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So, here's a little something I've done. That something being, as the title implies, put all the save files for MGQ Part 1 in a zip. Simple enough. And accessing them is rather simple, too. Just follow these steps:

  1. Extract this zip (or, if you're using Windows, just open it in the file explorer).
  1. Go in to the folder of the area of the monster you want to face (I've organized it for your convenience).
    • Part.Area.AreaName (I.E. "1.4.IrinaMountains")
  2. Copy the matching *.dat and *.bmp to your save folder (I.E. "TinyLamia.dat" and "TinyLamia.bmp").
  3. Rename both files to "save*.**", where * is the number of the save you want it to be in (for example, slot one is "save1.dat/bmp"), and ** is dat or bmp, depending on what it already is.
  4. Launch the game, if it isn't already up. Just go into load, and it should be in the slot you saved it to.

So, if, say, you want to fight Nekomata... TOO BAD! SHE'S IN PART 2! YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! But, if you want to touch fluffy tail, all you gotta do is go into 1.8.TreasureCave, find Tamamo1.dat/bmp, copy it into your saves, then rename it to save*.dat/bmp, where * is the save slot number. Got it? NEITHER DO I, BUT OH WELL!

Eventually, I'll gather saves for 2 and 3. When that happens, I'll be sure to upload them, too. See ya around!

- Jerry

JerryWester (talk) 05:57, October 9, 2016 (UTC)

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