo. Currently, the last offspring of Garuda was sealed into an egg to prevent misuse of its power, and only the Six Orbs and the power of two monsters can awaken it. No human is capable of destroying its egg.

As Garuda Girls imprint the people who hatch their eggs as their parents, it is assumed that she regards Alice and Amira as her mothers, but completely ignores Luka, at least until Chapter 3. Just like the Nekomata, she cannot speak normally, but instead makes bird sounds.

In Chapter 2, the last egg was placed at the Bird God Shrine, only for it to be taken by Ilias Kreuz. Luka and Alice manage to recover it when the lamia turns Lazarus into stone.
After settling things, Alice and Amira hatch Garuda, and name it Galda, a play on her original name. Galda then ferries Luka and Alice to Hellgondo, although it ignores Luka’s commands.
However, a Wyvern appears and attacks Luka, giving him difficulty due to her scales and unstable ground. With the help of Salamander, Luka is able to defeat the Wyvern in the air.
Galda finally lands on Hellgondo and deposits the two. She then leaves, being able to take care of herself.

In Chapter 3, Galda returns to carry Luka back to Remina to pursue Promestein. After Luka and Alice push back the scientist and Tamamo warns them of the onslaught of the entire world created by Ilias’s invading forces, Galda speedily ferries Luka and Alice to various destinations throughout the world in order to avert the crisis.

In Monster Girl Quest Paradox, the Garuda Girl wasnt mentioned until Part 2 and is yet to make an appearance in Part 3