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“That isn't a technique. That’s a disgrace, and you should feel bad for still having it on your skill bar.”Alice

Flail Wildly is the first “skill” that Luka learns, and the only one he completely teaches himself. Alice even refuses to call it a skill, labeling it a disgrace.

As the name implies, Luka flails wildly and aimlessly for four extremely weak attacks. It is also the weakest of all the skills learned in the game, with the only advantage that he can hit multiple times in one attack, which helps him defeat the Slime Girl. In later battles, it costs 2 SP to use but always misses entirely; thus it should not even be used at all. It also lacks an animation.

If used during either of the first two fights against Granberia, it will result in her mocking Luka's lack of skill and, in the first fight, an instant defeat.

The attack is replaced by Death Sword Chaos Star just before the Forest of Spirits.