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Greetings, I have been a nameless lurker for a long time, posting an occasional answer on Dargoth's comment section, but the lack of centralized information concerning Paradox within the English sphere has caused me duress and I seek to rectify that, in solitude if I must.

My question, is then, how should information be handled concerning articles on Paradox? From the main page and headbar, people can find pages relating to gameplay, items, locations, characters, etc... which could cause some confusion if they were looking for the Paradox incarnations. Should there be completely seperate pages for Paradox versions, in the vain of Page:Characters and Page:Characters (Paradox) or rather should the pages be divided between sections of Base Game and Paradox? Alternatively, I could take information concerning Paradox to a completely seperate and dedicated site so there is no need for addional classification here. If another site if required, I merely wished to post here firstly about such an undertaking so that no rivarly is born over the inevitable overlap that a seperate site dedicated to Paradox may cause.

Sincerely, FickleArchivist

P.S. Don't mind my diction, I'm normally pretty chill. It's just that I'm a university student so I'm use to speaking in an "eloquent, proper vernacular." It's also pretty fun to act all fancy once in awhile probably because I live in the boonies.

To my knowledge the idea was agreed to use subpages/tabs similar to those used on the character pages in One Piece wiki. However, it has yet to be discussed to full detail, so we're waiting on Paradox's English patch before making any decisive action. Shadowblade777 (talk) 23:13, September 12, 2015 (UTC)
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