Frost Ozma.

Frost Ozma (オズマフロスト Ozuma Furosuto) is a skill used by Alice. She summons a hail of ice that freezes the air and deals considerable damage.

This skill is first displayed against the Nabe, which completely shatters it from its icy chill. Alice also freely uses it when passing judgment onto the Beelzebubs as well as her ultimate battle against Luka.

During Chapter 3, while Alice is sealed in a younger body, Luka can request her to use this skill via Word of Dispel. Frost Ozma is effective against lamias due to their cold-blooded nature. Alice will freely use Frost Ozma during the climax of Chapter 3 when fighting alongside Luka against Seraph Eden, the final forms of Promestein and Black Alice, and Goddess Ilias

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