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Gabriela (ガブリエラ) is one of the Seven Archangels from Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Character Profile

"One of the Seven Arcangels, Heaven's strongest fighting force, she is the ruler of plants. In addition to freely manipulating every kind of plant, her ability in healing is superlative. While her attack power is somewhat inferior, her plant-characteristic vitality is first among the Seven Archangels.

Her preeminent vitality and recovery skill make it a difficult task to even hurt her, but flames are her one weak point. Even if you held the power of the one of the Six Ancestors, it would be hard to defeat her with direct attacks on her front. She holds Kanon of the Six Ancestors, also bearing the powers of plants, in especial enmity.

In the Angel World, she has been entrusted with administering the Sabasa region by the Goddess Ilias. In this Sabasa, agriculture is pursued at a large scale; it is a critical area called the "Breadbasket of Heaven." The men and women of the second-class citizenry engage in farming work, it's said to be an austere lifestyle in the region.

Managing and administering Sabasa like this, Gabriela's importance is extremely high. Not merely holding powers of healing, her personality is also filled with care and affection. It's said she herself delivers "rewards" to those who excel in their work.

Various plants are arranged upon Gabriela's body, and among them are flowers that suck out semen. Although it's a suckling bloom that drains sperm while softly enveloping the penis- While rewarding with a heavenly pleasure, the life energy of the subject is also drained. When the petals are stained white, the man is emptied of all his energy, and draws his last breath. Being an angel so full of caring, the people of her territory never meet that fate. But if you raise your sword against her, there can be no assurance it will end that peacefully."


She makes no appearances in Part 1 or 2 of Paradox.