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Forest of Spirits (精霊の森, Seirei no Mori) is a location in Monster Girl Quest! situated within the Natalia region of Sentora continent. It’s home to legendary Elemental Air Spirit Sylph, as well as Fairies and Elves.


The place is also secretly used by La Croix to conceal the location of her Biolabs.


This place is visited by Luka and Alice when the latter goes get the power of Sylph. As he progresses, the hero is challenges by the local fairies and elves, while hearing rumors about a powerful monster roaming. Eventually, he reaches and beat Sylp (accidentally making her cry in the process) and makes a pact with het to get her power.

As Luka enjoys his new affinity with the wind, the Chimera Dryad mechanically shows up and attack the duo. Alice is dumbfounded when the monster attack her, and is aghast when her own riposte is uneffective. Fortunately, thanks to his new powers, Luka manages to seal this new threat just fine, even as he wonders what exactly was that strange monster.

The duo returns to the forest during the chapter 3, as Luka must reform the contract with the Four Spirits. Alice nearly gets killed by Power Berryelle, and the duo then gets attacked by Virtue Revel. When Luka reaches the deepest part of the forest, he is surprised to see Gnome instead of Sylph, but makes a contract with her none the less while Alice calms herself by cutting down trees with her hands.

This place is visited one last time as La Croix hid her Biolabs there. The duo finds the place thanks to Chrome's support, and storms the lab accompanied with her.