Urara is a friendly Fusuma. She can join Luka after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Urara: "I want to melt someone. ♪ If they're bad guys, I can melt them, right?"

With Cotton:

Urara: "Ah, Ittan-Momen-chan! We look a lot similar, I wonder if we're relatives...?"

Cotton: "But we don't melt men. We wrap around them to suck up their semen."

Urara: "(These girls look delicious...)"

Cotton: "You're thinking of something bad with that face!"

With Dorothy

Urara: "You, you're a plant, yet you melt your prey right?"

Dorothy: "You are also a youkai that melts people, aren't you? Don't you find yourself alienated from your brethren?"

Urara: "Yeah, I've been avoided somewhat." Dorothy: "Doesn't it seem we get along well? I suppose we can be friends..."

With Mist



Grandeur Theater


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